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I confess I have not been in Iran for many years.  I have actually spent more years outside of Iran than I have inside.  Yet there is an unspeakable bond between me and this land of Saffron and Rose water, this land of contrasts and beauty, this land of love and lovers.  If you ask me why? -  I won’t be able to answer you, but the deep seeded connection that I feel inside, is always there.  For this reason, past week has been a sad and heartbreaking time for me.  My heart weeps as I watch the images of my beloved Iranians being beaten and killed. 

I must say, I don’t know enough about politics of any of the candidates nor would be affected by them so, what I’m writing is not based on my political beliefs.  I was compelled to write this by watching those brave Iranians, especially Iranian women, shouting in the face of danger and asking for their basic human rights, freedoms and true democracy. 

I was filled with pride and humbled by the courage and compassion that was demonstrated in the numerous videos posted online.  I lived through the 1979 revolution so the scenes brought back many memories, not so many good ones I’m afraid.  I remembered the anger and the hurt and it was the same thing I was witnessing, this time form afar. I cannot begin to understand all the difficulties that people face everyday of their lives in Iran, but I can imagine that it has put them over the edge and that their voices cannot be silenced anymore. 

Sometimes I wish I had the power to help eradicate violence for I know too well, that it will leave deep and unsightly marks on the human psyche.  But unfortunately the current state of human nature does not allow for change to happen without resistance, especially when there is much power at stake.  So I know many more would be sacrificed and many more fathers and mothers would mourn the loss of their loved ones.  And that makes me feel helpless and hurts me to no end.  The outcome remains to be seen but regardless, what is happening today will not be forgotten and Iran would never be the same.

So my fellow brave Iranians, please accept my humble gratitude for all your sacrifices, all your courage and all your love of our beautiful land.  You are the true keepers of the freedom that “Derafsheh Kavian” represents and I salute you.  My prayers are with all of you for your safety and triumph.