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September 22, 2006

The Trip Up

Filed under: Space Explorer — by Anousheh @ 11:57 pm

Hi everyone,

It is about 11:30 GMT here on ISS. It looks like my first entry from space made it down there.. Amazing, isn’t it…?

So first let’s take care of a few housekeeping items… I do not have realtime access to email. The email process is a batch process so it happens three times a day. I will do my best to get at least one entry in per day.

I do not have access to a web browser so I cannot read all your comments. I get some of your questions and greetings forwarded to me and I know that many people are sending their well wishes and words of inspiration. You cannot imagine how happy you have all made me, by sharing this experience with me.

Every time I read a message saying how someone has been energized and motivated to pursue their dreams, I get Goosebumps. I get all teary eyed when I read how a young girl in Mashhad is watching me and is motivated to one day become an Astronaut.

I know all of you will realize your dreams, if you want it bad enough in your heart and are willing to work hard and sacrifice for it. I will be reading every single one of your messages personally, when I return… So please continue to write to me.

Now that we have taken care of that, let’s talk about the ride up here, as I promised…

Well I took a motion sickness pill on the launch pad which was great. When we got to orbit I felt fine and I was able to look out the window as the world kept spinning around us, or more correctly I should say, we spun around the world.

They usually say you should not do that the first day because it will make you sick. Well… I just couldn’t resist…

I felt fine and even had some crackers and cookies for dinner before I went to bed. Our time was shifted back so we were basically scheduled to go to sleep about 6 pm and wake up about 3:00 am.

The first night we were all so tired that going to sleep early was no problem. Ah! I forgot to mention… when the Soyuz is put in orbit to chase the space station, it spins on its axis the whole time. The trip to the station takes close to 48 hours…

Now I knew why we had those dreaded spinning chair trainings.

Misha told us that it would make us feel better if we would hang our sleeping bags from the ceiling of the Habitation Compartment and put our head in the center of the hatch. This way we would be close to the center of mass and would feel less of the spinning effect.

So I followed his direction and hung my sleeping bag upside down and slipped into the bag. L.A. hung his from the ceiling the other way and did the same thing. Misha went into the descent module to sleep.

I was taking a mental picture of how we must look in our sleeping bags and it reminded me of Bats who sleep hanging upside-down from their cave ceiling. Well here we were in our tiny cave, floating about the Earth and heading to ISS.

I decided to be on the safe side and took another motion sickness pill before going to sleep. These pills actually make you sleepy so I figured it would help me go to sleep faster. I was able to locate my iPod in my bag and I was a happy camper… I put on my headphones and went to sleep in my Bat sack ;-) I did not know how I would react to sleeping while floating. You are not in touch with any surface and I figured it would be kind of strange, but I loved it. It made me feel very calm, like I was floating on the surface of a lake.

So far so good… The next morning when I woke up, I was so excited I slipped out of my bag quickly and flew head down to the Descent Module and flipped around and flew right back up to the Habitation Compartment. As soon as I stopped I realized that what I did was not a good idea! I felt my internal organs doing a cha-cha inside my belly…

I stopped and tried to minimize my movements. I basically become a mummy from that point forward. I only did very small slow movements and even that would make me feel really sick…

On top of that, I was having two more space flight symptoms. The first one was lower back pain. Basically your spine stretches because of the fluid and you get taller. I was happy about being taller but the pain was not fun.

The second symptom was fluid shift to the head. Because gravity is not there to help the blood that is pumped by your heart go down to your feet, it accumulates in your head, so your face gets puffy and red and you get a headache. It sort of feels like when you do a headstand for a long period of time.

So here I was with a Big Headache, pain in my back and nausea. I told myself, “This is not a good start — what if I feel like this the entire time!” After vomiting a couple of times, I decided to go for the big guns…

The flight surgeon had packed some motion sickness injections to be used as needed. I figured I really needed it, so I asked Mike and Misha to give me a shot. They consulted on the instruction given to them and decided on half of the medication to be injected. Mike prepared the syringe and Misha administered it. They were both so worried about me and wanted to do something to make me feel better. I felt bad for ruining their first Soyuz flight…

It did not take long for the injection to put me to sleep. Misha prepared my sleeping bag for me. This time I asked to be rolled in a small area so I could be in a fetus position. It seemed to make my lower back pain better. He also recommended that I have my head pressed against one of the cargo bags to help with my Headache. I rolled up in my sleeping bag with my head pushed against the cargo and spent most of the day sleeping. I would occasionally open my eyes and see Misha and Mike moving about. They asked me couple of times if I wanted to eat anything or needed anything. they checked my temperature and made sure that I was not getting worse.

So the second morning I woke up and felt a little better but still not well enough to eat or move around. I decided I should take another injection. And this time, after Misha and Mike had consulted with the flight surgeon, they gave me a full dose of injection.

I was really disappointed in myself… Here I thought I was always meant to be in space and now that I finally was, I was so sick I couldn’t even look out the window… I kept telling myself “Stop this nonsense… You are stronger than this… Get ahold of yourself.. this is all in your head, you can stop it…”

I was getting really impatient and wanted to get to the station. Somehow I thought I would feel better, but everyone told me that when you first enter the station, you feel bad since you are going from a small volume to a large volume.

I did not care, I just wanted to get out of my little Bat sack and get in a brighter, bigger place. Misha told me that I have to suit up for the docking. Right after I got my injection, they helped me get into my space suit and got me strapped in my seat.

The docking process takes a long time. After docking, a leak check is done for the docking hatch area to make sure there is no depressurization. It usually takes close to two hours. I kept dozing in and out as Mike and Misha went through the docking procedure.

I was wide awake on the approach and watched us inch our way closer and closer to the Station. I was so excited. Every inch we were closer I felt better, until we were finally docked.

After a while I decided to get out of my seat and take my suit off. I knew there would be cameras as we entered the station and I did not want to look like a sick dog. As I took my spacesuit off I was feeling much better. I even felt hungry and ate a few crackers.

The time went by really slowly, but finally the moment arrived and they were ready to open the hatch. Mike and Misha called me closer and told me to take a good whiff because this would be the first time I would smell “SPACE.”

They said it is a very unique smell. As they pulled the hatch open on the Soyuz side, I smelled “SPACE.” It was strange… kind of like burned almond cookie. I said to them, “It smells like cooking” and they both looked at me like I was crazy and exclaimed:”Cooking!”

I said, “Yes… sort of like something is burning… I don’t know it is hard to explain…”

By this time Jeff and Pasha were ready for us and opened the hatch from the other side and hugged us and welcomed us to the station… As soon as I stepped on the station I felt like I was home… I felt 100 percent better… I had a hard time keeping myself from smiling… I could not believe it… I made it to my destination… I was finally home :)

And the rest you probably saw on NASA TV ;-)

until next Blog… have a peaceful day :)


  1. Good morning! I enjoyed reading your latest blog. I just left a comment on your Sept 21st one when I saw this. I would’ve taken lots of motion sickness pills as I have terrible travel sickness when I dont take one before an airplane trip hahaha! Ugh! I amnot sure about having them injected though. I am scared of needles! Mustve been something else to sleep upside down!

    Glad you got there safe and sound!


    Comment by Anna — September 23, 2006 @ 12:10 am

  2. Can’t resist to comment on a new post. There is a chance you will see it.

    If you get email, you will enjoy Farzin’s note from today.

    See you when you return.


    Comment by Mike E. — September 23, 2006 @ 12:25 am

  3. Dear Anousheh, Congratulations. This is an honor to have a sister travel to space. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART.

    Comment by Akbar Dehghani — September 23, 2006 @ 12:25 am

  4. Hello Anousheh,
    Thank you for your postings from the space. You are one tall human being, very tall indeed.
    If possible, on your way back home, please take a movie of the Soyuz as it spins around its axis; so that from the window we see the space as it seems to spin around you. Of course that is if Soyuz spins the same way, on its way back earth.
    Wish you happy times and a super-safe return.

    Comment by Farid — September 23, 2006 @ 12:27 am

  5. Anousheh jan:

    As a scientist/engineer, as a mother of two girls, as someone close to your age, as an Iranian, as an American, as a speci(wo)man on earth, as a hu(wo)man, you make me PROUD.

    The feeling of peace you have described is magnificent. It clearly shows that you have peace within to be able to extend it outward in such manner as you have. IMO, if you lived in Iran (instead of the US), or anywhere else on Earth, and having had a tiny fraction of the money (which you’ve earned with hard work and incredible sharp wits), you’d still feel the same kind of peace. IT’S WITHIN YOU. You would simply extend it to others in a different way. Your mother and grandmother and other women who have inspired and supported you to realize this peace each deserve an out of this world ovation - So do thousands of other good mothers/daughters/sisters/female friends, throughout the centuries….

    And now on a less serious note -
    You went smooth bala dokhtar :)) come back the same way…
    If you ever decide to have kids, I’ll fly anywhere to babysit them. When they get older, I’ll teach them thermodynamics and quantum physics and if need be, karate ;) but I have a feeling you’d do just fine teaching them yourself….

    Thanks to Peter, Hamid, Amir, and other great men who support great women.

    Your friend among millions more,


    Comment by Neda — September 23, 2006 @ 12:38 am

  6. Anousheh jaan,

    Barikala!! Ur my new idol. I’ve been following your voyage ever since you took off. Ta mitooni aks begir. Bishtar az Shiraz begir ;-).

    ~Sina az FL

    Comment by Sina — September 23, 2006 @ 12:39 am

  7. Dear Anousheh,

    Salam… and “Hi” again! Haleh shoma chetoreh? :) I’m following your progress each day because I’m so excited to hear about space and your adventure! Thank you for describing everything–the “smell” of space, the way sleeping feels like floating, and hanging like a bat,. listening to your iPod. I can really imagine a picture of this. Do you have anything to read while you’re on your vacation? I hope you feel better and are not sick anymore. I think you are an amazing person to go up there and talk to us down here. I feel like I am on the adventure with you and am very proud. Thank you for bringing this to us all! I am learning a lot about space exploration already. Khodahafez :)

    Comment by Vivienne from San Antonio — September 23, 2006 @ 12:49 am

  8. Ansari describes her trip up to the ISS

    Anousheh Ansari pulls no punches when she describes her trip to the International Space Station in her latest blog entry. She hurled twice, and had to resort to injections to quell her motion sickness.
    Now the space agencies tend to de-emphasize the un…

    Trackback by Wheat-dogg's world — September 23, 2006 @ 12:51 am

  9. Great job on the blogs. I hope someday to go into space by orbital means (i am not too interested in sub-orbital flight).

    I got up at 6am New Mexico time this morning and watched you pass by almost overhead. The ISS was about as bright as Jupiter (thanks to the new solar arrays) and I was thinking about you and waving to you. I would have yelled “hi” also but I did not want to wake up the neighbors.

    I hope you had your nose pressed to the window to look back at me. ;)

    have fun, you’re doing good!

    Albuquerque, NM

    Comment by Robert S. — September 23, 2006 @ 12:52 am

  10. Dear Anousheh,

    I wrote to you before, but I can’t find it. I’m 9. And just like you, I live in DFW area. I’ve been reading your blog and It’s pretty cool. And since you’re up there, maybe I can go someday, too. When you were hanging from the ceiling, did you get dizzy? I’d be happy to find out.

    I hope I get to meet you sometime. Be safe!


    Comment by Kian — September 23, 2006 @ 1:00 am

  11. What a pleasant read of your impressions of the trip to the ISS and of finally boarding.
    You mention the ‘talk’ about ‘motion sickness’. One aspect that was of interest - the ‘crackers’ were they salted? I recall from my navy days how the ’salted’ crackers/chips would settle queasy stomachs.

    Looking forward to your next message from space.

    John A. - Canada

    Comment by John A. Forbes — September 23, 2006 @ 1:00 am

  12. Hello Anousheh,
    I am grateful that you decided to write the space blogs. It has been both informative and exciting reading! I don’t think that astronauts and scientists have the point of view that most people on Earth have and which you share: To most of us forever Earth-bound folk what you are experiencing is an awesome wonder! About the Atlantis, one of the astronauts (Piper) was showing motion sickness during interview after they all landed. I was delighted to learn that she was feeling fine later. So you be careful up there and on your return. And keep in touch! Godspeed and God bless,


    Comment by Hassan S — September 23, 2006 @ 1:03 am

  13. Hello!
    I unfortunately missed the live NASA coverage, but I saw the recording of the launch. It is a lot more unpleasant when you know something about the people inside. Usually we take it for granted.
    It’s cool how you describe the effects of microgravity. People usually think it’s like floating in water. I always knew it’s a lot worse, since I also wanted to go to space for as long as I can remember. I read a lot about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky one day, like you did. We can just all hope space travel will become more available.
    I hope your motion sickness will decrease, keep us well informed. After all, you’re a civilian and a lot more “in contact” with the ordinary people.
    I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me, a male medical student who has a hard time with everything. :)

    There is just one thing that would be very cool. I guess you must have some sort of a video recording device and a whole bag of flash memory. Do some experiments. Like try spinning a sphere of water with a stream of air from an ordinary straw, or something like that, to see how it will spit out a fragment (like Earth spat out the Moon). Fluids in microgravity are awesome.
    You’re an “ordinary human being” ambassador in space, so people are interested in you.

    OK, this is enough. I will keep watching ISS on the sky whenever I can. There is a fly-over in two days, I hope there’ll be no clouds.
    Say hello to your crew.

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Comment by Endimion17 — September 23, 2006 @ 1:07 am

  14. Dear Anousheh ,

    Thanks alot to share us your wonderful experience step by step !
    Now I’m writing for you , ISS is above Teh. ,
    my heart is with you ,
    look forward to hear more ,

    beautiful moments for you and other crew ,

    Comment by Zari — September 23, 2006 @ 1:13 am

  15. my husband loves the space program and has always wanted to go into space.
    i think he just did, as he read your site.
    thanks for the trip!
    this site is fantastic!
    and so are you………..

    Comment by MieYasha — September 23, 2006 @ 1:14 am

  16. So Proud of You, Your Endeavours and Everything!
    I live and work in Suriname, a small Dutch speaking country near Brazil…

    Thanks to you I now truly believe in ‘Girl Power’, Anousheh.

    Good Luck and Blessings,

    Signa (34 yrs old female journalist)

    Comment by Signa — September 23, 2006 @ 1:21 am

  17. Hi Anousheh!

    I’m from Winnipeg, Canada. Congratulations on making it to ISS. I watched your launch and docking on NASA TV and it was very exciting. It’s a dream of mine to make it to space one day.

    Spaceflight has been my favorite hobby for years and watching the ISS construction amazes me to see how countries can get together for a common goal. I really liked your comment about the beauty of our planet. Hope you have a great time up there and I wish you, Jeff and Pavel a safe journey home. Looking forward to watching more of your journey on NASA TV.


    Comment by Marc — September 23, 2006 @ 1:29 am

  18. Hi Anousheh :)
    It so great to read you , you tell it like it is, never before it was accounted for, see for the first time, I find out that your Soyuz ship spins around itself, that you sleep inside a bat sack, that you have to take motion sickness injecton, all element that we can relate to, and feel for you. Thank you for brigning too so many, an actual revelation in near real time, of this beautiful experience your are sharing with the people looking up to you from the blue planet, expressing its most beautiful hues of blues in your eyes, and in your heart :)

    Be well in zero g, and keep your smile…have a beautiful time!


    Comment by Jules Poirier — September 23, 2006 @ 1:52 am

  19. My friends laugh at me when I tell them that I’m going to visit outerspace some day. Sometimes I think I’m being ridiculous too. After reading about your adventures, I have renewed hope. Thank you.

    PS: My name is Shauna, I live in Canada, and I am 17 yrs old

    Comment by Shauna — September 23, 2006 @ 1:54 am

  20. Dear Anousheh:

    I am so proud of you as a human being, a woman, and Iranian. You courage is admirable. The day you went to space I was in IT mgmt conf in Salt Lake City. I was sitting at a table with other participant and they asked me where I amfrom. For the first time in last 25 years that I have been here when I siad I am of Iranian origin, they gave me a resspectfulllook and mentioned you as the first Iranian-American woman going to Space.

    I wish you a safe trip back home. I will follow your trip, ans may be someday meet you in person in Dallas.

    Azadeh Kojoori

    Comment by azadeh kojoori — September 23, 2006 @ 1:54 am

  21. Anousheh,

    Your reports from space are quite unique and humanistic. You cause the reader to feel that they are along for the ride with you as never described by the typical professional astronaut or cosmonaut. The description of the smell of “space” was insightful - a “burned almond cookie.” I, as certainly countless others around the globe, deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into blogging from the space station. I will look forward to reading more of your reports and sharing them with others of like-mind.

    Enjoy the “Overview Effect” to the greatest extent possible!

    Comment by Jack Kennedy — September 23, 2006 @ 1:55 am

  22. Dear Anousheh

    Sorry about the sickness, I felt like this once before landing at JFK Airport, I got a tip for u called Valsalva maneuver which is any attempted exhalation against a closed glottis or against a closed mouth and nose.The Valsalva maneuver is used as a pressure equalization technique by scuba divers and airplane passengers to avoid barotrauma and discomfort inside their ears when they move to a higher pressure breathing environment.

    You could have become a good writer, I felt as if I was with you all the time when I red your blog post.

    It is so nice to see Misha nad Mike look after you, you are lucky to have them on board, especially Misha is so sweet.

    Bless you


    Comment by Houman — September 23, 2006 @ 1:55 am

  23. Droood

    5:20 am Tehran, It was great, we watched you, & we guess we could see Solar panls of ISS,
    You came from night & went to the Sun in Northwest.
    very beautiful,
    it would be wonderful & interesting to see earth when day & night aparted by a line.

    I don’t know you saw us or not but all thought that you were watching us on that time.

    anyway, nice to see you safe there,
    have gooooooooood times

    Comment by بهنام — September 23, 2006 @ 1:58 am

  24. سلام انوشه خانم
    من همین الآن شما رو در آسمان شیراز دیدم
    نمیدونین چه احساسی دارم
    همینجوری که من احساس شما رو که الآن اون بالا هستین نمیدونم
    ولی متمئا هستم که احساس بسیار خوبییه
    جایه همه ی ما رو اون بالا خالی کنین
    امیدوارم سفر خوب و همراه با موفقیتی در ÷یش رو داشته باشین
    به امید دیدار شما در ایران و شیراز
    کامران بهروزیان

    Comment by kamran behrouzian — September 23, 2006 @ 2:01 am

  25. Note to Kian:

    your other messages are here –


    and here –


    Comment by X PRIZE — September 23, 2006 @ 2:05 am

  26. Dear Mrs. Ansari, we have just seen you from our housetop, that was AMAZING! we felt enthusiastic and proud.
    GOD BE WITH YOU, have a safe and successful trip!

    Comment by arash and amir — September 23, 2006 @ 2:07 am

  27. Anousheh,
    Congratulations on the trip! Thanks for letting us know so much about your trip and allowing us to share your experiences. Last year I put together a team and created Empire Space Transportation, Inc. to facilitate the movement of people and cargo to and from space (the job Soyuz does now). You have re-energized the whole team down here with your fantastic trip. We all want to go, and go now!

    Thanks again for everything, may God bless you and your family always.

    Ronson E. LeVau
    CEO, Empire Space Transportation, Inc.

    Comment by Ronson E LeVau — September 23, 2006 @ 2:18 am

  28. You are extraordinary!
    Say hi for me to all of those shining stars….

    Comment by Mina — September 23, 2006 @ 2:18 am

  29. با سلام خدمت انوشه انصاري فضانورد ايراني
    من هم اكنون گزارش ميكنم
    سلام خدمت شما نجوميان عزيز
    از اين كه نتوانستم در برنامه هاي گروهي به تماشاي ايستگاه فضايي بنشينم ناراحت نيستم
    من هم اكنون در ساعت پنج و سي و هفت دقيقه بامداد روز شنبه ،‌ بيست و سوم سپتامبر ميباشد و من و خانواده خواب آلودم بعد از طي نمودن پله ها و سعود به چهار طبقه بالاتر ، پشت بام در خانيمان در تهران و به مدت يك ربع رصد دست جمعي آسمان بالاخره موفق شديم در يك حركت نمادين و بشردوستانه !! با ايستگاه فضايي آي اس اس و در نتيجه با خانم انوشه انصاري ديدار داشته باشيم ايستگاه تقريبا از شمال شرقي طلوع كرده و با قدر بسيار زياد تقريبا از بالاي سرمان گذشت و در جنوب غربي غروب كرد
    ما خوشهاليم كه توانستيم آي اس اس را رصد كنيم به تمام منجم هايي كه آن را رصد كردند و به ياد فضانورد ايراني بودند و دقيقه اي را احساس كردند ايران افتخار است تبريك ميگوييم و اميدواريم موفقيت دامنگير همه كساني كه تلاش ميكنند باشد !!
    به اميد ديدار
    عبدالله شجاري

    Comment by nobody — September 23, 2006 @ 2:19 am

  30. Dear Anousheh, I’m sending this comment from Tehran/Iran, local time 5:35 a.m. We saw the ISS carrying you from 5:13 to 5:15 a.m . when we were on the roof. ( My Mom (Mahnaz), my brother (Amin) & me ( Pooyeh ). Wow ! we are so exited, I can’t explain exactly my feeling now!
    We are so proud of you. Wish you be healthy & successful in your very beautiful & interesting space trip. Hope you return safely full of great experiences.
    Kiss & hug dear Anousheh. Hope to see you in Iran :)

    Comment by Pooyeh Salar — September 23, 2006 @ 2:36 am

  31. سلام خانوم انصاری
    الان ساعت 5:30 دقیقه صبح به وقت تهران.قرار بود ایستگاه فضایی ساعت 5:13تو آسمان ایران دیده بشه.من برای اینکه ایستگاه رو بهتر ببینم از روز قبل به یکی از روستاهای اطراف رشت اومدم.از ساعت 5 بیدارم که اون نوری که انوشه انصاری داخلش قرار داره رو ببینم.انوشه که حالا دیگه واسم غریبه نیست. اینقدر مطلب در موردش خوندم وشنیدم که حالا شده یک اشنا.اما هوا ابریه. یک ستاره دیدم که نمی دونم خودش بود یا نه.ساعت 5:21 غمگین به داخل خونه برگشتم. ناراحت از اینکه همیشه ابرا نمی زارن من اتفاق های مهم آسمونو ببینم

    Comment by Hasibaa az rasht — September 23, 2006 @ 2:52 am

  32. Reading through the half of this post I was so disappointed with your sickness during the flight but cheered up again after reading till the end. It must be a great experience for you! May be a painful one but many of us will gladly endure it to taste the smell of space, as u did :). The analogy of almond and cookie is so down to earth… Wishing u a happy stay!!

