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September 15, 2006

My Favorite Things!

Filed under: Space Explorer — by Anousheh @ 8:15 pm

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was The Sound of Music. I still remember a few of the lyrics in both Farsi and English. The song I like most is “My Favorite Things.”

I actually recited this song over and over when I had to do my spinning chair training. I will send a short, low-quality video that someone took with a small photo camera.

The test is supposed to help you with your vestibular system. As you may know, when you fly in zero-G your vestibular system gets all messed up, sort of like when you are on a boat. You can get nauseous and feel miserable. The effects differ by individual. Some people are more susceptible to this problem and some adapt very quickly, but one of the essential things that is packed in our space suit, in a nice easily accessible pocket, is a “barf bag” (sorry I don’t know the technical term for it).

The views on the effectiveness of this test vary. Basically there are two types of exercises, one is spinning in one direction for 10-15 minutes while you move your head from shoulder to shoulder, left and right. In the other test, you spin in one direction for one minute, stop and then spin in the reverse direction. While spinning you have to bend forward at the waist and back. This is also done for 10-15 minutes. You may think this one is easier, but actually it is more difficult. Feel free to try it at home… Have a friend spin you on an office chair and try it. Just make sure you have a barf bag nearby ;-)

As you can imagine, this is NOT one of my favorite things, so by singing the song or doing simple math calculations in my head I keep myself from getting sick. I had to do this exercise several times in Star City and almost everyday since we arrived in Baikonur.

Talking about favorite things, I thought you may be curious to know some of mine… I love listening to music. I have no talent in playing any instrument but I love listening to all sort of instruments, specially violin, santur and daf (the last two instruments are used in Persian music, you can see them on this website.) .

I like instrumental and new age music, but I also love listening to jazz and blues, light rock and dance music. I guess the only music I don’t listen to often is heavy metal. I guess I’m too old for it ;-).

So here are a few of my favorite things…

Favorite books:
How to Change the World by David Bornstein (I’m trying to have this book translated to Farsi)
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
The Little Prince ~ Le Petit Prince ~ Shazdeh Khouchoulu (My favorite childhood book)

Favorite Movies:
Of course Star Trek ;-)
Last of the Mohicans
Pay it Forward

Favorite Artists:
Googoosh J
Sting (especially Fragile)
Dianne Krall
Oysten Sevag (specially Norwegian Mountains)
Rod Stewart
Michael Buble
Ziba Shirazi
Andrea Bocelli
Shahin & Sepehr
Deep Dish

Favorite Songs:
Faith of the Heart by Rod Stewart
Imagine by John Lennon
Fragile by Sting
Upside Down by Jack Johnson
Mass Destruction by Faithless
Rise Again by DJ Sammy
Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra
Zan by Ziba Shirazi
Title song for Last of the Mohicans soundtrack
Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
I Don’t Want to be a Stupid Girl by Pink (Great, fun video too)
Stop Your Fussin’ by Toni Childs
The Entire CD from Notre Dame de Paris musical


  1. Anousheh,

    Congratulations on the trip. It’s amazing to realize one’s dream like that. I’m a telecom engineer too, but far from achieving as much as you! You’re a model for all of us.

    Have a safe trip, looking forward to your first space blog!

    Comment by Ben — September 15, 2006 @ 8:46 pm

  2. Dear Anoosheh
    I wanted to translate this wikipedia entery into Spanish, but I am wondering if it is accurate:
    thank you

    Comment by doostar shomaa — September 15, 2006 @ 8:48 pm

  3. What? No “Walking on the Moon” by the Police or “Countdown” by Rush?

    Every video imaginable can be found on YouTube.

    Walking on the Moon by The Police


    Countdown by Rush


    Comment by Mike Puckett — September 15, 2006 @ 9:57 pm

  4. salam be khanoome ansary bebakhshin man be farsy minvisam chon English man zaeefe omidvaram dar khoondanesh ba moshkel barkhord nakonin age in harfe mano mikhoonin pas bedoonid khodam kheili be nojoom va moozoohaye marboot be oon alaghe mandam va yeki az arezoohaye khodamam ine ke ye rooz az zamin kharej besham va pa be faza bezaram vali nemidoonam ye rooz be in arezoom miresam ya na vali mikham begam khoob ehsasate u ro dar in zamine dark mikonam man eftekhar mikonam ke u be onvane ye irani daryn in kare bozorgo anjam midin va bedoonin ghalbe hame ye ma irania pishe shomast va baratoon arezooye movafaghyat mikonam mamnoon misham age baram mail bezaryn ba emzaye khodetoon va inam bedoonin vaghean doosetoon daram thank u bye

    [Hi Ms Ansari
    Sorry I write in Persian, my English isn’t good enough. I hope you can read it. I wanted let you know that I’m very interested in astronomy and other related subjects. It’s my dream flying to space one day. But I
    don’t know if it will come true or not? I completely understand your feeling. I’m very proud that you - an Iranian - are doing this wonderful thing. You have to know that all Iranians are thinking of you and wish
    you luck. I’ll be thankful if you answer my mail. I really like you,

    Comment by peyman — September 15, 2006 @ 10:34 pm

  5. Bon Voyage Anousheh!
    As Peter mentioned in an earlier post, I too am green with envy, but look forward to taking a virtual trip along.
    It’s nice to get a personal view from you of yourself and what really goes on in the process of going to space. Thanks for posting this blog to allow the rest of us to join you in your journey.
    Flying over various parts of the globe, even at a mere 35K feet, always gave me pause to ponder the situations transpiring on the ground, especially since we were flying freely over without boundaries. I can only imagine how that feeling would be up in space. I expect you might also think about such things and will perhaps share some of your thoughts in this respect while on orbit.
    If I somehow come across $20mil, I will be quick to follow in your footsteps to the ISS, but in the meantime my hope is for current and future private space efforts to develop safely to offer us more opportunities.
    I can almost feel how you must be feeling now, or imagine how I’d be feeling 2 days before launch! Try to get some sleep. ;-)
    Have a wonderful journey!
    Alysa Kodisch

    Comment by Alysa Kodisch — September 15, 2006 @ 11:06 pm

  6. …To “Star Trek” I would also add : “Star Wars” (for its Jedi (Zartochti?) Spirit…) and, Mard e shish million dollari (with Steve Austin :-) and also Tintin…
    “Le Petit Prince” and its humanist message is a must for anyone who look to join the stars to the hearts.
    also Victor Hugo and Jules Verne and…

    Dear Anousheh, I wish you a very successful and nice trip. you’re now our first Ambassador near the Sun…

    Comment by Behrouz — September 15, 2006 @ 11:17 pm

  7. Hi anousheh
    First of all I must say I am extremely proud that a fellow Iranian is going to the space station, much more so the first female. Congratulations and best of luck. I will be following your journey closely and look forward to sharing some of your experiences in space. I hope this will also be an inspiration for Iranian youth to keep dreaming of a better and brighter future.

