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Dear Space enthusiast

It is great to see programs like this that gathers like minded people to explore the opportunities for positive uses of space for betterment of humanity.  I know there are many scientists, amateur astronomers and space fans in Iran who despite all difficulties- lack of financial support and not having a wide access to resources to name a few- continue their works, researches and keep their love for space alive.  We humans have a natural desire for learning, for figuring out the answer to what we don’t understand, and to explore the unknown.  And space is the ultimate playground for our inquiring minds.

Space has long been known as the final frontiers… to me it is just the next frontier, but a frontier with answers to many questions and riddle of life.  It also holds the key to the future of humanity.  Without mastering the art of exploring and living in space we may not be able to survive as a species in this universe.  We have managed to make a mess out of our home planet with wars and destructive living habits.  I hope we have learned from our mistakes and would be able to find peaceful ways to use space only for making our lives better here our home planet and to protect it from further erosion.

In the coming decades, space research is expected to improve our knowledge of the origin of universe, sustainability of life outside our planet and efficient use of space resources such as solar energy and resources on asteroids.  This will help us improve and protect our environment on our home planet as well help us take on a step in becoming space faring nation. Earth.  

Keep your eyes to the stars

Your fellow space traveler