    Comment by Nasser — September 23, 2006 @ 2:54 am

  33. Dear Anousheh:
    I am so proud of you ,
    انوشه جان میخواستم اینگلیسی بنویسم ولی دیدم این احساس عشق ایرانی رو شاید نتوانم با جملات لاتین بیان کنم.
    من در تهران زندگی میکنم و 22 سالم هست از وقتی که در مورد هدف شماو ارزوهاو زندگینامه شما تحقیق کردم شمارا به عنوان الگوی تمام عیار خودم در زندگی انتخاب کردم مخصوصا همین چند لحظه پیش وقتی شما رو دیدم که در ایستگاه فضایی بین الملیی از فرازایران گذشتید (مثل یک ستاره پرنور پارسی) به خودم خیلی افتخار کردم .
    قلبم با موشکهای نامرئی عشق به اهداف شما از سینه ام داشت کنده میشد و گریه ام گرفته بود من خیلی کمم معولا احساس میشم وگریم میگیره مگه فقط در مورد بستگان نزدیک خودم ولی وقتی گریه ام گرفت فهمیدم شما را که در این مدت کمی که میشناسم (حدود دو ماه )جزو معدود افرادی هستید که در قلب من جای گرفته اید
    حتی قصد دارم تمام اهدافم را با شما یکسان کنم فقط از شما میخواهم حتما بعد از اینکه به سلامتی به زمین برگشتید یک قسمت سایت خودتان را برای ما که شما رو به عنوان الگوو اسطوره برگزیده اایم اختصاص بدهید
    تا ما هم مثل شما بتوانیم از استعدادهای نهفته خودمان استفاده کنیم و برای همه دنیا مفید باشیم
    من قبلا انسانهایی مثل انتونی رابینز و افراد موفق دیگری را به عنوان الگو برگزیده بودم ولی الان دیگه فقط شما الگوی من هستید. خواهش میکنم با راهنمایی های خود مارا به موفقیت ثوق دهید.
    می بخشید خیلی طولانی شد.
    (البته شما زمانی که به زمین برگردید این را میخوانید ولی الان در تهران ساعت 5:40صبح23 sep 20 دقیقا بعد از دیدن شما از اسمان ایران است )
    anyway, nice to see you safe there,
    have good times

    Comment by berhoz sharif — September 23, 2006 @ 2:59 am

  34. Anousheh Ansari, your smile is beautiful, your blog is beautiful, and you are beautiful. Thanks.

    Comment by Jerry Erikson — September 23, 2006 @ 3:01 am

  35. Hi Anousheh,

    Glad to see someone from DFW area in space!! :) Have fun and enjoy the visit and the view from the ISS. I saw the IMAX 3d ISS movie a few years ago.. those of us who saw that have a hint of the experience. Yesterday the X-prize now an ISS visit.. keep up the good work being a trooper for our future in Space.

    Comment by BryanM — September 23, 2006 @ 3:14 am

  36. “CONTACT”, by Carl Sagan, is one of the movies I love the most. I always remember that scene that touched me so much when Jody Foster’s character is traveling through the Cosmos and suddenly is able to see all these new worlds and indescribable places in the Universe and with tears in her eyes she says something like: -”I had no idea,.. they should have sent a poet to describe it”, this is probably what you feel when you look at Earth from outside, I was telling my husband today that being out of our home planet must feel a little like being out of ourselves in a way..I’m sure everything turns into nonsense looking at us as just ONE thing.. Anyway the way you are describing what you see, feel and “smell” is so magnificent, I can’t wait to read your next letters from space. What a LUXURY having someone telling to the world what it feels to be in space for the first time, specially such a unique woman like you. I’m so thankful to you for sharing this experience, you don’t imagine what it means for many of us. I hope I’ll meet you someday, even though I feel I already know you because of how much you are sharing with us.
    Maria (from L.A. CA)

    Comment by Maria Entraigues — September 23, 2006 @ 3:24 am

  37. hi dear Anoushe
    what do you feel when you are in AUTUMNAL EQUINOX just 35 minutus later?I always think that’s a begin for earth and so for every one.that ’s like that every thing and every one is in special balance .please tell us your feelings. I observed ISS 2 hours ago with my family.I shaked hand for you,did you see me?!!!

    Comment by fatemeh kamali — September 23, 2006 @ 3:30 am

  38. Salam Anousheh,Hi
    Haletoon khoobeh? khosh migzare?
    let me say first: OH, MY GOD!I’m so speechless! when I just saw this blog today, I just wanted to kill myself why i didn’t find out about it earlier. I can’t believe you’re writting from Space!Holy, God! I think you will be the first person blogging from there! nice job!
    I have to say that you became one of my heros . You just showed me that I can make my dreams come true, too. One of them is the same like you had! you did it, but i still have to work for it! I’m only sixteen years old and I don’t give up to my dreams that I have been thinking about them all my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for letting me believe myself once again.
    You are a true hero to me and I will never forget you!!!
    I waited two hours after midnight to see you on NASA TV on internet to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming all the time or just heard something.I believed that as an Iranian I can be somebody too one day.
    You are a role model for everyone and specially Iranians. GOOD JOB! and keep writting your diaries and show people who you are!
    I love you and I will be following your story in here and news!


    Comment by Maryam — September 23, 2006 @ 3:31 am

  39. Anousheh,nice to read your first post.You might want to try a skin-patch,during your next trip,to prevent space-sickness, motion sickness.Skin-patch,if any, is much safer than injection.
    Write us about food and other things.

    Comment by Eastern Kurd — September 23, 2006 @ 3:32 am

  40. Dear Anousheh, I’m from Paradise California. You make me proud to be an American and from what I’am reading here, you are making many Iranians proud as well. We share this inspiration in common and I hope that this helps all humans realize how much more similar we are than different. We all share this planet earth that you so beautifully describe from outerspace… Thank you Anousheh for your inspiration and obvious love for life…

    Comment by Brian Scott — September 23, 2006 @ 3:39 am

  41. Hello, Anousheh! Thank you very much for blogging from space. Through your descriptions, I can feel like I am there with you, and since it’s something I’ve always dreamed of, it’s just wonderful that you are able to do this and share your experiences with all of us.
    The ISS will finally be visible over my town for the first time since the new solar arrays were deployed, so if the weather is clear, I’ll be waving at you from the ground.
    Best of luck to you, Anousheh! You are an inspiration to women all over the world.

    Comment by Valeri Jones — September 23, 2006 @ 3:57 am

  42. Dear Anousheh,

    I and all Iranians are very proud of you.

    Wish your safe return.

    Comment by Masoud — September 23, 2006 @ 4:04 am

  43. Dear Anousheh, An adventure for you that is literally “Out of this World!” Sorry to hear that after your flawless uphill ride you experienced uncomfortable symptoms, perhaps it will have made the remainder time on orbit even more delightful. I have enjoyed your first few blogs and am looking forward to reading them all as they arrive. Your intelligence, humor, and enthusiasm are reflected in your writing, a unique person doing a unique adventure! What a pleasure to vicariously enjoy your orbital experience and a glimpse of the Cosmos most will never be fortunate enough to see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences so honestly and openly.

    Comment by John — September 23, 2006 @ 4:27 am

  44. Anousheh,

    As I read your blog and the comments I can’t help but think of your trip as so much more than just a journey. You are very inspiring and will make such an impact on so many lives. I know you will have your spirit and zest for life spread much further than you will ever realize. (I will also bet you didn’t streach enough to be taller than Hamid, I will be he is proud of you he always was)

    Comment by Bill Belshaw — September 23, 2006 @ 4:35 am

  45. Sounds a little like a bad camping trip to begin with, but the goal wouldn’t be as sweet without a little adversity. I hope you’re feeling a lot better.

    Comment by James, Mountain View, CA — September 23, 2006 @ 4:41 am

  46. Sorry to hear that you were sick as a dog. I did some G training in the sim at the Defence and Civil Institute of Enviromental Medicine as a Navy Diver. Felt Like I was in a Dryer spinning in another Dryer. LOL. Kinda have an idea of what you are or were going through. Hang in there. Dare to dream!!

    Comment by Michael Le Couteur — September 23, 2006 @ 4:47 am

  47. salam
    man va doostan emrooz sobh shomara dar faza didim jaleb bood
    khoshhal shodim
    ba tashakor

    Comment by afzali — September 23, 2006 @ 4:48 am

  48. Dear Anousheh,
    Hello again. I enjoyed reading that extraordinary diary :)
    This morning I woke up at 5:00 a.m., and hurried down the staircase to go out and get a good view of the sky. At 5:13 I saw the brightest object in the still dark but clear sky of Tehran. It was the ISS moving at a very high speed — a lot more than I had expected. It was a great experience, especially knowing that a woman I admire so much is travelling inside it.
    I had a great time during the less than 80 seconds watching the ISS from earth, I could only imagine what it must have been like for you watching the other way around :)
    I pray for your health and well being — Pardis

    Comment by P.N. — September 23, 2006 @ 4:53 am

  49. Anousheh,
    Thank you for your candid, honest and human description of your experiences. I feel like you are speaking to me as a friend would, and I appreciate your candor. I am glad you are feeling better and enjoying your trip. If I were in your position, I know that I would have been feeling the same way! All the best,

    Comment by Liz — September 23, 2006 @ 4:59 am

  50. این خیلی خوب است که افراد بیشتری احساس کنند به این دنیا آمده اند تا تغییر مثبت ایجاد کنند وشما این تلنگر را به افراد بیشتری زدید امیدوارم که این اول راه باشد وهمه ما از خواب غفلت بیدار شویم
    آرزومند موفقیت شماوموفقیت صلح دانش وبینش برای همه

    Comment by hessam Vakil — September 23, 2006 @ 5:04 am

  51. Hello Anousheh! I am in Charlottesville, VA, US, and am really enjoying reading your blogs. It must be frustrating to finally realize your dream only to have a setback with your illness and discomfort. Even with these setbacks, I’m certain that you are still having the time of your life. Thank you so much for your insight into the experience of space flight from a “normal” person’s point of view. I’m looking forward to reading your future blogs.

    Comment by Diane K. — September 23, 2006 @ 5:06 am

  52. hello mrs Ansari

    thank you very very … mutch for your exact and beauty explain.
    it was really so great . as i felt experience this trip , myself.

    have a peaceful day too
    Hadi Jalilzadeh - Tehran

    Comment by Hadi Jalilzadeh — September 23, 2006 @ 5:11 am

  53. Hello Anousheh

    I just finished reading your latest entry. What can i say! Here i was thinking that you were just having the time of your life during those two days you were out of touch..Who knew! Sorry to hear it wasn’t quite the entry into space that you had always imagined. Still i’m sure that, like a lot of us, had anyone suggested turning the Soyuz around to bring you back home you’d have shot someone :-) I take it that you are almost 100% now and ready to get down to the serious business of having fun (ok, and maybe getting some work done. :-) ) It’s a shame you don’t have a browser. I’ve been reading your Blog daily and it’s full of so many wonderful comments. You are without a doubt quite admired!

    By the way, i assume the ISS has some windows facing into deep space. What’s it like looking out those windows into infinity when the ISS is on the earth’s night side?

    Bye for now. Keep Blogging and we’ll keep reading :-)

    Muinde JK

    Dallas TX

    Comment by Muinde Kithome — September 23, 2006 @ 5:11 am

  54. This is the third comment I’ve written for Mrs. Ansari and I don’t know whether were arrived and will passed to her or not. But I write down more and more until she hears me….

    Dear Anousheh! You can’t imagine how did I feel hearing about your unique trip, all those laughs and rare tears, all those anxiousnesses and calmnesses, and all memories you shares with us…It’s a great honor, for us as Iranians, to say everywhere that this is Anousheh, an originaly-Iranian woman, who has made it! Yes! We feel we are with you each second up there hanging above the old Earth and accompanied by you everywhere yo went and will go. God bless you and be with you and hope you take the advantages of this trip back to home safely….

    However, don’t remember who were you and how did you reach to this point. I’m almost the same age as you are (born in 1969) and had the same dreams when I was just a boy (you see? I was born a month before Armstrong walked on the moon surface!). I don’t blame anybody why I didn’t get successed but I’m just thinking about many many young people here in Iran, whose gifted intelligences are wasted here due to many factors that I don’t like to tell about them. If you remember a poet from Sa’di in his famous Golestan book that says “Kind people have no money to help others; While wealthy people have no kindliness! (Kariman ra be dast andar deram nist; Deram darane aalam ra karam nist)” then you can understand why among those hundred thousands intelligent children here only a few may break the borders of minds and success (and a great percentage of them of coarse will immigrate whenever they could). Well, what I want to say by this long boring text is that: Anousheh! You were a lucky girl that your family understood very quickly to leave Iran and let your dreams have a good environment to become true. And I believe - if you agree with me - that the blessing for this granted gift is to share your compatriots with what they deserves but have been deprived for years. I’m sure you will think about it if you recieve this comment. If you like to discuss about it, I’d be glad to recieve an email from your side (my email address is [received] which I left it on the header of this comment also). If not, OK I’ll understand and still my best prays would convoy you….Anyway, good luck and have a nice beatific and blessed life….

    Yours, Farhad from Iran. Saturday, Sep. 23rd, 2006
    8:50AM Tehran Time = 5:20AM GMT

    Comment by Farhad — September 23, 2006 @ 5:20 am

  55. سلام از صمیم قلب برای شما آرزوی موفقیت میکنم به امید دیدار

    Comment by ahmad — September 23, 2006 @ 5:21 am

  56. Wow.
    Here I am, completely disconnected with the Persian community, and I find out about you.
    Me, I’m from Montreal, Canada. I no longer see limits, I’ve been here myself in university with no family, struggling to make ends meet and doing whatever it takes to get where I need to.
    Your story was a boost. It was a real boost. Exactly what I needed for tomorrow.

    Have you been to montreal? You must visit me!

    Comment by Vanessa Delsooz — September 23, 2006 @ 5:23 am

  57. just wanted to say thank you!

    you made us proud…

    God bless you

    journalist from tehran

    Comment by Eli — September 23, 2006 @ 5:27 am

  58. Greetings,
    Please say a few words in Persian in one of your televised press conferences from the ISS.
    Bacheh Khuzistan

    Comment by M. Farvardin — September 23, 2006 @ 5:29 am

  59. سلام انوشةعزيز
    بابهترين آرزوها براي تو كه به قلب همةمااميد وعشق دادي
    وازاينجا يك گوشةكوچك ازايران (كوير يزد) ميبوسمت
    دوستدارت نوشين

    Comment by noushin — September 23, 2006 @ 5:43 am

  60. You are truely an inspiration to us all

    God bless


    Comment by sl4sp — September 23, 2006 @ 5:50 am

  61. Dear Anuosheh,
    I’m an academc staff of Yazd University. I read your weblog every day and I’ve recommended it to my students. we wish you the best all of the times.

    Comment by Ali Fathzadeh — September 23, 2006 @ 5:54 am

  62. Hi

    I’ve written several comments but none of them was showed. Why???

    Comment by Farhad — September 23, 2006 @ 5:57 am

  63. salam
    arezooye movafaghiyat va toole omr dar meghyase sale noori

    Comment by zahra lotfi — September 23, 2006 @ 6:03 am

  64. Hi!
    You must have the coolest blogg ever made. I hope you feel good most of the time. When you get back home you can be the new “seven-of-nine” (or whatever her name is) in Star Trek :)

    I also read the comments here and understand that I have to find Nasa TV. And people is talking about looking at ISS from the ground. I want that too. Is it flying, orbiting (or whatever it does) over Gothenburg, Sweden? How can I find that out?
    If it is going over here I will wave to you, I’m the guy with the blue t-shirt… :)

    Anyway thanks for blogging… YOU ARE SUPERCOOL!!!

    Comment by Mikael — September 23, 2006 @ 6:04 am

  65. Greetings to you Anousheh from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

    I can see that you are enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. In my life, a trip into orbit around the Earth to behold it in its serene awesome beauty would be the greatest adventure of all. I with my family have had many hiking adventures into wild natural places throughout the Canadian West from prairie badlands to Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Long Beach shore on Vancouver Island. We have stood on mountaintops and many other wild places taking in profoundly wonderful vistas.

    In the dark of the still quiet night I have pondered the stars and the riddle of our existence. Once, at midnight I sat in my canoe on a silent lake as smooth as glass. As I looked up I saw the beauty of the stars and when I looked down into the water I saw the beauty of the stars. It was a moment that stood still and burned its image into the depth of my being. There I was in the very centre of the Universe. That was my impression. I always feel a great joy and peace when I am taking the world into my heart and soul.

    Years ago in July 1969 when I was 13 years old I sat with my Dad into the wee hours of the morning to watch Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin step onto the moon for the first walk on the moon. I am still thrilled and amazed to follow the great adventures of our space pioneers of which you are one. You have made history now as the first lady tourist to go on tour as an adventurer.

    Thank you so much for sharing with the world your personal first hand impressions. I am sure you will touch many hearts. May your message of peace flow like the rivers throughout the continents to bring life giving water to quench the thirst of all the people of the world.

    Frieden zu Ihnen…from my ancestral language German “Peace to you.”


    Comment by Bryan Brost — September 23, 2006 @ 6:16 am

  66. Dear Anousheh,

    We had an excellent Seminar Thursday and a very good absorvation of your new home today morning.
    Hope to have very enjoyable, memorable and safe journey.
    We are waitig for your safe Reentry.

    Shahram Yazdanpanah
    Space Science & Technology Researcher

    Comment by Shahram Yazdanpanah — September 23, 2006 @ 6:26 am

  67. Dear Mrs. Ansari,

    I read all the readings item in your weblog and now I can’t control myself and also I can’t control my tears. You’re the best. I really felt upset when I read you were sick, but again I could breathe when I read you’re healthy now. I wish you all the best in your trip. Please take care of yourself; we are all very worried about you.


    Comment by Golnaz — September 23, 2006 @ 6:28 am

  68. Thank you for explaining how you felt and about the motion sickness. There must have been lots of anxiousness for you that you wouldn’t recover at all but thank goodness, eh?!

    I look forward to your next instalment :-)

    Comment by Doris — September 23, 2006 @ 6:31 am

  69. Anousheh - thank you so much for your detailed personal account, it is fascinating to hear what it is really like from your point of view, the things we never hear from the official space agencies. I hope you are feeling well for all of your time on the ISS.

    Comment by Melanie Swan — September 23, 2006 @ 6:40 am

  70. Salaam Khanoome Ansari Be asemoone mihaneton khoshamadin!
    صبح روز شنبه اول مهرماه سال 85 آسمان صاف و دوست داشتنی ایران میزبان شیئ نورانی حامل نخستین بانوی فضانورد ایرانی بود!عجب صبح باشکوهی !چه تصادف بجایی !نخستین روز هفته و نخستین روز مهرو پاییز که برای همه ما ایرونیها یاد آور شروع فصل دانش اندوزیه و میز بانی نخستین بانوی دانشمند و پرتلاش و شجاع !آفرین بر شما!فقط حیف که خیلی زود آسمون وطن را ترک کردین .چاره ای نبود.با اعلام رسمی که شده بود خیلی از ایرانیها از ساعت 5 بامداد منتظر ورود شما به آسمون میهنتون بودند .امید واریم سفر پر بار و بیخطر داشته باشید و موفق بشید به تمام اهدافتون برسید. راستی به سایر همسفراتون هم سلام برسونین وبهشون بگین براشون آرزوی موفقیت داریم.