    Comment by Yari — September 15, 2006 @ 11:46 pm

  8. Salam khanoom e Anousheh Ansari! dar haghighat man sedaye shoma ro az Television e Iran shenidam.. shabake 4. chand shab pish ye mosahebeye zendeye Telephone ee dashtid. kheili khoshhal shodam az in ke sedaye shoma ro shenidam… omidvaram faza behetoon khosh begzare (cheshmak)…

    [Hi Ms Anousheh Ansari,
    I actually heard your voice from television- channel 4- you had a live
    interview! I’m very glad that I heard you. Have fun in space ;-)]

    Comment by Arash Falahi — September 16, 2006 @ 12:01 am

  9. Salam khanoom e Anousheh Ansari… man mosahebeye zendeye shoma (chand shab e pish) ba shabake 4 e Iran shenidam… kheili khoshhal shodam az in ke avvali faza-navard e irani ro mishnasam! omidvaram faza behetoon khosh begzare :)

    Comment by Arash Falahi — September 16, 2006 @ 12:05 am

  10. Hi Anousheh,

    Even without going into space, we all have adventures, but taking part in such a unique endeavour certainly does make it seem like the average “Joe” (name can be used for male or female) is a little closer to something similar to what you’re about to do.
    It’s now getting cooler in the part of Canada I live in, and with that, it seems the nights are clearer. When I walk home from work, it’s usually dark and the stars look great, perfect for imagining being on the International Space Station looking down.
    Just curious, you say one of your favourite songs is Imagine by John Lennon. Is there - if you don’t mind me asking - special significance for you in this song. Lennon isn’t saying there is no God (I’m assuming he’s saying that - of course, you know what happens when one assumes), he’s just asking people to imagine a world where there’s no conflict - particularly in the name of God (whether He intended it or not).
    I’m not a religious person by any stretch (I would say spiritual more than anything), but I wonder how I’d feel looking at the earth from space and contemplating the words, “imagine there’s no heaven. . .”
    Anywho - just wondering. Must get back to work. . .Have a wonderful trip. Give Canada a big wave when you pass over. Bill

    Comment by Bill — September 16, 2006 @ 12:09 am

  11. Dearest Anousheh

    The time is coming up and we are all thinking about you.

    I was going to ask you for sthing, am I allowed to print your logo on one of my T shirts?

    Officially you got the right and of course I am not going to do anything you are not happy with.
    God knows how Mr Hamid Ansari feels now!, he is a great man I dont know how many men on earth can handle what he is going through.
    By the way there is book called”Wherever you go there you are” by Jon kabat-zin worth reading it.

    God Bless

    Comment by HOOMAN — September 16, 2006 @ 12:25 am

  12. Good luck Anousheh from all of us in friendswood TX. You made us proud.

    Comment by Kambiz — September 16, 2006 @ 12:43 am


    Comment by MEISAM — September 16, 2006 @ 1:13 am

  14. Anoushehye Aziz
    Saalha ye sal az dorane koodaki arezooye dirineye man ham hamin bood, ama To bel akhareh be arezout residi, vaghti az zamin kharej mishi ino bedoon ke milyardha nafar dar sarasar jahan Montazer bazgasht to hastand ta oonche ro ke didi barashoon bazgoo koni.

    Anousheye Aziz, Man “OMID” ba tamame Vojooodam Doostet Daram, Na faghat be khatere zibaeet ya safar be faza, Be khatere inke VOJOUD va ERADAT ro bishtar az har ensane dige ee SETAYESH mikonam. To Bishtar az hameye ma be khoda nazdiktar hasti chon be goftash amal mikoni.

    Azat tamana mikonam oonja yade man “OMID IRANDOOST” ham baash, man talash mikonam ke belakhareh ye roozi biam va az nazdik bebinamet.

    Mano yadet nareh : OMID : Baram doa kon

    Comment by _oMid_ — September 16, 2006 @ 1:27 am

  15. Hi again,

    I was just thinking about all the training you’ve undergone and i couldn’t help but wonder, what percentage ( in your opinion ) of all that training is geared towards the launch and recovery of the spacecraft? in other words given a vehicle capable of vertical take-off and landing (humor me ) and able to fly all the way to the ISS and back under power( let’s borrow a shuttle from the Enterprise minus the intertia dampers, shall we :-) ) How much of that training would be phase out? I would imagine that a considerable amount of preflight training would not be conducive to a thriving space tourism industry.

    If i ever ( oops! when ) find myself 62 plus miles above the earth i intend to be listening to ENYA and Josh Groban. Of course the anthem for my flight would have to be the version of ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA (2001 Space Odyssey) by Brazilian born Deodato. What tunes are you taking with you?


    Muinde JK

    Dallas TX

    Comment by Muinde Kithome — September 16, 2006 @ 2:47 am

  16. Hi Anousheh,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on this fantastic achievement, what a wonderful goal to be on your way to realising. Not long to go now - all the best for your journey. You are an inspiration to women (and men) everywhere!

    Comment by button — September 16, 2006 @ 3:30 am

  17. خانم انصاري سلام
    مايلم اشتياق وصف ناپذير خودم ، به لحاظ مشاهده افتخارات شما را اعلام کنم . توصيف تان در مودر بي حد و مرز بودن اشتياقات و تمايلات کودکي و تلاش در جهت ريدن به آنها تحسين برانگيز است . خوشحالم که اولين زن فضانورد توريست جهان يک ايراني است . و به خود ميبالم از اين که چنين هموطناني در همه جاي زمين دارم .
    تا 3-4 روز ديگر پرواز خواهيد داشت و بعيد ميدانم اين نوشته را قبل از سفر فضايي تان بخوانيد در هر حال قلبا آرزوي موفقيت تان را دارم

    Comment by علي رضا فخررحیمی — September 16, 2006 @ 3:44 am

  18. I wish you a safe flight. Enjoy living a dream so many people share! =)

    Comment by Will McCammon — September 16, 2006 @ 4:54 am

  19. dear anosheh
    I didn`t read some of this book. I try to find them and read them .thanks

    Comment by paybarah — September 16, 2006 @ 4:56 am

  20. anoshe jan
    tavalodeton ra tabrik migam albate ba takhir

    Comment by paybarah — September 16, 2006 @ 5:09 am

  21. Oh I’m so sorry I should have not missed Tintin and specially the Space series and of course Star Wars.

    re Comment by Bill — September 16, 2006 @ 12:09 am

    You are absolutely right. What I like about it is that he is inviting you to imagine the unimaginable, a world without borders, without conflict, without wars. That is certainly a world I like to imagine and live in. I also believe that if enough people share this vision and imagine such a world that we would eventually be able to live in a world of peace. Also I wanted to tell you I love Canada. I think it is a beautiful country with very friendly people. I’m hoping to plan an extended trip there.

    re Comment by Muinde Kithome — September 16, 2006 @ 2:47 am

    Part of the reason I started training as a backup was to understand how much training is really necessary for a “Space Explorer” who is not a professional. The training in Star City was half dedicated to the Soyuz and half to ISS.