    Comment by A woman engineer from iran — September 23, 2006 @ 6:54 am

  71. hi
    it’s grate for us,if your read Ferdowsi,Hafez,Molavi,Saadi and khayam poems there loudly.this poems is orgined from persian civilization…
    be careful
    be safe and charming on 29 sep :)

    Comment by ali — September 23, 2006 @ 7:34 am

  72. It is so wonderful to read your posts, you have a great way of describing your unique experiences and feelings, on something like a female way as well.
    Have a great time, enjoy every second - and tell us more!
    All the best from Dusseldorf/ Germany

    Comment by Steffi — September 23, 2006 @ 7:38 am

  73. سلام
    کاش روزی ما هم بتوانیم مانند شمافضا را تجربه کنیم
    شمابه عنوان ایرانی مایه افتخار ما هستید
    this is not my language
    but I think you are closer to God now,its wonderful moment you are rotating around our little world,the blue treasure which is now short of breath…
    have beautiful time

    Comment by A.R.Jamshidi — September 23, 2006 @ 7:40 am

  74. سلام
    این دومین باره که دارم براتون کامنت میزارم.
    از اینکه تو نوشته هاتون به جزییات توجه میکنین خیلی از شما ممنونم.
    من یعنوان یک ایرانی کرد از طرف تمام کرد های ایران برای شما آرزوی موفقیت میکنم.
    به امید دیدار شما در ایران(بخصوص کرمانشاه!)خدانگهدار.

    Comment by kaveh — September 23, 2006 @ 7:44 am

  75. Hi anoushe
    I hope have a good trip. as an iranian pepol, I proud you. I refer my best wishes for you.

    One Iranian from tehran

    Comment by Ahmad Aryannia — September 23, 2006 @ 7:50 am

  76. I love u Anoushe.

    Comment by Behnaz — September 23, 2006 @ 7:50 am

  77. hi . we iranians are all proud of you , it was great what you did. good luck with all your plans for future specially in space field. i dont know what to say right now and i how to explain how much i am …

    Comment by reza rouhi — September 23, 2006 @ 7:54 am

  78. Hi Anousheh

    you are wonderfull. so happy to see such a brave and great woman as you and more happy that u r Iranian too !
    wish to see your always happy face again,coming back from the space …

    Comment by Bita — September 23, 2006 @ 8:18 am

  79. greeting and blessing to you and the crew. It seems to be reviewing ones dreams while going deep to your overwhelming posts.Just a dream. I appreciate your time so much.I just hope, as simple as it is, you will be back to Iran one day for some days. Please tell us more about SPACE smell :)

    Comment by Morteza — September 23, 2006 @ 8:40 am

  80. Hello,

    I never would have imagined that space smelled like burnt almonds. Thank you for sharing you experience in space with the rest of us. But more importantly, thank you for inspiring a whole new generation to turn towards science.

    Best wishes for a safe return.

    San Diego, CA

    Comment by Alex C — September 23, 2006 @ 8:45 am

  81. سلام فقط میتونم بگم الان دیگه به طور کامل افتخار میکنم که یک ایرانی هستم

    Comment by alireza — September 23, 2006 @ 8:50 am

  82. With best wishes…
    take care Anousheh…

    Comment by Sina — September 23, 2006 @ 9:01 am

  83. Dear Dear Anousheh Ansari
    You did us all Iranians proud. I am writing with a big lump in my throught and tears struggling not to roll down (which they did). You are the persfect inspiration for those who want their dreams come ture. I am not sure if I have your guts and determination but I am sure your infectious strong will will soon affect a lot of young dreamers, Iranians in especial.
    You did us all proud dear lady, you really did.

    Comment by Behrooz Soltanian — September 23, 2006 @ 9:08 am

  84. Hi Anousheh -
    I’m thrilled by what you’ve done and what you are doing…
    As a music fan, I love the thought of someone listening to an iPod in space… I know this may be personal, so feel free not to answer, but I was wondering what music someone might listen to in space. The notion fascinates me. Well, my thoughts are with you on this amazing journey. Thanks for the ‘blog!
    Warm Regards,

    Comment by Daniel — September 23, 2006 @ 9:08 am

  85. salam anousheh joon
    man emrooz kheyli doos dashtam ke betoonam iss ro to asemoone iran bebinam…
    vali heyf ke nashod…chon dorost ro sar mahalamoon ye tike abr bood va nazasht oon manzare ziba va shoma ro bebinam…
    vali be khodam omidvari midam vagti anousheh joon az faza oomad ye bar ke hadagal mitoone be iran biad va be zaboon irooni ba ma harf bezane ..mage na

    Comment by vahid esmailpour — September 23, 2006 @ 9:09 am

  86. Take care Anousheh…
    With best wishes…
    God bless you…

    Comment by Sina — September 23, 2006 @ 9:12 am

  87. Hello Mrs. Ansari

    I saw ISS in sky of Tehran. Very interesting.
    حركت ستاره اي بر فراز ايران كه واقعا غرورانگيز بود . به شما از صميم قلب تبريك مي گويم كه نام ايران را جهاني كرديد. آرزو دارم كه بعنوان عضوي كوچك در پروژه هاي بعدي شما همكاري داشته باشم . لطفا از استعداد جوانان داخل كشور هم استفاده كنيد تا به خودباوري واقعي برسيم.
    I hope you be good and return to Earth with full succesfully.
    شما ثابت كرديد كه مرز ميان رويا و واقعيت تلاش و پشتكار است
    موفق باشيد. در ضمن بگويم كه همسرم روزي چند بار براي شما از صميم قلب دعا مي كند. فعلا خداحافظ…….

    Comment by S.R. Jabbari - from Tehran — September 23, 2006 @ 9:15 am

  88. Hi, we definitly are waiting for your book of experience during this trip. It is just like reading a fantastic space story. It seems that you are a fantastic writer too. And also I had a question from Peter, could you please put the video of Anousheh with CNN or every other interview that she has made(you can put it on Google videoss, becsuase it is faster to see)…
    Godspeed you all

    Comment by Ebrahim — September 23, 2006 @ 9:23 am

  89. salam khanume ansarie aziz.midunam che ghadr khosh hal hastid.man ham manande shoma.emruze be shoghe didane ISS dar aseman iran az saate 4 bidar budam va be asemun negah mikardam ta inke hodude saate 5:12 un ro diadam .az hamun ja be shoma salam kardam va az khoda baratun arezuie salamti karadm.to ro khoda un bala ma ro faramush nakonid.rasti shenidam hamrehe khodetun 1 jeld ghoran bordid.age mishe az in sahne hatun ax begirid va be weblogetun beferstid ke ma ham bebinim.afarin.afarin.afarin
    daste ali yaretun,
    ya ali ,khoda hafeze shoma

    Comment by M.Javad Mohiti — September 23, 2006 @ 9:24 am

  90. salam khanume ansarie aziz.midunam che ghadr khosh hal hastid.man ham manande shoma.emruze be shoghe didane ISS dar aseman iran az saate 4 bidar budam va be asemun negah mikardam ta inke hodude saate 5:12 un ro diadam .az hamun ja be shoma salam kardam va az khoda baratun arezuie salamti karadm.to ro khoda un bala ma ro faramush nakonid.rasti shenidam hamrehe khodetun 1 jeld ghoran bordid
    daste ali yaretun,
    ya ali ,khoda hafeze shoma

    Comment by M.Javad Mohiti — September 23, 2006 @ 9:24 am

  91. Dear Anousheh,
    great,great,great and great.
    Good luck.
    Mohammad Hossein Eftekhari

    Comment by M.Hossein — September 23, 2006 @ 9:27 am

  92. hi anousheh , Congratulations , We are so happy that you are in ISS now.
    please say some words in persian in international tv’s when you talk, we love to hear your experience in persian.
    with the best wishes for you .
    an iranian.

    Comment by hossein sharafi — September 23, 2006 @ 9:33 am

  93. Hi Anousheh,
    I was just watching NASA TV and see you entering in ISS, it was so… This your experience is so beautyfull! I was reading your blog and about how you saw Earth from space for first time and I just couldn’t beleve it! It’s extrodinary! I wish I could go there and see it like you :) I know that an knowledge is a path to out there and from now on I’ll start larening more in school…
    I wish you luck so you return home safely! Enyoy the Space, it’s our future! I hope we will stop fighting each otheres and start exploring space because human spirit is exploring, not fighting. We are wonderfull living things, why ruin it?!
    Good luck,
    Srdjan from Croatia, Earth ;)

    Comment by Srdjan — September 23, 2006 @ 9:47 am

  94. […] I’ve been following Anousheh Ansari’s Space Blog with great interest and I could hardly believe my eyes when I read her latest entry for Sept 22nd where she says the following: […]

    Pingback by Scotchoz » Blog Archive » Space smells like burnt cookies! — September 23, 2006 @ 9:48 am

  95. Dear Mrs Ansari,

    I had set two alarms to wake me up at morning to see the ISS above Iran.
    I also prepared my cameras to get video and photos. But that was a very short moment. You passed the above sky in just a few moments, and i just got one photo; Maybe one of the most memorable moments of my life was captured.
    Of course you will bring back so many sutff for us from the above and I’ll be waiting to see you back on your mother land; earth.

    خدا نگهدارتون

    Comment by Reza Mirfattah — September 23, 2006 @ 9:49 am

  96. انوشه فرشته آسمانيست
    شكافنده آسمان زيبايست
    انوشه پيكان آرش كمان گير
    كه كرد نام ايران را جهانگير
    انوشه پيام آور رازهاي خلقت
    در مسير كشف آن ميكند همت
    انوشه جستجوگر فضاهاي تاريك
    با حواس و دقتي همچو مو باريك
    انوشه شهاب درخشان اهورايست
    دليل اراده استوار هر ايرانيست

    Comment by farhad — September 23, 2006 @ 9:50 am

  97. انوشه عزير سلام
    نمي دونم از كجاي اين عالم بي انتها مطلب منو مي خوني ولي بدون احساس غروري رو كه الان دارم شايد خيلي كم تو زندگيم داشتم. انوشه عزيز به عنوان يك ايراني به تو نازنين افتخار مي كنم و از صميم قلب دوست دارم، اميدوارم هميشه سربلند باشي كه باعث سربلندي ايران و ايراني شدي

    Comment by Aydin — September 23, 2006 @ 9:53 am

  98. Hi Mrs. ANSARI
    I saw your new home (ISS) in Sky of Tehran 5:13 AM.
    Very beautiful, Very interesting.
    Be successful always. I hope you answer me when return to Earth.
    همسرم روزي چندبار شمارا دعا مي كند كه به سلامت برگرديد انشاالله ….
    متن بسيار زيبايي از فضا ارسال كرده بوديد بطوريكه احساس كردم خودم آنجاهستم.
    Please send message in FARSI if it is possible.

    Comment by S.R. Jabbari - Tehran-Iran — September 23, 2006 @ 9:54 am

  99. hi dear anousheh I’m an IRANIAN
    all iranian proud themselves to be an iranian when they heard that you are goning to flying to space
    but but dear anousheh do you think that it would better to have a persian blog seperated from english part of your blog
    you should respect iranian people who proud themselves of you
    its bad action to not having an FARSI blog
    despite of this problem I proud myself to be an iranian because of you
    good trip and dont forget my suggestion

    Comment by mehrdad — September 23, 2006 @ 10:00 am

  100. dear mrs. ansari

    in this hopeless time for many young iranian, you are just like a shining star in the dark sky that show us the way.
    I believe someday you will be in iranian school books and our kids will know you as a legend.
    it’s not a hope. it’s the truth.
    my uncle’s doughter (19) always has a dream to be on space. she work hard and even entered to tehran university to study for her hope. her parents and even her friends always said that you can not, an iranian woman in space? are u crazy?! but now… there you are. an iranian woman in the space. after you, Sepideh has some new result to be on the space: you, your hope and what you did. god bless you.

    Comment by makan mehrpooya — September 23, 2006 @ 10:01 am

  101. Hi Our Anousheh
    Now U R not for Urself or Ur family U belong to all iranian, So ANOUSHEH E MAN DOOSET DARAM BARAYE HAMISHEH

    Comment by Aydin — September 23, 2006 @ 10:14 am

  102. Dear Anoushe,

    Hi Again, as I continue reading your “reports from space” more and more I beleive you could also be a good reporter, although their wage can hardly compete with yours. if it is possible, try taking as many as photos you can take from your activities there and while I am sure others will get sick of you asking to take snaps, always remember it is a journey and all will remain will be your images taken, and we will also be happy to see them! I suggest to make a DVD of the whole process as soon as you are at (2nd) home down earth :)

    As a computer engineers, many people always label me to have no feelings or be more robot like than being a human, and it is always hard to show them that is absolutely not true. But your yesterday’s post is a real proof that how sombody have been always been involved in computers (as you do) can have such a great feelings and how pretty she can describe them to people
    down on earth even from somewhere all technological like ISS,
    and that makes tears in my eyes.

    Great work, great patience over your pains and always thinking of
    how to resolve those issues, you are proving every moment you are a real powerful woman, keep the good work and stay safe along your colleagues on ISS.

    Paymaan, From Tehran, Iran.

    Comment by Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh — September 23, 2006 @ 10:15 am

  103. Dear Anoushe, good luck with your sapace trip.
    Since you are now titeld as the first FEMALE space tourist, i suggest that you , also use the word Chairwoman, Businesswoman, rather than what you are now using on the website on your company.

    انوشه گرامی با آرزوی موفقیت در سفر فضایی تون
    از اونجا Ú©Ù‡ شما از این به بعد به عنوان ا.لین فضاگرد زن جهان شناهته Ù…ÛŒ شید، پیشنهاد Ù…ÛŒ کنم در بیوگرافی مربوط به حرفه Ùˆ شغل خودتون Ú©Ù‡ در سایت کمپانی تون نوشته شده، به جای کلمه “چیرمن” از “چیروومن” Ùˆ به جای کلمه “بیزینش من” از “بیزینس وومن” استفاده کنید.
    با آرزوی دسترسی همگان از علم و دانش و تکنولوژی
    با احترام - مینا سعدادی شهرزاد نیوز

    Comment by Mina Saadadi- Shahrzad News — September 23, 2006 @ 10:18 am

  104. salam
    khanoome anooshe aziz
    hamvatane gerami
    omidvaram safare khoobi dashte bashid
    man be etefaghe 2 nafar az doostanam safine shoma ra bar faraz asemane karaj rasad nemoodim vaghean ma ra sarfaraz nemoodid
    har bar ke khbari az shoma montasher mishavad ma iranian be khod mibalim va az inke mibinim name por shokooh va azime iran dar aghsa noghate jahan bar sare zabanha jari migardad in baraye har irani mayeye eftekhar va ezat va sarbolandist ke padidavarandeh an shomaiid
    hich chiz baraye man va digar hamvatanan bishtar az salamati va movafaghiate nahaiie safare shoma mohemtar nist va in ra ba doahayeman hamvare az khoda mikhahim
    anooshe ansarie aziz to bozorgtarin shakhsiate tarikhe moasere iran hasti va in baraye ma ham ke ba to dar in dore zendegi mikonim besyar eftekhar amiz ast
    lotfan 1 axe ziba ham az zamin barayeman befrest ta ba to dar in safar hamsafar shode va lezat bebarim.
    be omide didar dar iran

    Comment by reza — September 23, 2006 @ 10:18 am

  105. بنام خدا
    خانم انوشه
    بعنوان يک ايراني براي شما که بعنوان اولين ايراني خانم به فضا رفته وگوشه اي از قدرت بيکران خداوند را از فضا مشاهده کرده ايد تبريک ميگويم .اميدوارم با انجام اين سفر و با ايمان بيشتر در کار و زندگي موفق باشيد. اميدواريم شما را دوباره در وطن اصلي ( ايران ) هم زيارت و از مشاهدات خود در فضا براي ايرانيان نير بگوئيد .در پناه ايزد منان موفق باشيد.

    Comment by abbas — September 23, 2006 @ 10:20 am

  106. سلام
    اول اینکه من هم مثل خیلی ها عبور آی اس اس رااز فضای ایران دیدم ساعت 5 و 17 دقیقه در کرج چه سرعتی داشت
    دوم اینکه اگر کسی میخواد مطالب خانم انوشه را بفارسی بخونه میتونه اونها رو در این سایت ترجمه کنه
    سوم اینکه اگر کسی با موبایل عبور آی اس اس را ضبط کده آدرس
    چهارم اینکه از خانم انصاری میخوام اگر بازگشتشان هم از ایستگاه بایکانور قزاقزستان است حتما بیان ایران بعد برن امریکا من خودم براشون ماشین دربست می گیرم
    بنجم اینکه نمیدونم چرا سایت طرفداران خانم انصاری درست نشد تا
    ترجمه کامل وبلاگ را آنجا بذاریم

    Comment by hossein — September 23, 2006 @ 10:21 am

  107. Hi Anousheh
    I just want to say that you are descendent of Great Cyrus and just Persian women can do this to go space. We Are Proud Of You

    Comment by afshar — September 23, 2006 @ 10:34 am

  108. Not been following this at all. but came to this blog from a news site,

    Having followed quite a few space flights in the news and never really seen/read the personal side of it this blog is a real eye opener, the way you put things is great i was having a laugh with the “I felt my internal organs doing a cha-cha inside my belly…” now i know in real terms what it could be like in zero G.

    i will he following the rest of the trip with great interest.

    Enjoy, have fun and keep telling us what it is like in real terms and words.

    space smells like “burnt cooking” perfect.


    Comment by nicklouse — September 23, 2006 @ 10:45 am

  109. namaste aunty, i am divyansh six years old from india.i study in class first.how r u in space?r u happy in space? pls answer me i will be waiting here……….bye bye

    Comment by DIVYANSH — September 23, 2006 @ 10:51 am

  110. انوشه عزيز سلام
    خيلي خوشحالم كه به محض ورودت به فضا حالت خوب شد.
    اميدوارم ديگه برات مشكلي پيش نياد

    Comment by leila — September 23, 2006 @ 10:53 am

  111. hello aunty, namaste, my name is krishna and study in class 4.i am ten yeards old n living in india.i am very happy see u today on computer in space.i have six friends as i dont know much abt u but today my frd divyansh told me abt u n shown also on tv.how u feeling in space?i am waiting for your answer. pls send it fast…….bye

    Comment by krishna — September 23, 2006 @ 11:01 am

  112. Dear Anousheh !
    hi again, your description was very amazing, you’re very lucky for experience that !
    I follow news aboat ISS every day, I watched the launch Soyuz on NasaTV live.I was very excited in that moment.I write aboat u and your trip in my blog most of the times.I’m happy to hear you feel better now. take care yourself.
    me and my family in Mashhad pray for u !

    Comment by atieh from Mashhad — September 23, 2006 @ 11:02 am

  113. Dear Anousheh !
    hi again, your description was very amazing, you’re very lucky for experience that !
    I follow news aboat ISS every day, I watched the launch Soyuz on NasaTV live.I was very excited in that moment.I write aboat u and your trip in my blog most of the times.I’m happy to hear you feel better now. take care yourself.
    me and my family pray for u .

    Comment by Atieh from Mashhad — September 23, 2006 @ 11:21 am

  114. (I will be very thankful if somebody forwards this message to Mrs. Ansari A.S.A.P.)
    Dear Mrs. Ansari,
    We are Iranian ham radio operators trying to contact you by ham radio over ISS (ARISS) from Tehran. We had some try but we have no response from ISS. So I think it’s better to check everything with you first. I use EP3RF as my callsign. I will call RS0ISS at 144.490 MHz(Region 3 uplink) and I try to hear you at 145.800 (I will be very thankful if somebody forwards this message to Mrs. Ansari)
    Dear Mrs. Ansari,
    We are Iranian ham radio operators trying to contact you by ham radio over ISS (ARISS) from Tehran. We tried several times but we received no response from ISS. So we think it’s better to check everything with you first. We use EP3RF as our callsign. We will call RS0ISS at 144.490 MHz (Region 3 uplink) and we’ll try to hear you at 145.800 MHz (Worldwide downlink).We are equipped with the right tools and enough output power to send our voice to ISS; thus there shall be no problem for this connection.
    The next pass directly over Tehran is on Sept. 24 around 08:30 UTC. So we’d like to call you at that time (and any other suitable time we have ISS over Iran from 05:00 to 14:00 UTC everyday until Tuesday, Sept. 26.)
    We hope to hear you from ISS and we wish you a very enjoyable time in space. Thanks in advance.
    73 de EP3RF

    Comment by Reza Soleimani — September 23, 2006 @ 11:22 am

  115. Salam o sad salam!!
    When I heard about you and your trip to space I first got dissapointed cause I thought about all of the money that you were going to spend on this trip. I thought instead of spending so much money on such a trip for private experinces you could have used them on a lot other humanitary work. I thought about the schools or hospitals you could have built with all those money. But as you can guess I changed my mind… I changed my mind when I read your blog and all the comments from people from all around the world! All these people are proud of you and they see you and your achievements as a role model for their life. This IS a GREAT achievement… I think a lot greater than building those schools or hospitals that will only do good for a smaller group of people (a bit utilarism you may call it ;) ) You have touched the hearts of millions of people. Specially the people of your homeland Iran. You have given them a feeling of proudness and the feeling that whoever and whereever we may come from it is our choice to make use of our abilities to do good for ourselves AND for everyone and everything else on our Earth.
    Azat baraye roshankardan in omidha o in khodbavari dar ghalbe tamame ensanha va makhsoosan iraniha tashakore faravan mikonam!! Hamishe movafagh o sarboland bashi!

    Khoda negahdaretoon

    Comment by Shekoufeh (Denmark) — September 23, 2006 @ 11:29 am

  116. Hi Dear Eng. Anousheh

    i’m so happy for my sister (anousheh) have great time on space and she is Healthful

    i whish to meet you in OUR country (IRAN)
    Good Luck

    Comment by Hamzeh_Zahed — September 23, 2006 @ 11:30 am

  117. Hi, Anousheh…

    Hope you are getting over your discomfort. Like millions of others across the world I have been following your story with great excvitement, so you can imagine how I felt when I asked my 5-year-old daughter what the teachers at school were saying about your journey. She said none of them had even mentioned it! I told her to tell her teachers that this was very big news indeed, and of course there are significant local ties (we’re in Frisco, just up the road from your adopted hometown, etc.) PLUS the great example you’re setting for girls across the world.

    My daughter came home the next day and when I asked she said her teachers reaction was just one comment, “Awesome!” Unfortunately, that was the extent of it. She didn’t spend any class time on the subject which I find very sad indeed. What an opportunity you are giving our educators right now, an opportunity to teach lessons in space flight, international accord, self-reliance, and so much more. Unfortunately, some of them do not realize the gift that’s being given them.

    I hope you will be able to make a few speaking engagements at local schools when you get back and rest up…the kids in Collin County need you!

    Have a safe and healthy trip.

    Comment by GH in TX — September 23, 2006 @ 11:35 am

  118. سلام انوشه جان
    والاترین درود ها بر تو که نورامیدرادرقلب ماهموطنان ایرانیت زنده کردی . به تو همچون نزدیکترین عزیزانم افتخارمیکنم . ازروزی که خبررفتنت به فضا راشنیدم بطورلحظه ای آنرا پیگیری کردم .تمام عکسهایت رادراینترنت دانلود کردم و چقدرسعادتمندم که جزءانسانهایی هستم که با هموطنم در فضا مکاتبه میکنم . انوشه جان لطفا بعدازآمدن به زمین خاطراتت را به فارسی هم در وبلاگت بنویس .برایت آرزوی موفقیت دارم. به امید دیدارت در زمین . م. فریبرز
    ایران - تهران 23سمپتابر 2006

    Comment by فریبرز — September 23, 2006 @ 11:40 am

  119. سالهای زیادی از زمانی که با جثه ای کوچک و صدایی کودکانه روی میز می ایستادم و از فرود آرمسترانگ بر سطح ماه واز آنچه که از تلویزیون دیده بودم برای دیگران سخن میگفتم میگذرد، طی این سالها با خودم میگفتم که من از این رخداد فرسنگها فاصله دارم اما امروز من با تو این تجربه را آزمودم و سراپایم را احساسی وصف ناشدنی فراگرفت ، خداهمیشه ترا حفظ کند

    خیال روی تو در هر طریق همره ماست….نسیم موی تو پیوند جان Ø¢Ú¯Ù‡ ماست
    ببین Ú©Ù‡ سیب زنخدان تو Ú†Ù‡ میگوید….هزار یوسف مصری فتاده درچه ماست
    به رغم مدعیانی Ú©Ù‡ منع عشق کنند….جمال چهره تو حجت موجه ماست

    Comment by RAMIN — September 23, 2006 @ 11:42 am

  120. Dear Anoushe,
    I sent a comment just after wathching ISS this morning in the sky but it did’nt appear here.I’m sorry as that comment could show you how i felt and how much i was excited by watching you.Anyway,I’m happy i had the chance to watch you passing over our sky.It truly worths being awake all night.
    to ra sepas ey molaye man,ke setaayesh tanha makhsoose tost,

    Comment by Ali E. — September 23, 2006 @ 11:44 am

  121. I read ur amazing diary with smile and proud.GOD BLESS YOU.take care please,and enjoy your trip:)

    an Iranian housewife from tehran

    Comment by jazzy — September 23, 2006 @ 11:49 am

  122. Anoosheh Jan Salam;
    What you have done is the greates even for us as women. I wish you all the best ahead in your life and hope all your dreams come true like the one is in process now.

    Our friends and I are proud of you.

    God Bless us

    Comment by Hamideh — September 23, 2006 @ 11:57 am

  123. سلام
    خوشحالم كه ايراني ها در هر كجاي دنيا كه باشند نام ايران و ايراني را زنده و سربلند نگاه مي دارند
    روزي رفتن به فضا براي انسانها ارزو بود ولي امروز فارغ از مليت همه مي توانند اين حس را تجربه كنند
    اميدوارم كه در بقيه اهدافتان هم موفق باشيد
    به عنوان يك انسان موفق و مهاجري كه توانست در كشور ديگري به بالاترين افتخارات برسد نمونه و الگو همه ماهستيد
    هميشه پيروز و سربلند باشيد
    نيما - تهران

    Comment by Nima — September 23, 2006 @ 12:10 pm

  124. Hello Anousheh and everyone else at ISS,

    It’s the first time I read a Blog - nice to be connected to space. I wish you all Godspeed, hope it turns out to be a pleasant experience, I know that it will be a memorable one. I’m a Scot living in Sweden (that’s about as adveturous as I’ve managed until now). I’m off to celebrate my granddaughters ninth birthday. We’re celebrating my oldest and youngest daughters’ birthday too (both born on September 25th). We should have a lovelyd day with friends and family. I’ll say a little prayer for all of you and make a toast so that you can be part of our celebration and we part of yours. God bless and keep you safe//Catherine

    Comment by Catherine — September 23, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

  125. Salam o Dorood, Bar to ey Navadeye Koroush
    Ey farzande khalafe IRAN zamin.
    Dar in Lahazate andak, ke safahate tarikh ra varagh mizani.
    Omidvaram ke anjam Masuliat va Resalate khod ra dar in saniye ha, az yaad naborde bashi.
    Inak Negaahe jahan ru be tost, Tarikh va navadeganat nesbat be kalam va amale to ghezavat khahand kard !

    Javeed bashi !

    Comment by Sadra. Salamian — September 23, 2006 @ 12:16 pm

  126. salam mis.ansari
    kheyli khoshhalam ke alan ba movafaghiat to faza hastid, omidvaram khosh begzare, nemidonam alan chi begam vali kheyli khoshhalammmmmmmmmmmm kheyliiiiiiiiiiiiiii onghad ke bavaret nemishe , nemidonam key inaro mikhoni vali age khondi hatman javabamo bee chon kheyli khoshhal misham kheyli, omidvaram dar tamame marahele zendegit movafagh va piroz bashi hamrahe hamsare khobet, be omide didar. . . . .. mir omid razavi from tehran/iran/

    Comment by mir omid razavi — September 23, 2006 @ 12:19 pm

  127. سلام .. نمیدونم به یک هموطن Ú©Ù‡ اونطرف آسموناست Ú†ÛŒ بگم ! شاید تنها کسی Ú©Ù‡ بتونه خیلی چیزهارو بفهمه تو باشی…همه میگن تو یک افتخاری اما واقعا نمیدونن هممون یک افتخاریم ØŸ من یک افتخارم چون هموطنی دارم Ú©Ù‡ همه بهش افتخار میکنن !! Ú©Ù… نیست ها !!همیشه یاد زمین باش یاد آدم هایی Ú©Ù‡ به یادتن …… دیشب وقتی آسمونو نگاه کردم ممکنه باورت نشه اما نمیدونم چرا به یادت افتادم…امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشی.. راستی شنیدم یک همسفر روس هم داری؟ از طرف من سلام بهش برسون چون من رشته تحصیلیم زبان روسی هستش
    راستی این شعر لرمانتوف شاعر روس هستش ..تقدیم به تو .. با بهترین آرزوها
    وقتي تو نيستي
    حرفهاي زيادي هست براي با تو گفتن
    تنها تشنه شنيدنم

    اما تو در سكوت با نگاهي عميق به من مي نگري
    ومن شرمسارانه خاموش مي مانم

    چه كنم؟
    نبايد حرفهاي بيهوده ام
    لحظه هاي تورا به باد دهند

    اگر در اسارت اين همه اندوه نبوديم
    همه چيز خنده بر لبهايمان مي نشاند ……..

    Comment by amir — September 23, 2006 @ 12:25 pm

  128. Mrs. Ansari

    Too Thanks for The Unique Iranian Space Traveller, I as an Iranian Fellow Citizen,living in Tehran Proud of YOU, GOD PROTECTS YOU .

    Comment by a.tohidi — September 23, 2006 @ 12:26 pm

  129. Dear Anosheh,

    It’s fantastic to feel the power of god in sky. Now you are so close to big bang. Can you feel it? The core of energy. In advance you should adopt your inner side with nature,then you will see what others can not.All the nature has one sole, we are a bit part of it.Try to harmonize yourslef with whole the part.

    You pay money to go sky, but we pay the god to go further than you and all other human being passed till now. Just you should learn how to release your sole, then you will understnad the meaning of”tei’ye tarigh”. It’s truth.

    Sal ha del talabe jam-e-jam az mamikard
    onche khod dasht ze bigane tamana mikard

    I hope you can extract your Jam-e-jam to see even what NASA has not been seen yet.And after seen it, it would be a mystery you can not disclose it.

    Anan ke asrar hagh amokhtand
    mohr kardan o dahanash dokhtand

    Dar akhar ham;

    Dar azal parto hosnat ze tajjali dam zad
    eshgh peyda shodo atash behame alam zad

    Many thanks and wish a safe and good trip back,


    Comment by AHMAD — September 23, 2006 @ 12:29 pm

  130. Anousheh jan,
    Salam, az 23 sal pish ta hala kheyli bozorg shodi.Tanhayi jahaye door miri. Kheyli khoshhal shodam barat keh in kare bozorg ro anjam dadi. Agar esmam barat ashna bood (password: Janne d’Arc) va ya inkeh tarafaye Suisse(Lausanne) oomadi, ba man hatman tamas begir.
    Khoshhalam az inkeh peydat kardam.
    Ghorbanat Noushin

    Comment by Noushin Pegah — September 23, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

  131. سلام ، حالِ شما خوبه؟
    انوشه ي عزيز ، هر جا باشي باز هم ايراني هستي و يه افتخاري براي ايرانيان. اميدوارم هميشه موفق باشي. هرچي بگم دوستت دارم كمه
    سلام مارو به اون بالا مالاها برسون.
    قربونِ تو

    Comment by Morteza Yazdi — September 23, 2006 @ 12:36 pm

  132. Congratulations on your dream ride! I hope you are feeling better soon as that sounds like no fun at all. And thanks so much for sharing your blog with us! It’s one thing to look at CNN clips of astronauts in space, quite another to read the story straight from the source. You truly are an inspiration and a pioneer. Not only can I teach my history students about you now, but I’ll be teaching the next generation of students about you too… seing as you will be in the history books! Congratulations again, get well soon and good luck!


    Comment by Paul — September 23, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

  133. انوشه جان سلام از روزی که شنیدم به عمق آسمان و فضا رفتی به تو افتخار
    میکنم. و میدانم تمام ایران به تو افتخار میکند
    و از لحظه لحظه خاطراتت در فضا برایمان بگویی تا جان تشنه ما از نیان خاطراتت سیراب گرددو دوستدار تو m rامیدوارم روزی تو را در ایران ببینم.

    Comment by محمد رضا تفرشی — September 23, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

  134. salam khanoome ANSARI :
    man hamishe akhbare marbut be shoma ro az tarighe roozname va weblogetoon
    donbal mikonam va chon zabane engelisie man ziad khoob nist khoondanesh baram sakhte (albatte kami :) )
    TV gofte bood ke roze shanbe 23 september saate 5:00 am iss ro mitoonim ba cheshme gheire mosaleh bebinim man ham
    yeki , do roozi moshtagh boodam ta iss ro dar aseman bebinam amma motaasefane khab moondam :) va kolly ham narahat
    shodam ….

    Az khoda mikham baghie safaretuno ba salamatie kamel va bedoor az narahatihaie rooze aval anjam bedid
    man har rooz be weblogetoon sar mizanam va sohbathatuno mikhoonam .. albatte be sakhty :)
    va in ke mikhastam beoonam vaghty ke dar mashhad zendegi mikardin kodoom khiaban ya kooche boodid
    baratoon arezooie movafaghiat daram

    Comment by Behzad — September 23, 2006 @ 1:02 pm

  135. Hi Anousheh,

    Here’s me again - can’t get enough of it! Good to hear that you’re doing OK up there. I find it exciting to read your daily news about life in space, no one’s done that yet as far as I know. Reading all those reactions, you inspire a lot of people!

    According to NASA, you’ll be passing over my country - Netherlands - in the ISS in the last four days of your stay. I’ll be looking up when you pass!

    Warmest greetings,
    Rene Marinus.

    Comment by Rene Marinus — September 23, 2006 @ 1:05 pm

  136. Dear Mrs. Anoosheh,

    I have heard that you have conveyed a Quran to the space ( of course I think it is the first time such a thing happens) I am sure that you will return back to your familly healthy.
    I hope you dear success and I as an Iranian and a WOMAN PROD OF YOU.

    Take Care,

    Comment by Forouzan Saadati — September 23, 2006 @ 1:07 pm

  137. سلام خانم انوشه
    امروز روز اول مهر بود راستی چند بار زنگ انشا از فضا نوشته بودی

    Comment by Hossien Salehi — September 23, 2006 @ 1:12 pm

  138. Dear Anousheh
    I appreciate ur great goals
    Every moment which pass i feel the sense of honour more and more which u dear offered to me and for sure to all Iranian so thank u.hope ur dream abut peaceful world for all human be come true, so u as a massenger of this dream pray for this becuse i thik u are closer to God in the boundless space.
    God bless u
    have safe and sound reture

    Comment by Hessam — September 23, 2006 @ 1:43 pm

  139. انوشه جانء خدا پشت و پناهت

    Comment by Behi — September 23, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

  140. salam….
    i hope to see u in my city..TEHRAN !


    Comment by sina ghassemi — September 23, 2006 @ 2:02 pm

  141. hi
    i am an iraninan
    omidvaram movafagh bashi
    omidvaram dar karet pishraft koni faghat ye khahesh yekami az eftekharat va sohbatha va talashet ro baray iran bezar va mardom iran
    harchand kochak

    Comment by mehdi — September 23, 2006 @ 2:13 pm

  142. hello dear anousheh!!
    how is it gonig there???my mom’s last name is ansari!!!and she was worry about you before

    and at the start time..but now she is very happy…”where is my SISTER now??” she asks my

    every night!!!!!so my dear lovely aunt!!!me and my family-speacially my mother-wish you a

    very nice and safe trip……..

    Comment by prince — September 23, 2006 @ 2:14 pm

  143. سلام انوشه جان
    رویای کودکی عمیق ترین خواستنی است که همواره در وجود آدمی شعله می کشد.
    رویای شیرین تو مرا به یاد سوال بزرگ کودکیم Ù…ÛŒ اندازد. زمانی Ú©Ù‡ به آسمان پر ستاره کویر سرخس (شهری نزدیک مشهد) اشاره Ù…ÛŒ کردم Ùˆ Ù…ÛŒ پرسیدم:”مامان بعد اون ستاره ها چیه؟” زمانی Ú©Ù‡ در فضا از انوشه خردسال یاد Ù…ÛŒ Ú©Ù†ÛŒ Ú©Ù‡ به آسمان مشهد Ù…ÛŒ نگریست Ùˆ در رویایش به اون بالا بالاها سفر Ù…ÛŒ کند، بی اختیار حس عمیق مشتر Ú©ÛŒ سراسر وجودم را فرا Ù…ÛŒ گیرد. شاید Ú©Ù‡ من رویایم را با تو به حقیقت پیوند زدم. کسی Ú©Ù‡ به لحاظ خلق Ùˆ خوی منطقه ای بسیار نزدیک به من است به پروازی با شکوه در Ù…ÛŒ آید. چیزی Ú©Ù‡ من همواره آرزویش را داشتم. من به دنبال تحقق رویاهایم فیزیک خواندم. گرچه Ú©Ù‡ به حقایق بسیاری از عالم هستی دست یافتم اما سوال کودکیم هنوز بی جواب مانده است.پاداش جسارت بی نظیرت همین بس Ú©Ù‡ جمع کثیری از انسانها با تو در این تجربه شریک بودند.
    در پناه خداوند باشی.

    Comment by Hosein — September 23, 2006 @ 2:22 pm

  144. Very great narrative about the common space sickness. I hope you get to feeling better. Are you going to speak of your experiences at the X Prize Cup? Hope to see ya there!

    Comment by Russ Dale — September 23, 2006 @ 2:24 pm

  145. Hi:
    Hope you are having a great time. Would be great to go in space someday. So many people would love to be where you are. Your comments were interesting on the motion sickness you had. I get air sick pretty easy when flying,so I have imagined how sick I would be in space. Did you get better pretty quick after you got on the ISS? How are you feeling now?
    Have fun and a safe trip when you come home!

    Comment by Terry Pickett — September 23, 2006 @ 2:26 pm

  146. سلام خانم انوشه انصاري من هم به عنوان يك ايراني از اينكه شما به عنوان اولين توريست و در واقع به عنوان اولين ايراني هستيد كه به فضا ميرويد بسيار خوشحال هستم واحساس غرور ميكنم من هم از كنار ضريح منور امام رضا براي شما ارزوي سلامت و موفقيت ميكنم حامد از شهر زادگاه شما مشهد مقدس

    Comment by hamed — September 23, 2006 @ 2:26 pm

  147. Wow, I like the Space smelling part, its amazing, beside getting motion sickness. I know exactly what you mean by getting the Chacha!!! I get it in every domestic flight! Its a terrible feeling. But in your case its definetely worth it :)
    As a film maker I would like to bring the Space smelling part onto the Screen :)
    Your Plano and Anousheh Proud friend
    Yassi az Plano!

    Comment by Yassi Range — September 23, 2006 @ 2:33 pm

  148. This is amazing, people such as yourself taking the time out from your work up there to communicate with us, especially in a “personal” medium such as this really makes it seem that much more. Seeing the pictures in books or on television, it is all too easy to to be jaded and not see it as anything amazing. Whenever I hear someone talking about their personal experiences in space however I am filled with wonder at the fact that right now, somewhere above my head (well for at least a part of each orbit) there are people living and working to explore the great unknown.

    Greetings from Australia. :)

    Comment by Adam Bailey — September 23, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

  149. سلام انوشه جان /من هم امروز صبح دیدمت //چقدر با سرعت از بالای سرم رد شدی.احساس خاصی داشتم/خوشبحالت

    Comment by shahab — September 23, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

  150. زندگي عرصه يكتاي هنرمندي ماست **هركسي نغمه خود خواندواز صحنه رود
    صحنه پيوسته بجاست **خرم آن نغمه كه مردم بسپارند به ياد

    تقديم به بانوي پرتلاش و پر انرژي ايراني (انوشه انصاري)با بهترين تبريك هاوآرزوها اميدوارم صحيح و سالم به كره خاكي برگرديد
    Best wishes for Anoushe Ansari Iranian Space Explorer
    Rasoul Derakhshan

    Comment by Rasoul Derakhshan — September 23, 2006 @ 2:44 pm

  151. Salam,nemidoonam in message ro mikhoonid ya na.fekr nakonam.akhe kheyli tedade in messageha ziyade va shomaham vaghte khoondane hamaro nadarid.but I just wanted to ask you ke baraye mariza az oon bala doa kon.bara hamashoon bekhosoos man.
    shoma khanoome Irani are a big proud for us Iraniand although u r living in USA.
    merci age message mano khoondid.
    oon bala bedoonid ke millionha cheshm az zamin be oon balast,yekish khode man ke har shab ghabl az khabam negah mikonam va migam ke,good luck Anousheh Khanoom.
    Ghorbane shoma

    Comment by Mohsen — September 23, 2006 @ 2:47 pm

  152. Great post.
    I’m happy to tell you that everyone is interested in your trip here. On the first day at the university, one of the professors mentioned your trip in his speech (though he had not enough info) and everybody said a thing. Once someone said ‘the first female space tourist’ and as one of your fans, I immediately started to blame her and defend your goals by telling them some facts that they didn’t know.

    btw, don’t worry about comments, you can always answer them on the earth! :D

    Comment by Mehrdad — September 23, 2006 @ 2:53 pm

  153. You are a very acomplished young woman! I would like to read your biography; will you be writing something along those lines?


    Comment by Phil Reardon — September 23, 2006 @ 3:09 pm

  154. MRS. ANSARI





    Comment by ALI TOHIDI — September 23, 2006 @ 3:13 pm

  155. Ms. Ansari

    As I read your entry “The trip up” to my daughters I could see their inspiration and hear learning in their laughter. (Hanging like bats:)

    Thank you for shareing your experiences, we look forward to hearing all.

    God protect you and your fellow crewmembers.


    Reed, Jennifer and Patricia

    Comment by Reed — September 23, 2006 @ 3:18 pm

  156. Dear Anousheh,
    I am sure your trip to the space isn’t only a trip and you as an intelligent woman , will try your best to make human, preseve the beatiful earth more carefully.
    khosh bashi
    Neshat Mehdizadeh

    Comment by Neshat Mehdizadeh — September 23, 2006 @ 3:21 pm

  157. anousheh jan salam

    hope to see you in iran to tell the real story of the space for us and our children .

    you made us proud . thank you , be safe and god bless you

    Comment by mohammad — September 23, 2006 @ 3:22 pm

  158. Hello Anoushe!

    I am so delighted you are in space! I am proud that we live in a world where this is possible and look forward to more people taking trips in space.