    There was also a lot of physical training and Russian language training. So If you take all that out and only talk about the Soyuz, you should be able to cover everything you need to know in 3 weeks, depending on your skill set and background.

    Most of training in simulation focuses on “off-nominal situations.” Soyuz has a very sophisticated escape system at almost every stage of the flight. I will make a general post about my training soon.

    I do like Enya a lot as well as Loreena McKennitt. I’m taking an iPod with about 40G of music. A mix of everything, from classical music to pop music and Persian music.

    Comment by Anousheh — September 16, 2006 @ 5:29 am

  22. Hi Anoushe

    You made us proud.
    Good luck Anousheh …..

    Comment by katayoun — September 16, 2006 @ 7:00 am

  23. Bon Voyage Anousheh!
    …so much to say but for now try to see God as much as you can. he is everywhere but here in earth we are so busy with each other to so him, perhaps in our imagination sky and above that is his territory. take your moment to face him and his endless power and tell us later…
    waiting for you to come back. have a wonderful,informative and safe journey.

    Comment by Lina — September 16, 2006 @ 7:34 am

  24. salam man saeed hastamaz tabriz iran kheili khoshhalam be onvane ye irani eftekhar mikonam be in karetuun dar zemn ye khaheshi daram age vagt shud vasam benvisin koja mitunam aksaee ro ke uun bala gereftino bebinam kheili mamnun movazebe uun dota marde nagolaye hamsafaretun bashin!:( ya ali khodahafez

    Comment by saeed — September 16, 2006 @ 7:57 am

  25. SALAM
    khanume anushe behetun tabrik migam safare khubi baratun arezu mikonam va yek bazgashte por az khaterehaye khub.
    mosahebatuno az TV gush kardam va az shenidane harfatun vaghean lezzat bordam.hamishe movafagh bashid.

    Comment by massy — September 16, 2006 @ 8:19 am

  26. Dear Anoosheh,

    tarjih meedaham be farsi benevisam.

    az soroor parvaz shoma dar poost nemigonjim.ba hamsaram dar saat parvaz barayat az khodavand ke bevojood avarandeyeh hameyeh tavan bashar ast, talab salamat va behroozi khaheem kard.

    Agar bekhahi Ketab “HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD ” ra barayat tarjomeh khaham kard.

    dostdar shoma ,
    safar bee khatar,

    Comment by Soheil — September 16, 2006 @ 9:53 am

  27. You have an amazing ability to inspire everyone that going into space is a possible goal to achieve.
    Growing up in the space age I had the feeling that only certain people with the right stuff, as they called it, could make it.
    But you didn’t let that deter you, this I believe is what is so inspirational to all of us who are looking forward to hearing from you how the trip was; hoping you won’t have to use that barf bag:)

    I have two TV’s in front of me, and since I’m disabled, I spend the whole day watching TV. One is almost always on NASA TV, and I first noticed you.
    Certainly God has created you to be a leader, and countless children will be inspired by your life, so I like the term space explorer.

    Have you ever read “Alone” by Adm. Richard E. Byrd, who spent a winter alone in Antarctica?
    It’s my favorite adventure book.

    May God bring you safely home!

    Comment by stephen bennett — September 16, 2006 @ 10:02 am

  28. Hi Anousheh,

    What an incredible journey you are about to start. I would guess that there will be many millions of people around the world who will be wondering what it would be like to be in your shoes.

    I certainly am one of those people ;) To be able to see the world from high up in space just like something out of Star-Trek is a dream that everyone on this world must also have thought about one time or another.

    I guess the ultimate must be to space walk, now that surely would be the most absolute “Blow Your Socks Off” experience you could ever handle.

    You are truly an ambassador for all the ordinary people who long for the freedom and exhilaration of what you must be feeling now.

    I truly admire you and will pray and wish for you safety and happiness Anousheh.

    Jeez if you were a bloke I would say “You sure got some balls man”.
    But as you are not, (thankfully) I am content, to give you a huge mind hug.

    Take care Angel


    p.s ST-Voyager rocks

    Bean UK

    Comment by Lee Kerry — September 16, 2006 @ 10:07 am

  29. Dear Anousheh
    When Airplane flies to the sky, the Earth and everything on it become small and smaller, then I think why people annoy each other for such small things, sometimes I wish I don’t come back to ground,

    Now you are going to the Space…
    You have the chance to feel better than me!
    You have the chance to touch the sky!
    You have the chance to see the God!

    Have a wonderful trip
    and let’s now your feelings when you come back.

    Comment by Rajaeian — September 16, 2006 @ 10:15 am

  30. salam khanume ansarie aziz
    nemidunam che hessie ke man peida kardam,hatman bayad har ruz biam va 1 peigham baratun bezaram,fekr konam 1 hesse moshtarake,shoma movafagh shodid dar zendegitun,va man daram avvalin ghadam ha ro baraye movaffaghiate ayandam va khedmat resani be mardom bar midaram,midunam ke khoda shoma ro dust dashte ke shoma ro be movaffaghiat resunde va shoma ro be khodesh inghadr nazdik karde,pas baraye man ham doaa konid ke be ahdafi ke daram beresam va betunam mesle shoma baraye mardome jahan mofid basham.
    1 khaheshe dige ham daram,dastane zendegitun.kheili baram mohemme va kheili alaghe daram ke bekhunam,khahesh mikonam.
    be omide pirouzie bishtare shoma va hame iraniha .
    ya ali,khodahafez

    Comment by M.Javad Mohiti — September 16, 2006 @ 11:19 am

  31. Remember one thing. You are not Iranian - you are an American. In Iran a woman looking to the skies and saying “I want to go there” would be beaten. In America we say “go for it”. Have a good flight.