    Don’t worry about too much about the motion sickness–my Dad built himself a sailboat, sailed across the Atlantic, and he STILL gets sick EVERY TIME he gets on board. After a few days at sea, he doesn’t have a problem. He derives an enormous amount of pleasure and accomplishment from sailing, and I am certain you will adapt to being in space and have a grand time. When you get your “space legs”, please do some flips for me!

    All the best!

    Comment by Terry31415 — September 23, 2006 @ 3:25 pm

  159. hej hej Anousheh !(from Lapland Sweden ) Wonderfully inspiring, fascinating and funny. Thanks for making my day ( and millions of others )
    Stay safe.

    Comment by Matt — September 23, 2006 @ 3:34 pm

  160. Hi Anousheh:

    By now you may have heard of Robert Bigelow’s announcement, that BA will put a Sundancer hab (180 M^3) in orbit by 2009 and a Nautilus (500 M^3) by 2012. What a spectacular week for space enthusiasts! First the highest-profile private passenger to orbit yet (with an inspiring story AND a photogenic smile!), and then BA’s announcement. Thank you so much for helping open the door to the next frontier for humanity to pioneer.

    Comment by BradW — September 23, 2006 @ 3:34 pm

  161. salam
    khoshalam ka shoma jaye hame ma on bala haste ba arzoye resedant be hame arzohayat thank u

    Comment by bahar — September 23, 2006 @ 3:58 pm

  162. hey you got to pay your way into space! good for you! i could think of several ways to use millions of extra dollars than to charter a flight to space. so you get to experience an opportunity that very few people ever will. i think you should be ashamed of yourself for spending that money on a trip to space. what about all the children who need educations or clothes for the winter? there are plenty of texas families that could’ve used your generosity for things more important for the social good. especially coming up on the holiday seasons. charity is more important than being a civilian space explorer.

    Comment by lisa from tx — September 23, 2006 @ 3:59 pm

  163. Salaam Anousheh
    Your experience is amazing and thank you so much for sharing your moments with us. As an Iranian I’m very proud of you and wish you a very safe journey.
    I think it would be a great experience being in space and look at the world then thinking that how different our mentality and attitude would be about the world and its creator. I wish you could describe your new feelings more in details. I’m sure you are ready to write a book about your journey. Don’t you?

    Take care

    Comment by Nazila — September 23, 2006 @ 4:00 pm

  164. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in such detail. I’m sorry you suffered from the sickness; though I understand it’s not at all uncommon. But you write so nicely and portray the experience in a way that really helps me to understand what it might be like were I ever to get the chance to go there myself.

    If you write a book on your return to really tell the whole story, I’ll be first in line to read it.

    Comment by Jake — September 23, 2006 @ 4:03 pm

  165. Somehow I feel closer to being in space by reading your blog. Watching NASA TV is great, but you feel like a spectator. Being able to read about a “real” person’s experiences, while they are in space, makes me feel like I am almost there myself. I can imagine myself being weightless, looking at the earth, as well as the less pleasant feelings.

    Anousheh, thanks so much for the experience *we* are all getting just by reading your blog. Maybe you can convince one of the expedition-14 crew to “blog from space” too :)

    We’re all spaceflight participants. Just that most of us haven’t left the ground yet. Not yet anyway ;)

    Andrew G (in the UK)

    Comment by Andrew — September 23, 2006 @ 4:10 pm

  166. Dear Anousheh Khanom,

    We are so proud of you! God bless you and we are looking forward to seeing you coming back safe and proud.

    Comment by Morteza from Toronto — September 23, 2006 @ 4:15 pm

  167. سلام…خوبي…خوشيد…خوش مي گذرد…ان بالاههاااااچه خبرهاااااا..اميدوارهميشه شادواسموني باشي…

    Comment by silvercross — September 23, 2006 @ 4:29 pm

  168. hi there
    To day I felt very happy by seeing ISS in Tabriz sky that was really exiting to see ISS that one iranian was there.ISS beautifully drifted the black sky under Orion constlation.
    I wish you vivid view of earth and safe landing.

    Comment by amin maghbuli — September 23, 2006 @ 4:31 pm

  169. موفق باشيد…

    Comment by silvercross — September 23, 2006 @ 4:31 pm

  170. hi , anuosheh i am from iran , Qom let talk in farsi
    az rooye harame hazrate masoome ke rad mishode be jaye to be hazrate masoome salam dadam.
    rooze shanbe avale mehr mah 1385 saat 5:15 az rooye qom (Iran) obour mikardi man dar poshtebaame manzelam dar samte gharbe qom hastam vaghti to be bayale qom residi ba harame hazrate masoome har 2 dar samte shomale sharghi man boodid va man be jaye to be inshaan salaam dadam va aarezoo kardam safare fazaei to be salamati anjaam shavad. movafagh bashi.

    Comment by reza maddahi — September 23, 2006 @ 4:32 pm

  171. درود به همه
    مطلب خیلی قشنگ Ùˆ با هیجانی بود ØŒ Ú©Ù„ÛŒ لذت بردیم بالاخره بقول ما ایرانیها ” هر Ú©ÛŒ خربزه میخوره پای لرزش هم میشینه ” اما حتما ارزش این درد Ùˆ زحمت را داشته ØŒ او بالا خوش بگذره ØŒ لحظه به لحظش
    سالم باشی

    Comment by sadeq — September 23, 2006 @ 4:36 pm

  172. Hi
    I’m Amir from Tehran Have A nice Day In Space.
    Best regard .

    Comment by Amir Sameni — September 23, 2006 @ 4:40 pm

  173. Dear Anousheh ,
    hi ,
    thank you so much for sharing your experience in space , with those who even wouldn’t been able to THINK about taking a trip to space !!
    im so happy you made us THINK and even follow our dreams about going to space .

    wish you all the best in your journey and a safe return .

    Alireza K ( from Tehran )

    Comment by alireza — September 23, 2006 @ 4:43 pm

  174. Hi Anousheh,

    As a fellow North Texan, I am so proud of your accomplishment.

    Have you ever seen the Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World? I think you would get a kick out of it!

    Thanks for the blog….very interesting. I hope to meet you someday in person.


    Comment by Michael H — September 23, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

  175. Go Anousheh Go
    Here in Mashhad and all over Iran we are rooting for you. Take care of yourself up there. I suppose you heard the female astronualt on Atlantis got dizzy and sick during a speech after her return. Did you manage to take something from Iran to the Space Station? I heard early morning tommorow space station will be visible in Mashhad sky by naked eye. Looking forward to seeing it. Have a safe journey. We are proud of you.

    Comment by Kiumars — September 23, 2006 @ 4:57 pm

  176. Salam o sad salam!!
    When I heard about you and your trip to space I first got dissapointed cause I thought about all of the money that you were going to spend on this trip. I thought instead of spending so much money on such a trip for private experinces you could have used them on a lot other humanitary work. I thought about the
    schools or hospitals you could have built with all those money. But as you can guess I changed my mind… I changed my mind when I read your blog and all the comments from people from all around the world! All these people are proud of you and they see you and your achievements as a role model for their life. This IS a GREAT achievement… I think a lot greater than building those schools
    or hospitals that will only do good for a smaller group of people (a bit utilarism you may call it ;) ) You have touched the hearts of millions of people. Specially the people of your homeland ran. You have given them a feeling of proudness and the feeling that whoever and whereever we may come from it is our choice to make
    use of our abilities to do good for ourselves AND for everyone and everything else on our Earth.
    Azat baraye roshan kardan in omidha o in khodbavari dar ghalbe tamame ensanha va makhsoosan iraniha tashakore faravan mikonam!! Hamishe movafagh o sarboland bashi!

    Khoda negahdaretoon

    Comment by Shokoufeh (Denamark) — September 23, 2006 @ 4:59 pm

  177. Good job! You look great up there. Your husband must be very proud. We Americans are too.
    You are setting a precedent for more RELAXED tourist activity in space to make it our new home too and not be afraid of the rest of the universe.
    The back pain is probably caused by the low G environment. Maybe they should make the station rotate for gravity?

    Communications, what your work is, is very important to the stability of outerspace travel (making it feel like home) and I think we did allot with the Internet to make these things more possible. I also do software programming. So that’s good you’re up there seeing how good it all works out. Must be good for business too.

    What NASA is doing is great with the Orion spaceship as it will be able to carry vehicles and equipment to other planets rather then just in orbit like the shuttle. I hope the next XPrise will deliver some diverse vehicles to move around planet’s surfaces like it’s hoping to, next month I think. Maybe then a commercial venture will buy one up like Virgin Galactic did with SpaceShipOne and we can have this fun on planets as well.

    Good Job!

    Mark Madsen

    Comment by Mark — September 23, 2006 @ 5:03 pm

  178. Wow, Anousheh, now I am so upset I didn’t know you’re family was the founder of the XPrize. They didn’t say anything about it in the news of you reaching the Space station which they should, not even on MSNBC but I didn’t read it all but still… Oh well, I really like the whole program as it’s getting us to actually create something quickly and not just by government agencies. I am very grateful to you and your family.

    I think we need to be out in space to sparate high tech elemenets in safer locations and better manage our resources



    Comment by Mark — September 23, 2006 @ 5:17 pm

  179. We are hanging on your every word. PLEASE do write more and more and more!!! It is such a thrill to read the words of an ordinary person who is living the dream of their deepest hearts desire. No offense to the professional astronauts, but it seems like so many of the engineers and scientists who have made the trip cannot convey the poetry like you do Anousheh. Take care…Patrick

    Comment by Patrick — September 23, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

  180. Hi Anousheh:

    Happy that your name appears everywhere around the planet now.

    First time I noticed your name, a few years ago, when was checking on most active stock of the day from Yahoo finance!

    Then I saw you being listed as one of the 40 succesful women in America on Forbes magazine (not sure about name of magazine though).

    You are definitely inspiring many people, including me, and we are proud of you.

    Come back safe to the earth and keep up the good work.

    Hamilton from Canada

    Comment by Hamilton — September 23, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

  181. salam! yezarre sakhte khoondanesh na?! ma ke adat darim toam adat kon… :D weblogeto khoondam kheyli bahal bood… jalebish in bood ke hes mikardam ye irani neveshte ( shayadam chon midoonestam in hesso mikardam ;-) ) vali che hali kardia… kash manam kamar dardo sar dard migereftam vali roo hava mikhabidam! kheyli doost daram ba E-mail dar ertebat bashim, age ye moghe halesho dashti E-mail bezan



    ghorboonet ;-)
    bye bye

    Comment by mani — September 23, 2006 @ 5:46 pm

  182. انوشه ی عزیز سلام
    وقتی ماجرای سردردت را خواندم تو برای من ( خویشاوندان Ú©Ù‡ واضح است Ùˆ مطمن باش برای خیالیها Ú©Ù‡ نزدیکی خویشاوندی با تو ندارند ) نه به عنوان اولین زن توریست در فضا بودی! نه یک زن متمول آمریکایی ! Ùˆ نه یک ایرانی الاصل ! بلکه مثل این بود Ú©Ù‡ داشتم نامه خواهرم را از شهری! دیگر Ù…ÛŒ خواندم Ùˆ سردردت را حس Ù…ÛŒ کردم . برای بیان احساس نزدیکی قلبی من به تو ( Ùˆ خیلی ها …) همین بس Ú©Ù‡ دوست دارم از طرف ما از مراقبت دوستان فضانورد خصوصا Misha Ùˆ Mike تشکر Ú©Ù†ÛŒ Ùˆ در آخر جمله خودت را یاد آور Ù…ÛŒ شوم Ú©Ù‡ : ” you are stronger than this …. به علاوه اینکه بدانی احساس قلبی ما همواره همراه Ùˆ یار تو خواهد بود . شاد باشی Ùˆ تندرست. برادرت هادی

    Comment by Hadi — September 23, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

  183. Salaam Anousheh
    when I first heard of you two Days ago I knew nothing about you or X-Prize before. I just thought: “Just another Billion Dollar Jerk showing off”.
    Now I stumbled over your blog and was amazed. You really gave us an impression how it feels to be in space.
    There is just one question left: Do you have any plans to support those underprvileged kids you inspired to become an Astronaut, who would usually never even get a chance to drive a car?
    I whish you a safe return to good old Mother Earth.

    Comment by Jan — September 23, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

  184. Hi Dearest iraninan in the space
    i wish to be behalf of you to share my pleasent and haappiness with you bacaouse of your succcess.
    when you leaved the earth i prayed for you to be healthy and happy.
    i love your dare and your way .
    Best Wishes for Best Iranian Woman ANOUSHEH ANSARI .
    Masoud Asgarlu .from IRAN

    Comment by masoud asgarlu — September 23, 2006 @ 5:50 pm

  185. […] Jaha, sÃ¥ var det dags - nu är det första kända blogginlägget som är skrivet i rymden publicerat. Naturligtvis är det Anousheh Ansari som ligger bakom (AKA en av dÃ¥ fÃ¥ fagra nördarna AKA den första kvinnliga rymdturisten). Tydligen sÃ¥ luktar rymden som brända kakor (???). […]

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  186. Anousheh,
    Reading your blog I was struck that this is actually a turning point. The past decades have been like sitting in the audience and watching a coreagraphed show. Now I feel like you’re inviting us onto the stage, or into the fair, and we all are seeing the chance to be participants.
    I think perhaps this is even more important than the initial flights, and your words have struck me with great emotion. Thank you.

    Comment by Terry Adams — September 23, 2006 @ 6:00 pm

  187. DEAR DEAR DEAR Anoushe
    i dont know how to explain my feeling about your trip , all the time im thinking about you and your trip and i can not stop the tears, and my mom ask me why you are crying , i dont know how to answer her , one mor time im prayin for you to have more better trip

    take car

    Comment by hadi saeidi TEHRAN — September 23, 2006 @ 6:20 pm

  188. سلام انوشه ی عزیز
    نمی دونستم چی بگم که تکراری نباشه با خوندن کامنت های بقیه اشک توی چشام حلقه زد احساس شما را نمی دونم
    امروز صبح که رفتم پشت بام بعد از این که استگاه فضایی را دیدم برای اولین بار به ایرانی بودنم افتخار کردم شاید تعجب کنید ولی همیشه از این که در یک کشور جهان سومی متولد شدم ناراحت بودم حالا هم به ایرانی بودنم افتخار می کنم هم به شما
    دیگه سختی هایی که باید بکشم تا به آرزوها و رویاهام که حالا به هدف تبدیل شده برام مهم نیست
    متشکرم می تونم بگم یکی از تاثیرگذارترین افراد در زندگیم بودین
    واقعا متشکرم مطمئنم که بر آینده ی من تاثیر زیادی خواهید گذاشت

    Comment by دوستدارت — September 23, 2006 @ 6:26 pm

  189. سلام فضانورد
    اون بالا که هستید، دستتون دراز کنين و دست ما رو هم بگیرين. بکشید بالا.
    اینکه مطلب یه ایرانی رو از فضا می خونم، باعث شد که از اين به بعد خودم هم يه کم بالای زمين راه برم! احساس غرور! چه احساس خوبیه.

    مرسی بابت انتقال تجربیاتتون. یادم باشه اگه خودم هم رفتن از تجربیاتتون استفاده کنم.

    منتظر بازکشتتون به زمين آرام و آبی هستيم

    Comment by ميثم قنبری — September 23, 2006 @ 6:34 pm

  190. سلام دوباره
    نه رو زمین مریض شدن خوبه نه رو فضا عجب دنیایی داریم!
    انشالا که هیچ وقت رو فضا مریض نشید!

    ممنون که خاطرات خودتون رو اینجا با ما به اشتراک میگذارید
    وقتی می خونم خیلی لذت میبرم مثل اینکه خودم اونجا هستم.

    بازهم منتظر نوشته های شما هستیم.
    انشالا که دیگه خبرهای خوب بدید و مریضی در کار نباشه
    دوستون داریم و مایه افتخار همه ایرانی ها هستید.

    Comment by sotoodeh — September 23, 2006 @ 6:36 pm

  191. […] In her latest post on her blog, Anousheh Ansari explains why there’s a delay in her posts: I do not have realtime access to email. The email process is a batch process so it happens three times a day. I will do my best to get at least one entry in per day. […]

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  192. من هم از اینکه یک ایرانی را در فضا می بینم خیلی خوشحالم.
    امیدوارم با موفقیت به سفر خود پایان دهید وروزی شما را
    در ایران ببینیم .
    مطمئن باشید از پیشرفتهایی هم که در بسیاری از علوم وفنون
    در ایران به وقوع پیوسته تعجب خواهید کرد ولی ما ایرانی ها مثلی داریم که میگوید کور خودمان هستیم وبینای مردم
    همه پیشرفتهای جوانان کشورمان را می خواهیم ندیده بگیریم چون که مثلا با جمهوری اسلامی مشکل داریم .به هر حال همیشه نه تنها برای شما بلکه برای تممامی ایرانیان در هرجای دنیا آرزوی موفقیت دارم.
    داود همتی
    رباط کریم -جنوب غربی تهران

    Comment by davood hemmati — September 23, 2006 @ 6:47 pm

  193. salaam anousheh khanoom jaan,
    omidvaram haletoon khoobeh!! your blog is the best i’ve
    ever read! i will copy everything and read it for my
    children later - when they have grown older. it’s so
    amazing - you are blogging direct from space! and the most
    important fact is that you are the first IRANIAN woman
    in space. i wish you’ll be happy and healthy all the time
    and enjoy every single second in space. i hope that you will
    always be safe and sound! i am really eager to read your new
    comments in your blog.

    khoda negahdarid!


    shirazi1381 (a woman living with her family on earth :-))

    Comment by shirazi1381 — September 23, 2006 @ 6:52 pm

  194. Anousheh,

    It is obvious from the many warm meesaages on your blog that you have indeed become the first Space Ambassador. It is nice to imagine there being no borders, territory, conflict in space. Thankyou for sharing in a way that makes space travel personal to all of us. (I especially liked your countdown!)

    Your life has been a constant ‘mission’ into new frontiers… as the Trek prologue goes… I expect there will be many new frontiers in your future. Live Long and Prosper! ;-) Brian

    Comment by Brian — September 23, 2006 @ 6:54 pm

  195. Dear Anousheh,

    I am so proud of you. You have done such a great job and your name will be glowing in Space science forever. The new era of space tourism is obliged to you and your brilliant ideas. Well done Anoushe!

    We the Iranian love you and will pray for you everyday to have a safe trip back home.
    Take care.

    Kindest regards,

    (Khoda be hamrahet motmaenan az oon bala ke be zamin negah mikoni bozorgi va ghodrate khoda ro hes mikoni)

    Comment by Mehran — September 23, 2006 @ 6:56 pm

  196. Ramadhan mubarak!

    Comment by mapkinase — September 23, 2006 @ 6:58 pm

  197. Anousheh, You Are a great person, and a source of inspiration to all of us. Stay great.

    Comment by Babak Kaveh — September 23, 2006 @ 7:14 pm

  198. Hi Ms Ansari

    Glad that you have overcome the space sickness now. Hope you are enjoying the view from there.

    On your return could you please tell all the mere mortals on the Earth how insignificantly small all of us - humans - really are on this planet when one looks back from space!!

    Yet somehow we humans find a reason to fight among ourselves forgetting the lessons of world wars.

    Please impress upon the people the need to protect this flimsy little planet of ours and work together to prevent further global pollution.

    Wish you a safe return to the globe. Bye

    Comment by Manimaran — September 23, 2006 @ 7:25 pm

  199. Hi Anosheh
    I just wanted to say that I hope your condition will get better and better and enjoy the sapace!
    would you plese do something for me??? ask God to help me , I think I need his help more than ever . I asked you to do this becase I think you are nearer to him!

    all best wishes

    Arsham (IRAN-KERMAN)

    Comment by Arsham — September 23, 2006 @ 7:31 pm

  200. Hello Ms. Ansari,

    Congratulations on your successful flight to the ISS. I read your most recent blog entry with a great deal of fascination and I’m glad to see you are feeling better. I can only imagine how frustrating your first few days were.

    I would just like to thank you for being an inspiration to all of us “non-astronauts”. From the time I was a young child I had dreams of being an astronaut and flying in space and as I got older did not follow that career path, however, the dream remains. Thank you for providing hope to the rest of us that our space dreams can become a reality.

    Secondly, with the unfortunate state of affairs between the US and Iran, its a blessing to have an individual such as yourself who can be an inspiration for US and Iranian citizens and hopefully be a beacon of hope and a bridge towards improved relations between both countries. Its nice to see US and Iranian citizens both rooting for and proud of a common person and a common goal.

    Good luck on the rest of your stay and on your return flight. We will be praying for your safe landing.

    Warmest Regards,
    Michael McCleary
    Creator, Host & Executive Producer
    Anything But Ordinary

    Comment by Michael McCleary — September 23, 2006 @ 7:39 pm

  201. First Iranian-American-Woman-Blogger flying in a Russian machine to space hanging out at an orbiting hotel. How cool is that?

    Congratulations on your life so far, you’ve earned your place and nobody can ever take it away from you.

    May you inspire millions.

    Comment by Robert — September 23, 2006 @ 7:40 pm

  202. Hi Anousheh jan,
    Thanks for your lovely notes, I can’t tell you how beautifully you are putting your feelings in words. I’m really touched when I read them.
    I don’t think any celebrity could have had so many fans you’ve made for yourself in such a short time. ;)
    Keep up the good work, have fun and return safe.
    We ALL look forward to seeing you on earth safe and sound with a lot of stories to share with us.

    CU Soon.

    Comment by Reza, BC,Canada — September 23, 2006 @ 7:52 pm

  203. Hi Anousheh,
    Today i tought it would be nice chatting with you, and now i found out that you are blogging from the space! First i congragulate you to made your dreams become true, and i am proud to be an iranian today more than ever, my dream is to travel around in our planet, where no irani has been before!, i started with my traveling at 2003 (http://bahramshahr.blogspot.com/, meanwhile i visited more than 25 countries, i will visit every country in our planet, to know other people and cultures, and let them know more about iran and iranian culture, some day after finishing my mission on earth, finally i will visit ISS too. my best wishes for you, and have a nice stay on orbit, say “Gruesse aus Wien” to thomas Reiter (greethings from vienna), and i wish you a pleasent returning flight to Baikonur, and keep blogging, fotographing and enjoying space.

    Bahram from Vienna, Austria
    PS: What is the Nemo Mission all about, i watched you from Nasa TV, talking to them today?

    Comment by Bahram — September 23, 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  204. anooshe aziz ye soal daram , to che joori oonja mikhabi? az vaghti ke to rafti man shaba aslan nemitoonam bekhabam az bas dar tamame rooz hayejane safare toro daram va shabha ham be in fekr mikonam ke to aya chejoori mikhabi , az hayejan , az inke kheili motefavete ? vaghan khosh behalet ke be jayi residi ke mitooni hamchin tajrobeyi dashte bashi !
    dige az ertekhar kardan gozashte , to hameye maro sar boland kardi!!!!!!!!
    kheili dooset darim , vaseyeh kheili az javoonaye irooni angize o hayejan be danestan ijad kardi .
    miboosamet , behtarinharo barat arezoo mikonam !
    rasti man be shakhse be shohare azizet ham eftekhar mikonam ke hamishe poshtet boode va komaket karde ke be arezooye hamishegit dast peida koni!
    hamid e aziz be to ham eftekhar mikonim .
    miboosametoon. az tehran .

    Comment by Sahar — September 23, 2006 @ 8:07 pm

  205. Amazing, simply amazing…
    Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada…
    and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

    Comment by Lena — September 23, 2006 @ 8:08 pm

  206. Dear Anoshe,

    I’m so proud of you for accomplishing one of your life’s beigest dreams. I’m sure you have other bigger and more difficult dreams to overcome and I’m confident that you will achieve every one of them. I also think that one of your dreams is to achieve a true world peace. I’ll be honored to work with you to work toward this dream. In fact the reason I’m mentioning this is because I think now that you have achieved this fame and since you have such a beautiful heart that wants to reach out and help so many people, you would be a great candidate for a public office. Please consider running for the Congress or other opportunities that makes it possible for you to use your influence to achieve a true peace in this world. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Anyway, at least think about it. I hope you let me be part of your future adventures. Your dad and Ozy say hello to you and we all wish that your trip back is going to be a lot more pleasant and without any of the pains and motion sicknesses that you had on your way up. I know it will be a wonderful experience. I’m not sure if you had this blog before I mentioned this that you need to have one or not but I’m glad you did it anyway so that people can hear directly from you how things are and not through the mouth of people that are jealous of your accomplishments and making up stories about you every time they have a platform to communicate to people.

    I hope to see you soon and see the videos and pictures of your space experience with you and other family members present.

    Please try to enjoy your time up there as much as possible. Don’t spend too much time on your work related emails and other non-essential communications. I saw your interview and you looked like the centerpiece flower among the other astronauts. I know it would be a sad moment for you to say goodbye to the Space Station and the crew. We are all praying for your safe and happy return.

    One time when you take a look at Earth, please think about me so that I can feel how it looks/feels to be out there and see the Earth the way you are seeing it. I know that no words, pictures or videos can describe how it feels. That is why now you can work on your project to create a passenger space shuttle that takes ordinary people to the orbit so that more of us can experience first hand what you are experiencing.

    Be safe.


    Comment by Shain Sabeti — September 23, 2006 @ 8:33 pm

  207. Dear Anousheh,
    I don’t know how to say my feeling.
    I just want to see you in Iran.
    With the best wishes for you and your family

    Sincerly yours,

    Comment by Mohammad piri — September 23, 2006 @ 8:33 pm

  208. salam bar anousheye aziz
    va dorood bar shoma bozorg khaanoome Irani,
    anousheh to baese eftekhare Iran va Iranian hasti, roozhaye bozorgiro dar zendehiye khodet tajrobe mikoni va ghat’an ehsaase naachiz boodan dar ghebaale in azemat va bozorgiye kahkeshan va khaleghe hasti, jodaye az vabastegihaye maadi va donyaee, khalvate khodet ro dar zamane tafakkor be khaleghe in donyaye bikaran daste kam nagir, tahavollate roohi ke baraye to aziz bevojood miayad nasibe kamtar kasi dar in donya khahad shod, baraye salamatiye to va digar hamrahanat dar in safare royaee doaye millionha ensaan ro poshte sar dari, pas dar ahvalate khaase khodet doa gooye ensanhaye khoob bash, che ziba bood be paase naame Iran va zabane shirine farsi payami ro az farsangha door az zamin be zabane madariye khod khatab be hamvatananat midadi, hamisheh movaffagho pirooz bashi
    saied, 1/7/1385- tehran

    Comment by saied — September 23, 2006 @ 8:38 pm

  209. هر كجا هستم باشم
    آسمان مال من است
    پنجره فكر هوا عشق زمين مال من است

    سفرتون به سلامت. اگه دوست داشتين اين شعر سهراب سپهري را براي همسفرهاتون ترجمه كنين
    در پناه خدا

    Comment by Mohammad Monshizadeh — September 23, 2006 @ 8:41 pm

  210. dear anoushe
    Im really happy to read this page and knowing about you and your experinces .. they all are wonderful .. I dont know what to say or how I explain my feelings … thanks so much .. our heart is with you and our good wishes as well . good luck to you on your return .. we all pray
    god bless you
    mustafa from mashhad

    Comment by mustafa from mashhad — September 23, 2006 @ 8:44 pm

  211. Greetings, Ms. Ansari:

    Although numbers cannot be placed on what your social workings have done for US and Iranian citizens in a time of tension, and your commitment to the advancement of space technology is great, I must be the one negative comment on your blog…
    As an aerospace engineer in continuing education, I have met countless persons in the field who are extremely frustrated- trying to get their ideas off the ground, so to speak, only to see software enterpreneurs that can pay for a vacation on the ISS at a price that could well-fund most research and development projects for years.
    Why would someone who has given millions in the pursuit of advancement squander such an amount on a personal experience? We understand there is some scientific value in your experimentation, but nothing that could not have been performed otherwise- Are you not confident that the private space industry will have week-long trips to space in less than ten years? Or is it that your wealth is so great, this amount of money is negligible to you?
    I do not wish to dampen your spirits, but I have been unable to find where you might have mentioned why you are so deserving of this fun little excursion while other developers and innovators are barely able to stay afloat. Please let us know- we’re hoping to hear it addressed.

    Many wishes for a productive flight and a safe return.

    Comment by Frustrated Aerospace Engineer — September 23, 2006 @ 8:46 pm

  212. ba salam khedmat anosheh ansari
    khoshhalm keh yek irani twansteh be faza safar konde

    Comment by ali reza — September 23, 2006 @ 8:54 pm

  213. خوشحالم از اینکه می بینم یک ایرانی مثل شجریان دکتر حسابی کیوان مزدا توانسته برای کشورش افتخار کسب کند و من فقط می توانم خوشحال باشم

    Comment by ali — September 23, 2006 @ 8:59 pm

  214. موفق باشی

    Comment by ali — September 23, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

  215. Hi Anoushe,
    Your courageous voyage has provoked many old dreams within people of your type. I am very happy for you that you stand at current position which is achieved only by yourself. As a kid, my dreams of getting into space had only amused my family and later when I grew up found it almost impossible however, when my daughter then 7 years old asked me , papa “ what takes to be on a space ship” I could not resist to answer “ nothing just your wish”
    My daughter now 9 years old is proud that papa means what he says and I owe it to you, Thanks.
    I am an Engineer living in Germany and almost your age, My family and I wish you happy and safe return home to your beloved ones and hope to be part of your project one day!

    Kazem from Germany

    Comment by kazem — September 23, 2006 @ 9:06 pm

  216. Great blog, smell of space and motion sickness (yuk bad luck). Dont spend too much time on the blog now - fill it in when you get back - its time to be a tourist!! Does vomiting work just like it does in gravities well? Do you remember dreams? can you dance in space - please please pass this question on someone.. though cranky back pain probably takes the inclination away even if you have the ipod to do the sounds - i guess any movement causes counter rotation but can you get any pleasure out of moving to repetative beats? (I’m 46 but I like to boogie & think a lot of youngsters would be interested too) - Hey if you manage to figure something out - a basic set of moves it could be named after you for all time - doing the Anousheh :-) get the guys to try it out and get a video. Have fun!

    Comment by jeremy slawson — September 23, 2006 @ 9:10 pm

  217. dear Mrs. anoushe

    Many Many thx for ur great work .. we are so proud of you .
    good luck to you and GOD bless you and your family.
    we all pray .

    mustafa farm mashhad

    Comment by mustafa from mashhad — September 23, 2006 @ 9:19 pm

  218. Hi Anousheh !
    congratulation ! you made it finally.
    when I was 14-16 I had my room full of space magazin and a big poster of Valentina Tereshkova, she was my teenage hero. i cried in 1986 for Christa McAuliffe. and honestly i had a panicky feeling in your fly day..now I’m happy by your words from “a bit far” !
    anyway, I’m proud of you: as a woman and as a self-made person and i respect you as a global citizen. all best,

    Comment by Reza Bakhtiari — September 23, 2006 @ 9:38 pm

  219. Hello Mrs Ansari
    I have honor of you an be half of all Iranian in all over the world. I am proud that you are an Iranian and nobody can remove your nationality even the US gov. I want to be best as you. please pray all the people to live in peace and health.

    Thanks a lot
    Yours truly

    Comment by m.niayesh — September 23, 2006 @ 9:41 pm

  220. hi,dear anousheh
    my name is mehrdad younesi from the north of iran,qaemshahr.
    i take a proud that i’m iranian,because we are from one country.before your trip till now,i’m seeing your blog allnights.to tell you the truth with crying.i think it’s a kind of pride because of you.except wishing for you to have a good time and trip,i hope to see you,may be in iran.
    be healthy and full of energy in your SPACEtrip…

    Comment by mehrdad younesi — September 23, 2006 @ 9:58 pm

  221. Anousheh, this is one of the most amazing blogs I’ve ever read. I am so glad that you are sharing your experience up there! It felt like I was right up with you feeling the cha-cha in my stomach too. :) Live it up for the rest of us earthlings down here!

    Comment by A. Thomas Tran — September 23, 2006 @ 10:10 pm

  222. Namaste Anousheh:

    Every time that I see the sky, I see your smile and I think in the beauty of the universe. Thanks for your comments that enjoy my soul.

    A great hug.


    Comment by Xavier — September 23, 2006 @ 10:28 pm

  223. You are living my dream.

    Comment by Jeff — September 24, 2006 @ 12:27 am

  224. I concur with the comments of Neda. As another sci/engineer mother who worked in the Space Shuttle program, I can distinctly remember the absolute thrill of being a part of space flight - it is a high unlike any other. Enjoy your time, enjoy your high, and know that we are so happy with your achievements down here! Continue to show inspiration to all girls, everywhere, who can become excellent astronauts, explorers, mathematicians and scientists and already have the skills inside! The world needs more women in space. You are showing what is possible.


    Comment by deltacephei — September 24, 2006 @ 12:30 am

  225. Amazing! I envy you! :)

    Comment by James — September 24, 2006 @ 12:41 am

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  229. Thanks for the details! Really. I enjoyed reading your entry and laughed out loud at a couple of things you wrote (specifically about the iPod…iPods in space!! haha and about sleeping like bats, etc.)

    I wish I could smell space! :) Anyway, it’s amazing that as I write this you’re up in space. We’re all thankful that you’re sharing these memories with us. You should really be proud of yourself because you’re doing something that not many women have done. I remember writing something for school years and years ago about the first female astronaut, Sally Ride. Some day in the future, another child will write a report in school but it will be about you.

    Comment by Rizwana — September 24, 2006 @ 1:31 am

  230. Wow, thank you for describing your trip in such detail. I wish you good luck and well being :)

    Comment by Miha — September 24, 2006 @ 1:31 am

  231. How I would be happy there where you are wright now, even sick and smelling cookies ;-)

    A Swinburne alumni

    Comment by Jose Ribeiro — September 24, 2006 @ 1:32 am

  232. Hello Anousheh!

    This was a great reading for a 03:41 am read ;)

    I wish you a pleaseant stay on the ISS -
    Best wishes from Germany,
    ‘Liebe Grüße’,

    Comment by Consti — September 24, 2006 @ 1:41 am

  233. Hello Anousheh: I am 9 years old and I really like to hear from your experience in space. It was really fun to hear how it was in space, how you felt and I want to smell space like you did. I am sorry you were- sick and how your head was puffy and red from the lack of gravity. Did you know that all of this was going to happen? Do you think you can be 100% prepared/ . i wanted well I always wanted to know if in space it was light or dark could you see your country from space? could you identify the continents, how does water look. Could you see the moon and other planets like mars ar saturn.
    P.S. Sorry for so many questions but I would like to know more details.
    Alejandro Sandell you are my hero

    Comment by Alejandro sandell and my mom Gabriela — September 24, 2006 @ 2:13 am

  234. I am so pleased I found this blog….its inspiring to read and to followyour adventures in Space.

    Wonderful…and Congratulations on being out there…

    Comment by Maggi — September 24, 2006 @ 2:33 am

  235. دوستت داریم

    Comment by نینا — September 24, 2006 @ 2:50 am

  236. Wow. Just found this site from digg.com. Congrats on your trip to space! I’m a video engineer that formally worked at a community college cable tv channel, and tuning a sat dish, I stumbled onto one of the first shuttle-ISS missions being broadcast by NASA TV, and have been addicted to news from ISS all since. And now after checking digg.com, I’ve stumbled onto this site. Space tourism looks like it’s going to be a great industry. And, the ISS looks like a great place to visit!

    Comment by Rocky Robinson — September 24, 2006 @ 3:00 am

  237. Hello and thanks for another detailed story. It sounds like your feeling better and enjoying a incredible journey, thank God for that. It’s a nice connection for us here on earth to be able to read about “The Incredible Space Jouney of Anousheh Ansari”! Yeah, thats cool! Looking forward to the next chapter!

    Take care and God bless you all!

    Pat Freeman, West Chester, PA

    Comment by screamin75 — September 24, 2006 @ 3:26 am

  238. Anousheh,

    I am currently 26; however, since I was very young as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to go to Space. I’ve always been facinated by how small we are in this endless universe and I’ve wanted to step outside of the bubble we live in the experience a new world. It is amazing that you have this opportunity and are taking full advantage of it. You are making thousands, if not millions, of people proud. You seem like a wonderful person to allow everyone on Earth to experience what you are experiencing with all of the descriptive narratives you are writing. Thank you and I hope you are able to write often so that we can live the experience with you. What you write brings tears to my eyes and touches my heart. Take many pictures and videos so that all of us can step out of this bubble for some time as well.

    You are an inspiration to everyone!

    Thank you,
    San Jose, California

    Comment by Sujata — September 24, 2006 @ 3:47 am

  239. ALOHA!

    I was finally able to find your site to read your blog on your adventures to space and it was worth it. Like you, I have a longing to go into space ever since I was young. Through you, people from all over can finally “experience” what it is like. You are truly a insperation to all those who aspire to reach for the stars.

    Have a great time up there! And may your journey home to earth be a safe one!

    If you fly over the Hawaiian Islands, don’t forget to send you Aloha back to us here!

    David Kupihea

    Comment by David Kupihea — September 24, 2006 @ 4:35 am

  240. Dear Anousheh,

    Here I am sitting in front of my computer, gotten carried away reading almost every single post and comment on your weblog (I know, there are SOOO many of them- amazing) but it looks like I’m just glued to my seat, enjoying a quiet Saturday night on Earth,reading your awesome weblog, trying to immagine a weekend spent in the infinite space, smelling the burnt-almond-cookie-smell of the universe!!I always wondered what the smell would be like, thanks for sharing.
    I happened to be listening to a poetry CD this afternoon, and this one verse out of the whole CD, just keeps repeating itself in my head eversince;It reminds me of you and what you have done, and what you have acheived. The ghazal is by Rumi:
    and indeed MOBAARAK- these new wings that you have grown……

    God bless,

    Comment by Maryam — September 24, 2006 @ 5:16 am

  241. Thanks for going to space.. I hope you have got a video camera and you can later post some videos..

    Comment by Charbax — September 24, 2006 @ 5:19 am

  242. salam
    I am really proud of u and I think you r the one who is deserved to this trip.i wish the best in all over your life.
    your sincerely

    Comment by elham mohammadi — September 24, 2006 @ 5:37 am

  243. salam
    I Love Yo
    Behtarin Arezoha Baraye to
    reza aa

    Comment by reza tafreshi — September 24, 2006 @ 5:57 am

  244. سلام خانم انصاری
    انشاالله حالت خوب باشه. کامنتهای قبلی رامیخوندم و گریه می کردم. اینقدر احساس نزدیکی پس از 10 روز آشنایی. واقعا عجیب است. سفیر فضا واقعا برازنده شماست. در این چند روز کلی در مورد فضا مطالعه کردم. برای شنیدن خبری از شما اینترنت، ماهواره تلویزیون و روزنامه ها را جستجو میکنم. به جرات می گویم تاکنون درباره هیچکس به این مدت فکرنکرده بودم حتی همسرم. اینقدر به فکر شما و ماموریت شما هستم که دو شب است که خواب فضا می بینم.منتظر یادداشتهای جدید شما هستم.موفق و سالم باشید.به امید دیدار شما در ایران

    Comment by محمدرضا از تهران — September 24, 2006 @ 6:13 am

  245. Congratulations on making it there! I love hearing about your adventure. I hope it all goes well.

    I’m so jealous–I wanna go myself! I want to thank you for the work you’ve done to support the O’Neillian vision of more democratic access to space. I’ve decided I’m going when the price of 3 days drops to US$10,000 in year-2000 dollars. I don’t expect that to be soon, but I know you’ve personally worked to bring it closer.

    It sounds hokey to say it, but I beleive the future of humanity is out there. I know you do too, and I thank you againn for your work. Take care out there.

    Comment by John Stoner — September 24, 2006 @ 6:33 am

  246. I was on Digg today and I came across your blog and was reading through when I saw you talking about a guy named Misha which is my name, not a very common name either. Hope your having a great time up there.

    Comment by Misha — September 24, 2006 @ 6:37 am

  247. سلام
    بهت تبريک ميگم و مطمئنم که به همه هدفهات مي رسي چون نشون دادي که فقط پول برات اهميت نداره چون آدم پولدار زياده ولي کسي که شهامت چنين کاري رو داشته باشه خيلي کمه.اما يه نکته اينکه اگه ايران بودي هچ وقت به اين مرتبه نمي رسيدي پس خوش به حالت.

    Comment by moslem — September 24, 2006 @ 6:53 am

  248. دیروز منو دیدی دست تکون میدادم

    Comment by nima — September 24, 2006 @ 7:17 am

  249. انوشه جان سلام

    ديروز شنبه بود 23 سپتامبر. ساعت يك ربع به 4 بامداد اومدم روي پشت بام خانمون و بعد از نيم ساعت بالاخره ديدمت. نمي دونم اون موقع مشغول چه كاري بودي ولي من وقتي ديدمت يادم رفت كه تا همين چند لحظه پيش داشتم از سرما يخ مي زدم.

    گريه مي كردم و برات دست تكون مي دادم و اسمت رو صدا مي كردم و از اول كه ايستگاه فضايي ظاهر شد تا وقتي كه در افق جايي كه خورشيد در حال طلوع بود و ناپديد شد نگاهت كردم و با سكوتم همه حرفهايي رو كه توي دلم بود بهت گفتم.

    خوشحالي تو خوشحالي من است اميدوارم سالم برگردي و ما تو رو توي ايران عزيزمون ببينيم در حالي كه با هيجان داري از سفرت تعريف ميكني ان شاالله

    Comment by marzieh — September 24, 2006 @ 7:33 am

  250. distance between mashhad and soyuz launch pad is 1,126,558.46 meter
    but in two way
    first: a direct way with a car or plane
    second: wich way that you did

    an iranian

    Comment by ahmad — September 24, 2006 @ 8:02 am

  251. پرواز را به خاطر بسپار
    انوشه عزيز اراده تو دلهاي همه ايرانيان را به هم نزديك كرد كار بزرگ تو انچنان تاثيري بر جاي گذاشته كه حتي خودتان هم عمق ان را كشف نخواهيد كرد.پرنده جاودان ما!تو باور ايرانيان را با تواناييها و ارزوهايشان پيوند دادي و به ما ياد دادي كه خواستن توانستن است.دوباره سلامت و شاداب پا بر زمين زيبا بگذار و شادمانه زي كه تو افتخار ناميراي ما هستي.