    Comment by Eric — September 16, 2006 @ 11:40 am

  32. Dearest Anousheh,

    Some people give the meaning to the world by just being in it and YOU showed that not only we can achieve our hopes and dreams, but also we can be “more” than what we are, always!
    Now that I’m writing this to YOU, my eyes are full of tears (tears of happiness) so please forgive me if I’m writing in wrong dictation! :D I swear I’ve never had this feeling in my entire life the way that I do right now, seeing a smart, stunning lady born in my country is going to be proud for the whole universe! :)
    YOU are making the concept of the song “Imagine by John Lennon” come true when YOU are out there in the space and away from this crazy world! What a magnificent event! :)
    Future belongs to those who believe in their imaginations, future belongs to YOU.
    Delightfully, I’m joining the millions and millions of people who have put their hearts on your way and are praying hard from the bottom of their hearts that YOU -and the crew- have a safe, amazing, fruitful trip.

    [[[haalaa chan kalameh ham beh farsi! anoosheh jaan, dooset daarim az samim e ghalb, dosset daarim beh tamoom e vaazheh haaye aalam, dosset daarim beh andaazeh e hameh e taarikh -taarikhi keh baa esm e ghashang e TOU aazin basteh shodeh-, doosset daarim beh andaazeh e khodemoon! safar beh salaamat, aziz e del e hameh e iroonia! :) ]]]

    Good Luck.


    Arash Hosseini

    Comment by Arash Hosseini — September 16, 2006 @ 11:40 am

  33. Hi Anousheh! I saw a brief insert on the news about your space voyage and then found your blog by accident today. I read your post about the price of a dream and want to agree with you on it. Everyone has a dream and how you reach yours is up to you… and even better when you can reach that dream. Good luck with your voyage, I think what you’re doing is so exciting! My dream, eh, we’ll see! Enjoy every moment! From South Africa.
    PS: What does your name mean and how do you pronounce it?

    Comment by universalthread — September 16, 2006 @ 12:17 pm

  34. سلام.خانم انصاری فقط می تونم براتون آرزو سلامتی و سفری بی خطر برا شما داشته باشم.راستی چند تا سایت نوشتن متولد مشهد بعضی هم تهران آخرش کجا؟؟؟(آخه من هم مشهدی هستم)یه هر حال مال هر جا باشی موفق باشی

    Comment by farzad — September 16, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

  35. انوشه گرامی،
    برای شماآرزوی سفر فضایی بسیار خوش و خرمی را دارم. همیشه سرافراز، پیروز و شادان باشید
    Dear Anousheh,
    I wish you a pleasant journey in the space & my best wishes with lot of happiness

    Comment by shabahang — September 16, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

  36. Hi.Dear Anousheh,
    safare shoma be faza forsati ast baraye inkeh az darichehi digari donya va ghodrate khoda ro moshahedeh konid. shoma in forsat ra keh baraye har kasi pish nemiyad alaan darid.lotfan vaghti keh be faza raftid jaye man ra ham khali konid chon motmaennam agar kasi ba noe negahe manshenasaneh be khelghat negah koneh..monghaleb misheh… baratoon doa mikonam…

    Comment by an apportunity... — September 16, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

  37. Hello Dear Mrs. Ansari.
    At first, lets express you my inexpressible pride and cheers about being one of your compatriots. I am Kourosh, 16 years of age and the recorder of global title as the “world’s youngest journalist”
    Here you can read my biography http://ayjw.org/articles.php?id=336283 also if you had enough time, you may take a visit from http://cyberfaith.blogspot.com that is my English blog. I am very interested to make an interview with you; also I watched your live interview with the 4th channel of Islamic Republic Of Iran TV.
    If I would prosper, I will publish the interview on the Jame Jam daily newspaper, by the way of course you can understand my situation and I cannot use to make a face-in-face conversation with you, therefore I want to know that how can I contact you via Email and send you the question, then receive the answers?
    I want to tell you that it is more than 1 year that I am following your news and latest information as the “First Iranian Space Explorer” so I desire you to help me, even I would contact Mrs. Terri Griffin, surely you can help me if you decide.
    Best Regards

    Comment by Kourosh Ziabari — September 16, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

  38. have a good time in space.

    Comment by eastboy — September 16, 2006 @ 2:01 pm

  39. Congratulations from Illinois. How exciting for you to be able to participate in such a journey. My sons and I are watching your blog and can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

    Comment by Sherman, IL — September 16, 2006 @ 2:16 pm

  40. Dearest Anousheh,

    Some people give the meaning to the world by just being in it and YOU showed that not only we can achieve our hopes and dreams, but also we can be “more” than what we are, always!
    Now that I’m writing this to YOU, my eyes are full of tears (tears of happiness) so please forgive me if I’m writing in wrong dictation! :D I swear I’ve never had this feeling in my entire life the way that I do right now, seeing a smart, stunning lady born in my country is going to be proud for the whole universe! :)
    YOU are making the concept of the song “Imagine by John Lennon” come true when YOU are out there in the space and away from this crazy world! What a magnificent event! :)
    Future belongs to those who believe in their imaginations, future belongs to YOU.
    Delightfully, I’m joining the millions and millions of people who have put their hearts on your way and are praying hard from the bottom of their hearts that YOU -and the crew- have a safe, amazing, fruitful trip.

    [[[haalaa chan kalameh ham beh farsi! anoosheh jaan, dooset daarim az samim e ghalb, dosset daarim beh tamoom e vaazheh haaye aalam, dosset daarim beh andaazeh e hameh e taarikh -taarikhi keh baa esm e ghashang e TOU aazin basteh shodeh-, doosset daarim beh andaazeh e khodemoon! safar beh salaamat, aziz e del e hameh e iroonia! :) ]]]

    Good Luck.



    Comment by Arash Hosseini — September 16, 2006 @ 3:31 pm

    Midoonam por hayejan.
    Hatman ye rah peymaiiye fazaii khahid dasht
    Baraton arezooye safari khosh va ye rah peymaiiye fazaii lezat bakhsh mikonm
    Shoma ham vaghti ke rafti asemoon jaii ke be khooda kheyli nazdik tar az harjaye digar ast lotfan baraye maha ke hata nemitonim yek milimetr pahamoon ra tekan bedim 2A konid ke danesh mara sare pa konad.
    Man mehrdad az Tehran va nevisandehye webloge ye ghate nokha: http://irannik.persianblog.com
    Omidvaram ke hamishe shad bashid
    Ziyadeh arzi nist

    Comment by آشنايي با يك معلول قطع نخاع — September 16, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

  42. آنان که گام در راه اندیشه میگذارند راه راستین بودن را باز شناخته اند و اینک تو ای هم وطن سراسر وجودمان را مغرور به بودن وایرانی بودن می کنی گردانده ای باشد که درپناه خداوند به آنچه شایسته اش هستی برسی دوستت داریم اسماعیل و محمد

    Comment by mohamad reza &esmail — September 16, 2006 @ 4:17 pm

  43. سلام. الان که این پست از بلاگتونو خوندم یه حس غرور بهم دست داد چون واقعا حس کردم هموطنیم. البته شما کجا و من کجا؟ الان درست 1 روز و 24 دقیقه تا سفرتون مونده
    براتون از صمیم قلب آرزوی موفقیت میکنم…

    Comment by Reza — September 16, 2006 @ 7:17 pm

  44. سلام مطالبتان خیلی شیرین است
    دوستت تان دارم امیدوارم که در این سفر آینده نزدیک موفق باشید و لذت آن بالا بودن برایتان شیرین شیرین باشد و ما را هم فکر کنید

    Comment by سینا — September 16, 2006 @ 11:00 pm

  45. salam
    hala dige kamtar az 3 saat bishtar be parvazetun namunde
    movaffagh bashid
    enshallah be salamt bargardin

    Comment by M.Javad Mohiti — September 17, 2006 @ 4:43 am

  46. با سلام و درود به خانم انوشه انصاری
    از اینکه میبینم یک هموطن و یک ایرانی افتخاری دیگر برای ایران عزیز می افریند بسیار خوشحالم.بدانید که دیگر هوطنان شما نیز در هر کجای دنیا که باشند به شما میبالند.
    مسیولیت سنگینی روی دوش شماست
    امیددوارم از عهده ان بر ایید.
    دعای خیر ملت ایران بدرقه راهتان.

    Comment by Mohsen Noori — September 17, 2006 @ 4:46 am

  47. HI DEAR
    Omidvaram oon joori ke entezar dashti faza barat hayejan angiz bashe va lezat bebari.va omidvaram safaretoon poor az hayejan bashe va be salamati bargardin be zamin. bye

    Comment by SASAN — September 17, 2006 @ 7:03 am

  48. 12 hours and counting:) hope u have a great flight and dont have to end up using the “barf bag”:) as an iranian i have to admit that i am very very very glad that the first female to go into space(a tourist one that is) is iranian. maybe people will see that even if the regime in iran isnt that tolerant to women, the people of iran are.:) zendeh bashi wa khosh bashi khanom khoshgele:)

    Comment by mohammad — September 17, 2006 @ 8:00 am

  49. سلام براتون از صمیم قلب ارزوی موفقیت می کنم کار های شما رو هر روز دنبال می کنم بعد از سفرتون باید حتما شما رو ببینم (نیویورک یا هر جا که شما بفرمایید ) الان 20 ساعت تا سفر شما باقیست امید وارم سفر خوبی باشد که حتما هست من از این کره ی خاکی شما رو اون بالا میبینم به امید روزی که جامون عوض بشه ! م

    Comment by mohamma — September 17, 2006 @ 9:17 am

  50. Dearest Anosheh;

    Good luck to your journey, you have a heck of the guts, and you are an excellent raw model for the young generation, for those they say “it can not be done, it is too difficult”, or for those they say “should have, could have, would have”.

    You have proved that “There is no limitation except the limitation of your WILLPOWER”

    Best of luck to your future
    Steve Mansourbeigi (IBM)

    Comment by Steve Mansourbeigi — September 17, 2006 @ 12:22 pm

  51. Dear Anousheh,
    In addition to having NASA TV on most of the time, I now have your countdown page counting off on the computer as I watch TV.

    Tonight I watched two Mark Twain classic movies, “The Prince and the Pauper” 1937 followed by “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (1960).
    Well from time to time I look down to the counter, now 17 hours 6 minutes 2 seconds; and I put myself in your place and thought if I were you wouldn’t my stomach be turning in knots?
    Your great beauty and character is that of a great leader, and I find myself identifying myself with you.
    As when I watched “The Sound of Music” I identified with the boy my age when I watched it.

    I read that many identify with you. When I think of you, I think of you as a Space Explorer.

    Admiral Richard Byrd had to raise finances for his expeditions.

    If he were alive in your generation, wouldn’t he wish to be in Space, I think he would indeed.
    I hope you will write a book about your exploration into Space, if you do, I would look forward to reading it, and then perhaps they will make a movie about it. Movies have the ability to reach people who might never have known about you, and they make it possible for you to inspire many more than otherwise might be possible.
    Admiral Byrd had great difficulty bringing himself to write about his adventure, I hope you will write about yours.


    Comment by stephen bennett — September 17, 2006 @ 1:11 pm

  52. hi Good Luck

    Comment by sassan — September 17, 2006 @ 4:49 pm

  53. all iranian are hopefull that you flight successfully.
    i sure that you check this comment after return.
    i wish that you are not the last and alone iranian that flight
    to space.
    پیروز باشی

    Comment by mehdi — September 17, 2006 @ 5:07 pm

  54. سلام به شما خانم انوشه انصاری

    شما باعث فخر و مباهات همه ایرانیها هستید. شما واقعا تونستید فعل میتوانم را صرف کنید و از همه موانع با سعی و کوشش گذشتید. شما مطمئن باشید که اینکار شما باعث میشه تا خیلی ها مثل من به خودشون بیان و شمارو الگوی خودشون قرار میدن. خیلی دوست دارم تا بیشتر با شما آشنا بشم و بتونم از تجربیاتتون استفاده کنم. ما همه دوستتون داریم

    Comment by علیرضا ساده صیقلان — September 17, 2006 @ 6:32 pm

  55. salam anusheye aziz

    man b khodam b onvane yek irani eftekhar mikonam . shoma ruhe jadidi b iraniha damidid.omidvaram dar ayande betunam az tajrobiatetun estefade konam ta man ham betunam b noee az in mahdudiatha va nashodanha nemitunamha obur konam.
    barat arezuye movafaghiat va sarbolandi daram.
    dar panahe khodavande bozorg

    Comment by alireza sadeh seighalan — September 17, 2006 @ 6:39 pm

  56. Good Luck! . . . . and Happy Space Voyage!

    Comment by Bijan S. Fard — September 17, 2006 @ 8:27 pm

  57. Dear mrs Ansari
    I’m Mahmood Ansari from Tehran,Iran.Recently i heared that you’re going to international space station (iss) so i say wow, I hope you have a nice and save tip and enjoy of your spacial travel and of course geting back safe to your home soon and allways remember
    “dedicated to all who accept criticim and risk that accompaines exploration…of kownledge…of spirit…and space”.I’m realy proud to have a such a person as a member of family like you.
    good luck

    Comment by mahmood ansari — September 17, 2006 @ 9:52 pm

  58. anoosheye azizam …
    barat arezooye movafaghiat mikonam !
    khooob be zamin nega kon . oonike dare barat dast tekoon mide manam ! ;)

    Comment by FAEZEH — September 18, 2006 @ 9:37 am

  59. سلام انوشه خانم
    امروز روزيه كه كوچكي زمين رو خواهي ديد.
    هممون بهتون افتخار ميكنيم دلها و دعاهامونو بدرقه راهتون كرديم كه بسلامت برگردين.
    سلام مارو به خدا برسون :)
    خدا پشت و پناهتون باشه و علي يارتوووووووووووووووووووون.
    هموطن كوچيك شما
    شهرام مرادي

    Comment by موفق باشي قهرمان :) — September 18, 2006 @ 11:09 am

  60. partvaz moffaghiat amiz shoma ra didam . bar khod mibalam ke hamvatani chon shoma daram /sarbolandi iran va iranian ra arezoo daram

    Comment by saeed bazreghar — September 18, 2006 @ 1:55 pm

  61. Dear Anousheh,

    I am so proud of you.