    Comment by mina — September 24, 2006 @ 8:03 am

  252. Hi Anoushe,

    I am really facsinated to read your experinces in the space. I am also very happy and excited to see a Lady from our country is exploring in orbit! You did a great job: first for you personal purposes and second for Iranian people, specially women who are hopless and feel they are confined. Cong to you on your outstanding efforts.

    Comment by Jabis — September 24, 2006 @ 8:18 am

  253. “A small step for man, a giant leap for blogosphere” =)

    greetings from Finland!

    Comment by Immo — September 24, 2006 @ 8:18 am

  254. Anousheh aziz
    we are proud of you.

    Comment by ghayoum — September 24, 2006 @ 8:27 am

  255. salamy cho booe khoshe SPACE
    all these comments is from me
    mail me

    Comment by ahmad — September 24, 2006 @ 8:28 am

  256. Salam

    First I’d like to congratulate you. It’s an awesome job you have done. Now I really really want to know how you went through this path. More specially since I have always had the same dream, and I have tried to keep it in my mind during my life. I’m getting close, but still far. I will try to contact you after you come back from … um… yeah, space!

    By the way, your trip was among one of the few times that I actually felt proud being an Iranian. Thanks!

    Comment by Reza Farivar — September 24, 2006 @ 8:30 am

  257. Anousheh aziz
    we are proud of you.ba arezooye safari khosh

    Comment by ghayoum — September 24, 2006 @ 8:30 am

  258. Hello theeeeeeeereee!!
    Thanks for your sharing…..
    This is the best blog EVER!
    I wish you the best.
    Greetings from Athens-Greece-Earth!

    Comment by Savvas — September 24, 2006 @ 8:44 am

  259. Wish I was there with you. I have the greatest admiration for you. Make to most of it.

    Comment by pleiadian9-robert — September 24, 2006 @ 9:30 am

  260. Hello….I have been watching NASA TV for about three years now and it must be a great experience to travel and live in space. I do get motion sickness on boats and most likely would in space…I seen the new solar arrays that had just been installed and Id say that must have been some long mission. I will check out this blog out once in awhile to see how your journey in space goes…:)

    Comment by Victor N Merculief Jr — September 24, 2006 @ 9:36 am

  261. i love you

    Comment by david — September 24, 2006 @ 9:55 am

  262. انوشه عزيز سلام.از اينكه يك همچين برنامه اي پيش اومد تا با تو آشنا بشم خيلي خوشحالم.وجود آدمهاي خوب مايه اميدواري به ادامه زندگيه و من فكر كنم كه تو خوبي و خيلي خوبه كه خوبي.براي خودت و خانوادت آرزوي خوشبختي و موفقيت و باهمبودن رو دارم.شاد باشي جيگر

    Comment by mojtaba — September 24, 2006 @ 10:02 am

  263. e sar bia iran

    Comment by ahmad — September 24, 2006 @ 10:26 am

  264. COngratulations on making it to space. Know anybody willing to donate 20 million dollars so I can go up too? :) I’ll be happy to do the first audition for a movie from space or recite lines from Shakespeare if the person who donates the 20 million dollars wants or, better still, be one big billboard for every corporation on Earth that wants to use the clothing I wear in space to promote their company. :) Also, if you get a chance, please take a photo of Katrineholm, Sweden from space and e-mail it back down to me if you are not too terribly busy. You know, if you find yourself getting kind of bored or something. :)

    With all good wishes,

    Michael Flessas
    Katrineholm Review

    Comment by Michael Flessas — September 24, 2006 @ 10:34 am

  265. ipod works in space?!?!…awesome!

    Comment by nz'er — September 24, 2006 @ 10:58 am

  266. Dear Anousheh,

    I was thrilled about the xprize, and it was done.
    You went to the ISS, and there you are, you did it :)

    I wish you a safe journey, there and back.
    I (and we all, I think) will look forward to the next impossibility you will tackle.

    Greetings from The Netherlands.
    (down there on the blue planet)

    Comment by Leonard — September 24, 2006 @ 11:00 am

  267. Come visit Katrineholm, Sweden. It’s more fun than space!

    Comment by Michael Flessas — September 24, 2006 @ 11:04 am

  268. Salam
    Hamnava ba sarkare khanome Anousheh: IRAN dustat darim.
    Ba taghdime eshgho ehteram, va arezuye solho mohebat baraye hame jahanian.

    Comment by The Emperor R. — September 24, 2006 @ 11:54 am

  269. Wow that was really exiting! I hope you will have a nice time in the station!

    This has given me a glimpse about being an astronaut, now I want to smell space :P

    Comment by Haffi — September 24, 2006 @ 12:05 pm

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  271. Dear Anousheh,

    Very nice to hear that every thing is all right up to now and hope to enjoy a lot rest of your trip and get back home safe and healthy.We are waiting for your coming.

    By viewing www.spacescience.ir site ,I could be aware of all your trip schedule and news and I am so happy that we have such sites to be able to know about the newest news about you and your journey.Thanks all these guys that make every thing ready for us.

    Take Care and Good Luck,

    Comment by Nahid — September 24, 2006 @ 12:43 pm

  272. (We will be very thankful if somebody forwards this message to Mrs. Ansari, A.S.A.P please)

    Dear Mrs. Ansari,
    Thanks a lot for your kind attention to the amateur radio operators of Iran and the nice QSO we had on sep. 24 by ARISS.
    As you had desired, we have arranged a group of students to come here tomorrow for a talk with you. We will video cam the whole talk so we can show it in schools to all the other students who can’t manage to be here tomorrow. On Monday, Sept. 25, we will be ready to contact you from 07:15 to 07:25 UTC and from 08:50 to 09:00 UTC.
    Also in our talk tomorrow, we’d appreciate it if you would give all the Iranian students a message on improving in space sciences.
    Same as today, we will call RS0ISS at 144.490 MHz (Region 3 uplink) and we’ll try to hear you at 145.800 MHz (Worldwide downlink).
    We hope to hear you again from ISS.
    Thanks in advance.
    73 de EP3RF

    Comment by Reza Soleimani nia — September 24, 2006 @ 2:19 pm

  273. I bet the next time you watch Star Trek it won’t be the same. Good luck and Godspeed. Enjoy the ride.

    Louisville, KY

    Comment by Steven T. Polston, RRT — September 24, 2006 @ 3:07 pm

  274. Hello Anousheh! I just wanted to wish you good luck! Alot of people are proud of you…

    Regards from Iceland, Earth ;)


    Comment by Thor Eliasson — September 24, 2006 @ 3:49 pm

  275. Hurray Anousheh!

    You are the dream that we al have on many level. The dream to succeed. The dream to fly to space. The dream to work with talented people both inside on outside our own field of work. And best yet, the dream of simply fulfilling our dreams whatever they are. You are modern example that anything is possible if you work hard, take a few risks, and have faith in yourself.

    Congratulations and many joys,

    Chris Romero

    Comment by Chris Romero — September 24, 2006 @ 4:02 pm

  276. 24 September 2006

    Good Morning Anousheh!

    On behalf of The National Space Society of Phoenix I want to congratulate you on achieving your dream and inspiring others around the world. This must be asked…now that you have accomplished your dream of reaching the International Space Station…what is next for you? We look forward to seeing you at the X-Prize!

    Have a safe voyage home!


    Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto
    The National Space Society
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Comment by Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto — September 24, 2006 @ 4:27 pm

  277. Congratulations Anousheh!

    Next Stop…the Moon then Mars!

    We wish you all the best and s speedy trip home. We hope that your travels will bring you to Arizona !

    The Mars Society of Phoenix, Arizona

    Comment by The Mars Society of Phoenix, Arizona — September 24, 2006 @ 4:45 pm

  278. We would love for you to come to Arizona for our “Yuri’s Night in Arizona 2007″ (April 12, 2007) to have the “First Female Space Tourist” give a talk on what your experience in space was like and to inspire educators, students and the general public in Arizona!

    It will be held at the Peoria Challenger Space Center in Arizona.

    The National Space Society of Phoenix, Arizona

    Comment by The National Space Society of Phoenix — September 24, 2006 @ 4:50 pm

  279. Thank you Anousheh for this beautiful description of your adventure. I have never been moved so much by a description of spaceflight. Thank you for telling us what space smells like!

    Comment by Robert — September 24, 2006 @ 5:34 pm

  280. Dear Anousheh

    I am English. I live in France . On Tuesday I am presenting Mon Quotidien at my ecole primaire and it is all about YOU but in french . We wish you luck et bon voyage .
    It must be funny sleeping upside down. It must be like you were a bat ! What does earth look like ? It must be pretty!

    Love from Lara xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Comment by Lara Till — September 24, 2006 @ 5:39 pm

  281. A greeting to space from Maryam and Yashar ,

    We were browsing your blog and we are really excited about the whole thing..not only that you are the first private space visitor lady , not only that you are a smart Iranian woman that all of us are proud of , not only we admire your brilliance , but more than all of this we admire your thoughts..which made possible for people to see the space within a shorter distance to reach :) You are a person who dreams while awake ! Our excitemet is enourmous , may be as much as yours , though we are down on the earth.

    Our warmest congratulations.


    Maryam & Yashar

    Comment by Maryam & Yashar — September 24, 2006 @ 6:03 pm

  282. Re the “Smell of space” -
    See http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=197297&cid=16176435 to wit:

    Of course it’s not ’space’ that smells, but IMHO there is a slight excess of perhaps cyanide and/or ozone generated from the HV electrical equipment.
    I would smell this peculiar aroma when, in my days as a techie, we first unpacked a new CRT monitor and turned it on.
    Oddly, whenever this burnt chocolate /almond smell would appear, I’d ask the other techies what this chocolate smell was, but they could never smell it…
    I attributed it to some inside packing or electrical insulation doing its burn-in thing. The smell would eventually disappear after a few hours.

    Anyone have suggestions as to what causes it?

    aqk (Tony)

    Comment by A.Q.(Tony) King — September 24, 2006 @ 6:45 pm

  283. […] I do not have access to a web browser so I cannot read all your comments. I get some of your questions and greetings forwarded to me and I know that many people are sending their well wishes and words of inspiration. You cannot imagine how happy you have all made me, by sharing this experience with meread more | digg story […]

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  284. salam.faghat mitonam begam baese eftekhare iranian shodi.afarin afarin.ba in kare shoma tamam zendegi man dochare tahavol shod.ba in kare shoma man hadafam ro ke raha karde bodam.alan darm baraye residan be on talash mikonam.merci az shoma .

    Comment by Farzad -fardis — September 24, 2006 @ 6:48 pm

  285. I love you Anousheh :)

    Comment by Hossein Zojaji — September 24, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

  286. سلام
    خوشحالم…….فقط همین رو میتونم بگم

    Comment by سایه شمع — September 24, 2006 @ 8:17 pm

  287. Ms. Ansari, I wish you the best in all your endeavors. It sure sounds exciting to be in space. Hats off to you, it’s great to read your blog.

    Comment by Vivek — September 24, 2006 @ 9:35 pm

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  289. I loved space and science fiction when I was a child. I’d gotten grown up and had forgotten my excitement and interest in space flight and astronauts. Reading this brought back my youthful excitement and interest. Thank you for being brave and perservering and making it off the planet. Good luck.

    Comment by Barbara K. Iverson — September 25, 2006 @ 12:39 am

  290. dear anousheh, you habe been a big inspiration to our family. i myself am a persian-american. i think what you have done is very brave. i am very happy that you made this trip so far safely.
    i have told all of my friends about your great journey. they are very excited.
    i hope you come back safe. see you on TV!

    Farbod ( a 9 year old from california).

    Comment by farbod nozad — September 25, 2006 @ 1:22 am

  291. my name is yasmin and i am 6 years old. i saw you on TV and i was very excited. can you send me your photo? i like to see you one day.

    yasmin (california)

    Comment by yasmin nozad — September 25, 2006 @ 1:30 am

  292. Hello again from Geoff Weston from Dunedin New Zealand.
    We have been having nightly passes of the ISS, but every night has been cloudy until last night. So at about 7.34pm our time the clouds parted to reveal the ISS as a fast, bright star moving from SW to SE roughly against the electic blue of the dusk. So I yelled up, ‘go Anousheh go’. We have another pass tonight at 7.50ish pm, but it is cloudy today but thinning.Nasa doesn’t give us much on you, so maybe you could post a lot of pics sometime. Thank you and cheers- Geoff.

    Comment by Geoff Weston — September 25, 2006 @ 2:26 am

  293. با درود و سلام ممكن است نامه مرا وقتي برگشتي بخواني ولي اين نامه را دوستان ايرانيم قبل از تو و در اين كامنت مطالعه مي كنند.
    خانم انوشه.من هم از كودكي از علاقه مندان به فضا بوده ام.امروز هم مانند روزهاي گذشته عبورت را از فضاي ايران و مشهد تماشا كردم وهمسرم نيز بعد از خواندن نماز صبح وسحري خوردن كنار پنجره آمد و منتظر تماشاي عبور تو از صورة فككي اسب بالدار يا همان pegasus
    شد از اينكه لذت وتعجب همسرم را مي ديدم شادشدم چند روز است كه تلاش مي كنم او راهم موقع عبور تو بيدار نگه دارم و امروز به دليل ماه رمضان بيدار بود.انوشه پيام تو را در وبلاگت ديدم.در آيمان به ياد من هم باش.از اينكه در وبلاگت به فارسي مطلب كم نوشته اي بسيار گله دارم. نكند خودت را بيشتر آمريكايي ميداني تا پارسي؟ به هر حال مهم نيست. ما تو را به نام يك ايراني مي شناسيم ودوستت داريم. به همسرت هم سلام مي رسانم نمي دانم او چه حالي دارد.
    انوشه وقتي به زمين برگردي به نظر من صد سال بزرگ تر از زماني خواهي بود كه به فضا رفتي اگر آنجا رنج كشيدي ولي ديگر رنجهاي تو در زمين تغيير خواهد كرد. رنجهاي گذشته جاي خود را به رنجهايي متعالي تر خواهند داد و تو كامل تر و كامل تر خواهي شد. هزينه اي هم كه كردي فقط براي خودت نبود تو حد اقل صد ميليون نفر را در رويايي بسيار واقعي در سفرت شريك كردي.يعني هزينة سفر هر يك از ما را به فضا پرداخته اي، نفري دويست تومان يا بيست سنت. از تو ممنونم محمد از مشهد دوشنبه صبح ساعت شش و نيم بامداد
    خدايت نگهدار

    Comment by محمد — September 25, 2006 @ 2:52 am

  294. […] Female space explorer Anoushe Ansari is, literally blogging from space. […]

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  295. بنام خدا انوشه انصارى سلام با سلا م ودرود فراوا ن به آن شيرزن ايرا ن زمين خانم انوشه اصارى شما بااين كارتا ن يك تحو ل عظيم در تفكر ايرا نيا ن به خصو ص خا نمها ى ايرا نى ايجا د كرديدكه به اميد خدا همه ايرا نيا ن راه شما رو ادامه خواهند داد موفق با شيدمن از روستا مسكو تا ن استا ن سيستا ن وبلو جستا ن برا يتا ن ايميل مى فرستم

    Comment by عبد الله كد خدا يى — September 25, 2006 @ 6:27 am

  296. We LOVE YOU ANUSHEH!! Be strong….and ENJOY EVRY MINUTE on this wonderful trip you are on. Every night CHrissy and I go outside and look for you in the sky…and say a goodnight prayer with you :)

    Big Hugs!

    Granger & Chrissy WHitelaw
    (we got Married Saturday and can’t wait to celebrate with you and Hamid!!)

    Comment by Granger — September 25, 2006 @ 11:51 am

  297. Anousheh Aziz,
    We are all so proud of you. I was teary eyed when you described the earth and its peacefulness from out there. I hope you have a safe journey back home:)


    Comment by Shayan — September 25, 2006 @ 6:58 pm

  298. Dear Anousheh,
    Hello from Sowndar in India. You are one brave woman.
    Enjoy your every moment in space. I pray for you to return safely
    to Earth. May God bless you. Tell me about your experiences in Space
    when you come back to Earth. Be brave & happy, everything will fall
    into place.

    Big Hugs,


    Comment by Sowndar — September 25, 2006 @ 7:33 pm

  299. سلام انوشه عزیز.العان که این مطالب رو می نویسم خیلی خوشحالم چراکه عبورت رو از آسمان تهران دیدم ومیتونم بگم که یکی از بهترین لحظات زندگی من بود وهیچوقت این سحرگاه رو فراموش نخواهم کرد چراکه که احساس می کردم تو از اونجا داری وطنت رو نظاره می کنی حتی برات دست هم تکون دادم.انوشه جان واقعا احساس کردم که خداوند چه چیزهایی رو به ما داده که ما انسانها از درک زیبایی اونها غافلیم و این رو بدون من وتمام هموطنانت بهت افتخار می کنیم وامیدوارم که تا چند روز آینده تو رو درروی زمین ببینیم.بیش از پیش موفق باشی.

    Comment by زهرا — September 26, 2006 @ 2:23 am

  300. Wow! Space has a SMELL! That’s very interesting. I know different cities have unique smells, and certain smells trigger long lost memories… So even SPACE has a smell! Burnt almond cookies? What a trip.
    To the stars!

    Comment by Brook Mantia — September 26, 2006 @ 4:15 am

  301. […] Blog from zero G Posting from the ISS There’s something neat hereread more | digg story Related Posts Low-cost space flight for cameraChanges at Digg Increase Diversity, Decrease RiggingeBay Employee Talks About Google’s GBuy and then Deletes Post - Full PostAOL to provide 5GB of online storage for FREEUniversity gets grant to figure out Rubik’s Cube « Greenpeace Lies About Apple […]

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  302. باعرض سلام خدمت خانم انوشه انصاري كه باعث سربلندي وافتخار تمامي ايرانيها در كل كره خاكي شديد من وخانواده ام هم مثل تمام ايرانيهاي باوفا صبح شنبه 23/9/2006ساعت 5منتظر ورود شما به آسمان آبي ايران عزيز بوديم مادرم قبل از اومدنش به پشت بام نمازش را خوند وگفت براي دخترم انوشه دعا كردم كه سالم برگردد به زمين .

    وهمگي ما موقعي كه ايستگاه فضائي از بالاي سرمان حركت ميكرد واقعا به ايراني بودنمان افتخار كرديم اميدوارم در همه كارهاتون موفق باشيد
    وروزي در ايران به استقبال شما بيائيم
    حميد از اصفهان

    Comment by حميد از اصفهان — September 26, 2006 @ 4:22 am

  303. هر کجا هستم باشم
    آسمان مال من است
    پنجره فکر هوا عشق زمین مال من است
    (مرسی از حضور ذهن محمد منشی زاده)
    خانم انصاری امیدوارم در ادامه به همه اهداف دیگری هم که دارید برسیدء اما انتظار این بود که پرچم ایران از بازوی شما جدا نشه و حداقل یک پیام فارسی هم مخابره میکردین

    Comment by ناصر — September 26, 2006 @ 9:43 am


    Comment by LEILA — September 26, 2006 @ 10:39 am

  305. Congratulations for your “spaceblog”!!! Enjoy all the moments into the space !
    It’s so interesting !
    I hope that you come back safe to the Earth !

    Florence from France…

    Comment by Florence — September 26, 2006 @ 10:51 am

  306. For my unique Anousheh.I’m proud of you.Je suis fier de toi et fier d’être persan:

    Stars are aglow and tonight how their light sets me dreaming,
    My love, do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?
    I bring you and sing you
    A Moonlight Serenade.

    Let us stray till break of day
    In love’s valley of dreams,
    You and I, a summer sky,
    A heavenly breeze kisses the trees.

    So don’t let me wait, come to me tenderly in the June light.
    I stand at your gate and I sing you a song in the moonlight,
    A love song, my darling,
    A Moonlight Serenade.

    We can stay till break of day
    In love’s valley of dreams,
    You and I, a summer sky,
    A heavenly breeze kisses the trees.

    So don’t let me wait, come to me tenderly in the June light.
    I stand at your gate and I sing you a song in the moonlight,
    A love song, my darling,
    A Moonlight Serenade.

    Comment by Zineddine ZIDANE — September 26, 2006 @ 1:09 pm

  307. Great blog that you have got here. I too went to space and read my adventures here..without leaving the earth

    Comment by Prayukth — September 26, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

  308. Hello Our Dearest Anoosheh,

    We all honour of you as the first woman in Iran, as well as in the world.

    We saw ISS in Tehran and pray for you to come back successfully.
    We love you as Women Leader in Iran.

    God Bless You Always …

    With Best Wishes for you :
    Bahareh, Kooros, Mitra (Esmaeili)

    [emails received]

    Comment by Bahareh — September 26, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

  309. سلام انوشه جان
    همه ما به شما افتخار ميكنيم. هم بخاطر نخستين فرد در ايران Ùˆ هم بعنوان نخستين فرد در جهان…
    عزيزم من و خانواده ام وقتي ايستگاه فضائي از تهران عبور كرد با غرور و افتخار آسمان را نگاه كرديم و براي سلامت شما دعا نموديم.
    براي موفقيتهاي هر چه بيشتر شما از درگاه الهي يهترين ها را مسئلت داريم.
    بهاره اسماعيلي
    كوروس اسماعيلي
    ميترا اسماعيلي
    منصوره پوستي (مادر)

    Comment by bahareh — September 26, 2006 @ 1:26 pm

  310. Anousheh you are amazing….To allow us to journey with you on your dream ride to space is incredable, and to read your stories is mesmorizing. To me (and I know it just cant be me) to read your updates each day is truely a rush, you are living the dreams of millions and allowing us to live it through you! WOW
    When I click on your site each day, its like beam me up Scotty, I am transported to a place of awe, all the daily problems of life itself are left behind and forgotten__at least for a while.. :)
    Looking to the skys and thinking of you, Gene
    PS How about a Talking Anousheh Space Doll upon your return?
    Not 4 or 5 sentances but, your actual stories as listed in your blog. It would be a truely educational tool/toy for childern around the globe…..