    Your dream is being fullfilled with Iranians, Russians, Americans, and others, working together for all our sakes. May we always support each other.

    I was a US Peace Corps Teacher in Taft, Iran (near Yaxd) from 1972 to 1974, teaching English. My life continues to be enriched by the friendships, language, and culture I began to know so long ago. You are another shining element in my joy.

    Peace to all reading Anousheh’s Blog. Through her we are sharing a wonderful adventure.

    N. Bruce Nelson
    San Pablo, California

    Comment by N. Bruce Nelson — September 18, 2006 @ 6:24 pm

  62. salam anousheye aziz,
    emrooz vagti parvazet ro didam gerye kardam ,kheyli khosh hal boodam va az samime galb barat arezoye moafagiat mikonam.omidvaram yek rooz man ham betoonam zamin ro az faza bebinam. inja hame dooseton daran.hame negarane parvazetoon boodan.shabe khobi dashte bashid dar faza.


    Comment by sara — September 18, 2006 @ 7:32 pm

  63. hi dear mrs.anoushe
    congragulation. i can imgine how you feel now.
    i am writer & translator and it may be interesting for you to know that my first story is about my dream of going to space in childhood.
    now your are up there. oh, its amazing.
    care yourself & be happy.

    kiss your from the earth.
    shole azar

    Comment by shole azar — September 18, 2006 @ 7:38 pm

  64. sar kar khanome ansari salam….
    alan sate 23:30 be vaghte Iraneh va shom nazdik be 16 sate ke to asemonaii…az in ke be roye becheghiton residid behton tabrik migam … va be khatere zahmati ke dar in rah keshidid beheton khasteh nabashid migam… emshab TV4 iran nazdik be 1 sat dar morede shoma va mofaghiateton barnameh dasht… rastesh man nemidonestam hanoz khodeton ro Irani midonid ya na?… ama vaghti shenidam parchame Iran va yek jeld Ghoran ba khodeton be faza bordid … vaghan az inke hanoz ba khalafe kheili ha hanoz esalet khodetono hefz kardid … khoshhal shodam va ashk dar chemam halgheh zad…va bade om barnameh omadam toie Net ta aksi ba parchame iran peida konam …ama khob ….begzarim!
    omidvaram ta betonam sobeh roze shanbeh sate 5:15 sobh betonam dar asemon bebinamet…midonam va midoni ke ham vase ma va ham vase khodet lahzeie foghladeii khahad bod …
    arezo mikonam be salamat be zamin bargardi va ma dar Iran betonim ontor ke shaiestei To hast az to taghdir va esteghbal besheh va ma ham betonim khaterate safar royaiit ro az zabane khodet va ba sedaie khodet beshnavim !be omide on roz !
    khoda negahdaret basheh azize dele Iraniani ke delshan baraie Iran mitapad!

    Comment by S.Masoud — September 18, 2006 @ 8:25 pm

  65. salam anoushe aziz
    man az iran barat peigham midam.
    nemidonam che jori ehsasam ro barat begam vaghti parvazeto didam.
    man ham ashegh nogom hastam va asheghe asemon.
    inja to iran hame be to eftekhar mikonan.
    barat arezoye salamati mikonam.
    az tehran barat dast tekon midam .

    Comment by atefehh — September 18, 2006 @ 8:55 pm

  66. سلام انوشه جان
    با تمام وجود برات آرزوي سلامتي مي كنم.
    اين جا تو ايران همه برات دعا مي كنن چون تو مايه افتخار ما هستي.
    من هميشه تو فكرام دوست داشتم زني مثل شما باشم.
    از تهران برات دست تكون مي دم تا بدوني چقدر دوست دارم.
    عاطفه خورسند

    Comment by atefeh — September 18, 2006 @ 9:02 pm

  67. hello
    i am too glad that for first time my countryman can travel to space
    and i want god for you to countinue your trip to other planet and space.have a good time and memorable trip.

    Comment by saeed saneei — September 18, 2006 @ 9:50 pm

  68. salam khanum e ansari.man milad hastam 20 sale az tehran.vaghean eftekhar mikonam ke be onvan e yek irani shomaro dar faza mibinam.makhsoosan vaghti fahmidam ke toosafaretoon parcham e IRAN va GHORAN ro ham be hamrah darid.khoshhal misham age baram mail bezarin

    Comment by Milad h.m.k — September 18, 2006 @ 10:13 pm

  69. سلام خانوم انصاري
    شما وقتي داشتين مي رفتين يه شعر گفتين
    توي قلب خودتون
    من فقط شنيدم و نوشتم
    تقديم به شما

    روزي خواهد رسيد كه هزار قلب مي تپد
    با قلب من
    روزي ديگر آري
    آن روز قلبم براي هيچ گاه ديگري
    تنها نيست
    روزي خواهد رسيد
    كه بر تختگاه نيلگوني گسترده نشسته ام
    در انتظار شب
    و در بانگي بلند
    اما آرام گويم
    كه من آري من بودم
    كودكي در ميان ستارگان
    پر آرزو
    تا پروازي بلند تا عشق
    قصه نمودم آن را
    آنهنگام كه قصه اي مرا نبود

    روزي خواهد رسيد
    كه من براستي
    در پاكترين معناها
    به پرواز خواهم نشست

    و شبي ديگر كه به دنباله ميآيد
    ساكت و آرام اما بيقرار
    آن لحظه من ديگر تنهانيستم ميان ستارگان
    هزار قصه گوي
    هزار آوازه خوان
    و هزار نغمه
    بر هزار ساز كوك ميشوند و
    آن قصه ميگويد
    اين آواز ميخواند
    و او مينوازد و ميگذرند
    هزار قدم بيكباره از كنارم
    آن روز زمان عاجزو ناتوان
    به گردش من ميان ستارگان غبطه ميخورد
    عشق در پايكوبي هزار قلب ديگر فراموش ميكند
    تنهاييهايش را دردهايش را
    در آن روز مرگ نيز
    به زندگي مي انديشد
    و جاودانگي در خلا يك سكوت كوتاه
    به بار مينشيند مرا
    تا در زماني ديگر
    خواب شيرين كودكان
    با قصه من آغاز شود
    در هزار آرزو

    و باز هم كسي به من ميگويد
    ما براي جاودانگي
    زاده شده ايم

    با آرزوي موفقيت براي شما
    مهدي مصلحي

    Comment by mehdi moslehi — September 18, 2006 @ 11:33 pm

  70. با سلام
    ما ايرانيان همگي با هم كسب اين موفقيت بزرگ را به شما و خانواده محترمتان تبريك گفته و به اميد شنيدن خبرهاي خوش ديگري از شما هستيم
    درود بر شما

    Comment by kaveh — September 19, 2006 @ 8:54 am

  71. سلام خانم انصاری امیدوارم حالتون خوب باشه سفر خوشی را برای شما ارزو
    می کنم و همچنین به خودم می بالم که هموطن شما یک ایرانی هستم

    Comment by reza radmanesh — September 19, 2006 @ 8:59 am

  72. Anousheh khanom e aziz man ba tamame vojoudam be shoma va faalliathatan dar zamineye elmie morede alageten eftekhar mikonam!nemidanid chegad khoshhalam!!!alageye asli man reproduction genetics va breast cancer therapy hast vali dar dorane nojavani space az alaege man bod va darke kameli az hesse shoma daram! faza khosh begzare ma inja dar tehran sahargah ba dosta jam mishim va istgahe fazayie beinolmelal ro rasad mikonim va ashke shog mirizim va dast tekon midim beheton!

    Comment by Mahzad — September 19, 2006 @ 9:20 am

  73. hello
    this is my second message for you
    but this time i send it for you by the khansarian people
    with the best wishes

    Comment by saeed saneei — September 19, 2006 @ 10:34 am

  74. Dear Mrs.Ansari On behalf of Persian people I have this honour to congratulate you, the first Persian lady and I hope not the last one who went on a space journey.While I am sending this message, you are in the space module. I am sure this must be an inspirational experience for every mankind to view cosmos. You raised our flag to the top of the world which this is worth admiration and thought We all believe in you and hope an enjoyable and safe cosmic journey and re-entry. Amir H.Dashtian

    Comment by AMIR H. DASHTIAN — September 19, 2006 @ 12:07 pm

  75. salam khanoom ansary kheyli khoshhalam ke shoma baz ham maye eftekhare iran hastin.omidvaram safar mofagiat amizi dashte bashid.

    Comment by amir — September 19, 2006 @ 12:22 pm

  76. I”m in virtual orbit, NASA is always, well mostly, say 23.8 average on. and i’m from time to time wondering what’s it’s like to be in micro gravity.
    right now it’s night almost dawn and i’m in orbit, virtually, over africa, you are catching up in 14, closing the gap to the inss, the shuttle is preparing for landing in 30 something hours and you dock shortly thereafter, Lord Willing. and I’m watching…

    Comment by stephen bennett — September 19, 2006 @ 12:58 pm

  77. salam khanome ansary , vaghean beheton tabrik migam , va az samime ghalb baraton arezoye movafaghiyat mikonam.

    Comment by hajar — September 19, 2006 @ 1:35 pm

  78. ba salam khedmat sarkar khanoom ansari,man be onvan yek irani vagean eftekhar mikonam ke tavanesti d name iran ra sarboland namaeid.
    ba arezoye parvaz,va bazgashti movaffaghaiat amiz barayeh shoma

    Comment by ebrahim — September 19, 2006 @ 5:32 pm

  79. salam khanume ANSARI
    alan ke in coment ra baraye shoma mizaram shoma dar hale nazdik shodan be ISS hastid.
    man be onvane yek irani be shoma eftekhar mikonam.motmaenam har irani ham be shom va be irani budanesh eftekhar mikone.
    barrye shoma arezuye safari khosh be hamrahe behtarin arezuham mikonam

    Comment by hadi heravi — September 19, 2006 @ 7:16 pm

  80. omidvarim shahede movafaghiyathaye bishtare shoma bashim.

    Comment by shadi — September 19, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

  81. Enjoy your trip. Your a mentor to me and honor your successes and challanges.
    Warmest Regards,

    Comment by Dan — September 19, 2006 @ 8:11 pm

  82. salam khanome ansari man ye dokhtare 18 saleye irani hastam . man ham mesle shoma az bachegi arezom in bode ke ro merikh rah beram va hatta doste merikhi ham dashtam vali bekhatere sharayet natonestam hatta yek ghadam be soye arezom bar daram . chon hamishe morede tamaskhor gharar migereftam . va hamishe migoftam man avalin zane irani khaham bod ke be faza miram va ye kahkeshan be esme khodam sabt mikonam.vaghti khabare raftane shomaro shenidam be shoma ghebte khordam va albate narahat bodam ke chera man natonestam khodam ro bavar konam va be arezom beresam (dar vaghe az khodam badam omad).kheyli talashkardam ke beram kharej az keshvar vali ……….. nemidonam ehsasamo che jor bayan konam .az samime ghalbam baraton arezoye salamati va movafaghiat mikonam va omidvaram shomaro dar iran bebinam .

    Comment by marzie — September 20, 2006 @ 6:58 am

  83. Hi Mrs.Anusheh Ansari, I’m a Brasilian citizen and I like to congratulate you on this amazing achivement.You are making the dream come true for thousands of humans who one day want to visit the space,specially my dream.
    I have read about the movies ,artists and songs you like and I can see you have a very good taste on your choices,specially about one of your favorite songs been imagine from Jonh Lennon,and now you are up there looking down on our planet and I believe then all you can see is just one world and you can not see the imaginary borders between country’s, from up there all you can see is just one people.The view from the space station must bring a great inspiration to karaoke the song Imagine from jonh lennon :)
    In a good way I envy your achievement,enjoy your stay at space station and have a safe return, we need human beings like your self here on Terra firm.
    I wish you all the best,
    Marino Oliveira.

    Comment by Marino Oliveira — September 20, 2006 @ 8:37 am

  84. I could not sleep and was happy because I got to see both the docking and the door open and the short interview.

    then I wondered, what will you be doing there, and I have NASA on as always and notice you seem to be typing on a laptop, I suppose writing to your family and friends.

    It’s amazing to me how composed you are

    Comment by stephen bennett — September 20, 2006 @ 12:19 pm

  85. […] Sept. 20 - Russians deliver a Iranian / Muslim / Trekkie tourist early this morning.  Seriously. Anousheh Ansari loves the USS Enterprise. […]

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  86. hello miss Anushah
    i really love to talk you once time,bz you have been my favorite
    first i introduse myself to you,i am a girl who live in iran,it was my dream i be you one day for going ,now i am writting for you i know you are in space,hope you are enjoying your any second
    as i said i am reading physics and about space for 6 years,i have been very good at it.it was and is always my famovorite subject,but i am now student of university in iran,studying engineering electronic.but yet i am studying physic.it calms me when i study it ,i think as much as you are favorite in space,i am endless about it .
    the most thing i wanted to you say this I AM REALLY GLAD THE FIRST IRANINA WENT TO SPACE WAS A WOMAN NOT A MAN,it made me so so glad ,



    Comment by kh — September 20, 2006 @ 2:09 pm

  87. dear anooshe
    we are proud of you as a successful woman in all over the world. we hope to see you safe and exprienced of space tour that you have. love & kiss, sara

    Comment by sara — September 21, 2006 @ 9:05 am

  88. Anooshe Aziz
    Parvaz shoma parvaz tamam iranian bod
    Dorod faravan be shoma

    Comment by Saeid — September 21, 2006 @ 7:59 pm

  89. دریا را دوست دارم به خاطر خروشش صحرا را دوست دارم به خاطر سکوتش پرنده رادوست دارم به خاطر پروازش و تو را دوست دارم به خاطر شجاعتت .

    Comment by daryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa — September 21, 2006 @ 11:02 pm

  90. khnoome anousheye ansariye aziz
    zemne arze tabrik be shoma babate azme rasekhe shoma dar amaly kkardan arezooye koodakitan bayad begam ke khylyha chizy ro doost daran va shoar be doost dashtane chizy mizanan valy hata az lamse on ham mitarsan ,man shojaat shomaro setayesh mikonam.omidvaram ke betunid ham fazaro khub siyahat konid va ham be tahghighate khodetun dar istgahe faziyi residey konid.shoma in haghighato sabet kardin ke barabariye zano mard be hich chiz joz hadafdar boodan tarz tafakore ona bastegy nadare.
    doroud bar shoma

    Comment by nahal .p — September 22, 2006 @ 10:07 am

  91. سلام تمام مردم ایران ترا دوست دارند می دانم تو هم ایران را دوست داری پرچم ایران روی بازویت بسیار زیبا بود امیدوارم به ایران هم بیایی اگر وقت داشتی برایم میل بزن خیلی خوشحال میشوم

    Comment by احمد روزبه — September 24, 2006 @ 9:26 am

  92. ba salam va tabrik faravan be shoma , jayeh tamam hamvatanan ra khali konid !

    Comment by amir.n — September 24, 2006 @ 10:36 am

  93. Dear Mrs.Anooshe Ansari
    We are really proud of you.
    We would be happy if you could join us in cloob.com the largest Irannian community.
    wishe you the best in your life.

    Comment by Bahareh — September 24, 2006 @ 1:58 pm

  94. خانم انصاری درسته که شما فرد ثروتمندی هستین که تونستین این کار بزرگ رو انجام بدین ، ولی مهمترین مسئله دید باز شما و برداشت بلندپروازنه شما از ایندست . با این اقدام شما ایندگان برداشتی کاملآ متفاوت از انچه نسل ما درباره فضا داره ، خواهند داشت. این خواست خدا بوده که شما بتونین از هوش استعداد وقت و ثروتتون را در راه ارمان های بشریت (علم و صلح) صرف کنین . برای شما زن ایرانی مسلمان ارزوی موفقیت های روزافرون دارم. امیدوارم سفری به سرزمین مادریتون به همین زودی ها داشته باشین.

    Comment by neda — September 24, 2006 @ 10:00 pm

  95. Dear Anousheh,
    You really ” made the world looking at you”! to be honest, the cause was life in the US, your husband or …? I suppose the way husbands treat plays a very crucial role in life. what do u think? any way good luck and enjoy your life. in sharayet dar iran nasibe kasi nemishe

    Comment by Sara — September 25, 2006 @ 6:33 am

  96. Viva Anousheh!
    You’re a unique Iranian woman!
    We are really proud of you.
    Be back safely
    Thank you so much

    Comment by Sanaz — September 25, 2006 @ 7:14 pm

  97. Our Dear Anousheh !
    We are so happy in all of the world to have a lion-heart and brave iranian woman like you.
    I want to tell you that success is in the hand of every body but the first person that try to have it can take it.
    you exactly did it but you imagined a big dream and now you are watching the result of the before imagination because you had faith on it.
    So i appriciat this kind of high aspirations and bravery works.
    I khow you would success in all of your life because you have a big purpose behind of your it.
    Maryam 22 from karaj.
    thanks Bye .

    Comment by Maryam — September 27, 2006 @ 1:32 am

  98. Dear Anousheh! You are a good example about how is possible to have a nice husband and family who support your dreams. Congratulation! Woman can do everything and has a successful life without sacrificing an emotional life… so her life will be happier and the society will be better… Be sure, this experience will improve your life, even your spiritual life… Go ahead and God bless you and your fellow travellers. Kind regards from Colombia, the most beautiful country in South America, plenty of good, brave and happy people

    Comment by Martha Isabel — September 27, 2006 @ 1:41 am

  99. سلام به سركار خانوم انوشه انصاري كه بار ديگر ثابت كرد شعار ايراني ها كه خواستن توانستن است حقيقت دارد به خدا وقتي پرواز ايستگاه شمارا بر فراز ايران در سجرگاه شنبه ديدم به خودم افتخار كردم واقعا دلم ميخواد از نزديك شما رو ببينم و به آرزوي خودم كه ديدن شماست حقيقت بخشم I love you

    Comment by amir ganji — September 27, 2006 @ 8:26 am

  100. salam khanoom ansari
    man emrooz kelas (kar Afarini) dashtam ostad chiz haye ziadi darmorede karafarinihaye shoma tozih dad va on javayeziro ke barandeh shodid man kheili dost daram bedonam ramz movafaghiat shoma chi bood mamnoona misham
    best wishes

    Comment by amir ganjkarimi — September 28, 2006 @ 8:51 am

  101. Dear Anousheh,
    Welcome Home! back to earth! I look forward to hearing or your thoughts about your adventure!!!

    Comment by stephen bennett — September 29, 2006 @ 1:59 am

  102. where madonna is,there i am..

    very interesting trip..
    take care..

    love from T U R K E Y

    Comment by B U R C U — September 29, 2006 @ 7:11 pm

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