    Comment by Gene Rogers — September 26, 2006 @ 3:07 pm

  311. Dorood Anousheh khanom shir zaneh Irani,

    Tabrik migam, afreen! shoma ham mesleh pishtazan digeh tarikh ra neveshtid. Man shoma ra az starteh X-Prize mishnasam. Bedoneh shak raftaneh shoma beh ISS mesleh frestadaneh “Path Finder” + “Opportunity-Spirit” beh Mars planet va “Cassini-Huygens” beh Saturn planet barayam mohem bood.

    Shad va salem bargardid,
    Priooz bashid,

    Hamkareh haghireh shoma(Holland)

    Comment by Reza — September 26, 2006 @ 3:10 pm

  312. […] Da bloggt eine aus dem Weltraum. Kein Scherz. Unter anderem auch darüber wie der Weltraum denn so riecht: They said it is a very unique smell. As they pulled the hatch open on the Soyuz side, I smelled »SPACE«. It was strange… kind of like burned almond cookie. I said to them, »It smells like cooking« and they both looked at me like I was crazy and exclaimed: »Cooking!« […]

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  313. http://spaceblog.xprize.org/2006/09/22/the-trip-up/#comment-2993

    There you are Bahram! (All questions are heard but as you might imagine, not all can be answered immediately due to sheer volume!)

    Wanted to answer your question about NEEMO — NASA Extreme Environment Missions Operation — so have added a link on the right hand menu, or you can look here:


    The Under The Sea to Outer Space videophone call on NASA TV’s media channel is replayed from time to time — try to catch it!

    Comment by X PRIZE — September 26, 2006 @ 5:51 pm

  314. salam goftam ke barat farsi benvisam hal konid.manam kheyli khoshhalam ke raftid faza . manam az arezuhayam ast ke az korate asemani didan konam.ishallah. shoma ke bala balaha hastid imanetun ghavitar mishe chera ke mifahmid ke vagheyan donya az ruye hesabo ketabe.man be shoma tabrik migam chera ke harcheghadr ham puuul kharj konid baz natijeye karetun mohemtare.
    baratun arezuye movafaghiyat daram. az shahre kerman dar jonube shrghiye iran payame mohabat va mehrabaniye mara bepazirid.

    Comment by saleh az iran-kerman — September 26, 2006 @ 7:42 pm

  315. […] First iPod in Space? By Stephen Antonucci Well I really do not know if this is the first iPod in space, but Anousheh Ansari, is the first female space tourist, as well as the first female Muslim and Iranian in space. She is blogging from space and notes that she slips on her headphones and uses her iPod to help her sleep. […]

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  316. […] خواندن این پست انوشه با جزییات خوبش Ùˆ به خصوص iPod Ú©Ù„ÛŒ ملت را هوایی کرده! کسی Ú†Ù‡ می‌داند شاید روزی من هم از تجربه شنیدن موسیقی با Zen در فضا نوشتم! البته اگر تا آن موقع این Zen را با iPod‌ عوض نکرده باشم. […]

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  317. […] Seguramente habrán visto en la tele, como el otro día viajaba la primera turista espacial a la estación internacional. Pues bien Anousheh Ansari, que es el nombre de la turista,cuenta en su blog que se llevo un iPod para conciliar el sueño en el viaje. “I was able to locate my iPod in my bag and I was a happy camper… I put on my headphones and went to sleep in my Bat sack… “ […]

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  318. the first ipod in space

    Comment by frank — September 26, 2006 @ 11:45 pm

  319. tabrik migam,mo’afagh baashid.

    Comment by nasim — September 26, 2006 @ 11:58 pm

  320. God bless you for long.
    You are the good and perfect image of this planet in an age of space.The hidden and fresh news about you is released in here Korea.We Koreans sure hope to set prospective goals of our own from now on. Your blog page will do a lot of help to MOST Koreans.The reason is that Korea is prepared for a space age.
    As a Korean people I’m greatfully thankful to you again.
    I strongly hope to meet you.
    Greatest regards.

    Comment by Jeon-Gyung Bok — September 27, 2006 @ 2:40 am

  321. Dear Anousheh,

    Both you and your iPod made the news today on the “Unofficial Apple Weblog” :)

    Check it out here:


    Just wondering if you would sign your iPod and send it to me…I would be very appreciative……I would you know :)

    Enjoy the rest of your vaction in space……ahhhhhh…I like the sound of that…”vacation is space”.

    Comment by Hossein Zojaji — September 27, 2006 @ 2:49 am

  322. […] Anousheh Ansari Blogs from Space […]

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  323. Hi Anousheh,

    Great to read your experience, I just started following it from yesterday and wait for each and every word written by you!!!!!! Hats of you….and Iam really proud of you. ifeel I have just entered space with you and Im having a great journey with you. Iam sure the world is proud of you and will look up to you.

    Best Regards…
    Keep sailing in space

    Comment by Reshma Madan — September 27, 2006 @ 6:54 am

  324. سلام
    من 24 سالمه
    روح الله زارع هستم از استان بوشهر شهرستان دیلم بندر امام حسن
    دوست دارم چند تا از اون عکسهای شخصیتو برام بفرستی رو ایمیلم
    ایمیل من اینه [received]
    iran-bushehr-daylam-emam hasan
    ایشاالله بیای ایران

    Comment by siniz — September 27, 2006 @ 7:15 am

  325. سلام اى اولين فضانورد ايرانى از اينكه به آرزويت رسيد ى خوسحالم همه ايرا نيا ن به شما افتخا ر مى كننداميدوارم كه سلا مت بركردى ويك سفر هم به استا ن ما بلو جستا ن هم داشته باشىبيرو ز با شى وموفق ازبلو جستا ن عبدالله كدخدايى

    Comment by عبد الله كد خدا يى — September 27, 2006 @ 8:32 am

  326. سلام به انوشه عزيز
    برات آرزوي موفقيت داريم
    اون بالا بالا ها ما رو هم دعا كن.

    Comment by عليرضاحامدي — September 27, 2006 @ 10:15 am

  327. Dear Anoshe,

    I beilive that returning to the earth is your new birth day.
    I borned on 8th Mehr , I would like to see you in one of my birhtdays in my life.

    Best and kind regards
    Amir F.Shandiz

    Comment by Amir — September 27, 2006 @ 10:41 am

  328. Hi Anousheh,
    which model of the iPod did you use in space. I’m curious to know if it has flash memory inside or hard disk… Please tell us. Ciao.

    Comment by Fabio — September 27, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

  329. Hi Anousheh,
    I loved your blog, I can agree with so many people, that the way you write your blog is amazing, we can really feel what you are feeling.. I am proud of you, as a woman and a feminist - girl power rules ! :) Enjoy and please come back safe!

    Comment by Hello from Amsterdam , the Netherlands — September 27, 2006 @ 1:32 pm

  330. Sleeping in Pirs!!??

    Is it very crowded in Pirs now? Do you have two Orlan suits as company? Why not camp out in FGB, as did Dennis Tito?

    Will you be bring back photos of Pirs and the other ISS modules?

    Comment by David Anderman — September 27, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

  331. I saw the replay of the Soyuz docking on NASA TV. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone smiling as brightly as Anousheh was when she came through that airlock. I can’t even imagine how incredibly cool that must have been. I’d have been smiling like that, too, I’m sure.

    Comment by Mike — September 27, 2006 @ 7:25 pm

  332. Dear Anousheh
    I am one of your classmates at highschool.I remember that you were one of the best students in maths and physics and basketball.Now, Iam very proud to be able to say that I was your classmate .I realy wish from bottom of my heart that I hear from you so we can chat about our good old days at highschool.Regards from your classmates Mehri and Katayoon.
    God Bless Samira

    Comment by samira — September 27, 2006 @ 7:43 pm

  333. Dear Anousheh
    Please accept my congradulation from sunny Cyprus.I would like to invite you for earth holiday to my farm in Cyprus.
    Very proud of you Soodabeh

    Comment by soodabeh — September 27, 2006 @ 9:06 pm

  334. پنج شنبه - 28 سپتامبر 2006 -6 مهر ماه 1385
    ساعت : 1:0 بامداد

    از تهران - شمیران - قلهک

    آرزوی موفقیت ( فرود) سویوز را دارم


    Comment by mamali — September 27, 2006 @ 9:29 pm

  335. […] Uzay günlüğünde, istasyondayken iPod’un kulağından düşmediÄŸini, onunla uykuya daldığını yazmış. Uzayda iPod! Söylentilere göre, daha önce de uzaya iPod götürenler olmuÅŸ. Ama bu kadın turist, diÄŸer tüm ilkleri gibi, iPod kullanımını da gündeme getiren ilk kiÅŸi oldu. […]

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  336. […] Anousheh Ansari’s blog FROM SPACE (tags: Space Blog Research Technology Civilization Public) […]

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  337. hello Anousheh,

    I watched all on NASA TV and you made a good impression when floating in to the ISS. After reading this and knowing you were as sick it is hard to believe you get over it. You are doing so much for us/me and say we should believe in our dreams like you do. Now it’s time for us to thank you that you share all your emotionals feelings with us. Despite of your sickness.
    I hope you can enjoy the rest of your exploration without sickness.

    best wishes
    DaN [germany]

    Comment by DaN — September 28, 2006 @ 12:03 pm

  338. […] Anousha Ansari, the first female space tourist, is keeping a blog of her amazing experiences. She gets 3 batches of email access per day, and so I assume someone is then posting the email to her blog. The whole thing sounds truely amazing (motion sickness aside) - but for some reason the thing that brought it all home to me the most was when she describes the smell of space as she enters the airlock between the shuttle and the ISS. She can actually smell space - and apparently it smells of cooking. Could this be a result of the gazillions of BBQ’s in space also known as stars? Or perhaps its the leftover smell of the big bang? Either way - space smells - how cool is that!!?!   […]

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  339. Recommendation: Stop wasting money on your selfish, meaningless goals and help out those who need it.

    Comment by makuro — September 28, 2006 @ 4:21 pm

  340. You are an inspiration to women everywhere, from every country, all cultures, all ages.

    Your contribution to the world of space, is incredible, and, I can’t stress, strongly enough, how I admire your endeavors, your hard work and dedication, and your enthusiasm to bring the world to all of us.

    Thank you, thank you!

    With Much Admiration, and Warm Regards,

    Lorri M.

    Comment by Lorri M. — September 28, 2006 @ 4:21 pm

  341. […] While you are at it, go and check out her blog, from space!! […]

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  342. […] While you are at it, go and check out her blog, from space!! […]

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  343. […] Ануше Ансари стала первой женщиной космическим туристом, а также первой женщиной мусульманкой и первой жительницой Ирана в космосе. Это довольно круто. Но что она взяла с собой? Она взяла собой лучшего друга путешественников - iPod. Ð’ своем блоге Ануше рассказывет об ее жизненном опыте на МКС (Международной Космической Станции). […]

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  344. Превед! =)

    Comment by dmitrygusev — September 28, 2006 @ 7:47 pm

  345. Your pictures are great. I was wondering though. There seems to be very few pictures of the upper atmosphere. Why are the dark areas in the pictures completely starless. And why when you look closely at such photos do the black areas appear to have been filled in. Trying to avoid any myterious object sightings? I’d love to see some of your infrared and ultraviolet pictures. The ones that havent been doctored that is.

    Comment by liesno more — September 29, 2006 @ 7:31 am

  346. Being in space with a spaceship is a great thing. Blogging from space… that’s insanely cool. Dear Anousheh, you really bring the trekkie out of me. Is WordPress the first CMS used in this kind of circumstances?

    Comment by Heri Haerudin — September 29, 2006 @ 9:58 am

  347. سلام انوشه جان امیدوارم به وضعیتت توی اونجا عادت کنی انوشه جان من یک درخواست کوچک ازت دارم اونجا تو به بابای من نزدیکتری سلام من رو بهش برسون و بهش بگو دلم براش تنگ شده و دوست دارم بعد 8 سال دوباره بیاد به خوابم
    امیدوارم سالم سلامت برگردی روی زمین من از اینجا برات دعا می کنم.
    با تشکر
    شیما 14 ساله از مشهد

    Comment by shima — September 29, 2006 @ 11:27 am

  348. wellcome to earth

    Comment by mostafa — September 29, 2006 @ 12:53 pm

  349. i am iranian and living in sao paulo brazil with my brazilian wife .
    so happy and glad you came back safe . the importent things you got i think is how stupit we are having war and give up love in this small world.
    best wishes and happiness
    abdullah and andrea from brazil . saopaulo

    Comment by Abdullah And Andrea — September 29, 2006 @ 1:54 pm

  350. Hi Anousheh,

    You really did great up there and I feel you are one of us, no tantrums, no pride just as if one of us was sent up there. I am so glad you are back safely. Even I wanted to go into space one day to get a view of our planet but thats impossible becuase I am not working for NASA and neither am I rich to afford it. Anyway do let me know where I can read your next blogs, its really exciting, I feel I am myself up there. I can feel the nausea :)

    Comment by Sowmya Kandula — September 29, 2006 @ 2:07 pm

  351. HI, This is from THAILAND.

    I wanna go up there…..

    Comment by FILM — September 29, 2006 @ 2:37 pm

  352. Hello Anousheh,

    I just discovered your blog and I must say that it is truly fascinating! The way that you describe space is unlike any I have ever read. Your warmth and passion shine through your words. I must admit- before this journey, I had never heard of you, but I now believe that you should be a role model for all! You are very successful(and beautiful), but more than that, you seem to have a true desire to help mankind and bring peace to this world. You are a remarkeable person and I wish you the best.

    Adam Chappell

    Comment by Adam Chappell — September 29, 2006 @ 5:26 pm

  353. Hello, my name is Sigrid Larsen and I’m eleven years old. I want to go into space now! I’ve always heard stories about it being great but I knew that it can’t all be great, and as I heard from your story, it isn’t. But now that I’ve heard the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (sound familiar?) I really want to go up there! But my dream job is to be a writer, philosopher or an architect. But I would still love to go into space. I never knew it had a smell! The only thing is, I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat, so I’m too frightened to think of being that far away from home. By the way, did you get homesick? I certainly would. I live in New Zealand, and I’ve never been anywhere without my family. So I always make my parents come and help out with school camps! But enough about me. I really enjoyed your blog so far and if you could, could you check out my blog? This is the address: siri-cuddlescat-blog.blogspot.com

    Thank you for letting me experience space in the safety of my home,
    Sigrid Larsen

    Comment by Sigrid Larsen — September 30, 2006 @ 3:58 am

  354. Let me the first to send a Big Hug and Kiss from the USA to Outer Space. I hope you catch it!

    Can you see heaven from there?

    Have a safe trip.

    Comment by Greg — September 30, 2006 @ 10:04 pm

  355. omg u r so lucky!!!!!!!!!

    how do u get into a program like that?

    Comment by terry — September 30, 2006 @ 10:22 pm

  356. Bravo to you Ms.Ansari for your accomplishment..doing what many could only dream.

    I would have loved to gone into space, but knew being a motion-sick prone person, I’d never make the trip…I couldn’t stand being that sick in such a confined area.

    Thanks for sharing your moments this past week and godspeed to you on your journey back home.

    I have a blog, if you’d ever like to keep in contact, would be nice.


    Comment by Deborah — September 30, 2006 @ 10:22 pm

  357. hi! Im 11 years old and I think its neat to know that humans are up in space. What if one day people live in outer space and I have an Epal from a space station? That would be so cool! Does it really smell like a burnt almond cookie? How can you stand that? I guess the excitement overtakes the awful smell. I live in Cottage Grove,Minnesota. Still i am a little bit scared of going up there though. The way you describe it makes the way a book writes it sound like kindergarten stuff! Best wishes,

    Abigail Barrs,Cottage Grove,Minnesota!

    Comment by Abigail Barrs — September 30, 2006 @ 10:35 pm

  358. WoW, What a experience you have enojoyed!! A bench mark for Women!! What a once in a life time opportunity!! Dont close your eyes not for a minute!! take it all in experience all you can while your there. Can you take pictures out the window?? please take many!! God Bless and may you have a safe trip home. :)

    Comment by Jakob Shay — September 30, 2006 @ 10:43 pm

  359. That is sooo cool!! I cant imagine how it would feel to be in space like that!! ive always wanted to float like that. U R lucky! I’m praying for you!

    Comment by Mariel — September 30, 2006 @ 10:48 pm

  360. Hi Anousheh,

    Congrats!!! I have just discovered your website and blog.

    I love your descriptions. We all learned that space smells like a “burned almond cookie” :-))). It is fascinating! Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

    All the best!

    Marcus - Toronto, ON, CANADA

    Comment by Marcus — September 30, 2006 @ 11:00 pm

  361. Wow! We are so proud of you and wish your safe return- JMP- NY

    Comment by Julie — September 30, 2006 @ 11:19 pm

  362. Hi Anousheh..though i neve met u but 4m ur blog u sound like a great person :) and u do deserve to b an a such a great adventure so have a great time..ur a dream which came true so God bless u..

    Comment by Amani — September 30, 2006 @ 11:21 pm

  363. I read your blog about the “smell” and it was a great description all the way thru. I know what you mean about the motion sickness, as I suffer horribly from it. When my husband and I went on our cruise, I had to wear a motion sickness patch for 7 days. I am glad I had them instead of the pills because the patch doesn’t make you sleepy. I remember when I was on the boat without the patch, I felt like I was swaying back and forth when I was trying to walk forward…. very weird feeling. I have always wondered what it was like to weightless, I bet that is great. I really want to try that sometime. I am glad you feel at home and I hope you fare well during your stay. So long and good luck from a Texas born woman transplanted in Kansas.

    Comment by Bojbbi Jean — September 30, 2006 @ 11:22 pm

  364. Among many other talents, you have received the gift of writing tangible and vivid. Thank you for sharing with us your inspirational adventures!

    You compared the smell of space with the smell of cooking, of burned almond cookies. I found several Iranian recepies for almond cookies - would you be so kind to give the recepy of the cookies you had in mind? To give all of us earth dwellers a chance to get a little bit closer to the space experience by burning our dough?

    Thank you very much in advance, kind regards and best wishes,

    Mirjam, Waterland, Holland

    Comment by Mirjam — September 30, 2006 @ 11:31 pm

  365. i am ryan i like space so i want to learn about space. i like your story. i want to be a astronaut. i am 5.

    Comment by Ryan — September 30, 2006 @ 11:36 pm

  366. Congrats Anousheh. Do not take in too much of that “burnt almond cookie space”. I hear it does a little too much too the brain. Cheering you on from the U.S.A.

    Comment by Kevin Closson — September 30, 2006 @ 11:52 pm

  367. What you did is amazing. You left your name in history. It is nice to hear the stories from you because the way you describe them.

    Comment by Katia — September 30, 2006 @ 11:53 pm

  368. Thank you for your wonderful letters, they are so amazing and inspiring!

    Comment by McCarthys — October 1, 2006 @ 12:00 am

  369. Welcome back to dear earth!

    Hi Mrs. Anousheh…I am so thrilled and happy to see a woman with this great inspiration to go to such trip!!! I hope that you liked it and that you will have a better inspiration to help people on this planet earth. One person can make a big difference, how about if we all try to make such a better job in helping each other. Good luck with more inspirational plans in the future.

    Welcome back again,

    Sana, California

    Comment by Sana Elhassany — October 1, 2006 @ 12:04 am

  370. salam anosheh joon
    man be shoma tabrek megam.omidvaram ke hamesheh movafagh va salamat bashed.bargashteh shoma az faza mosadef ast ba tavalodeh pesaram sason.khele khosh halam ke har sal safar fazaee shoma ra ba tavalodeh sason jash megereem.we love you.firoozeh,karim ,sina ,sason.

    Comment by firoozeh — October 1, 2006 @ 12:07 am

  371. Hi there,

    My names Hipolito Bautista and I’m from the lil’ country of Belize in Central America! On behalf of all Belizean people i would like to extend a big congradulations and thanks! you making us normal human folks proud! In all honesty I’ve heard about you going up on the news and i haven’t been following the trip any at all really BUT i was surfing the net right about now and got a link from yahoo to your site! YOUR VIVID DESCRIPTION IS AWESOME! I burst out laughing when i read how the austronauts reacted to your response of how space smells! Just reading how you slept in nothingness conjured a sense of grace and peace within me. and your description of the sickness really brought a reality aspect of space travel that I knew not of and that Holywood movies will never convey. If I had the money to do what you are doing…hell yeah i would catch the next ride up! LOL BUT i don’t so i feel proud you’re doing it for all of us! Your in the History books now babe and you, more than many who are already there, are very deserving of it! You represent, Hope, dreams, accomplishments, reality…you represent us! you represent the conviction of the inner spirit that makes humanity…HUMAN! ALL the best and main i would flip if i recieved a resonse to this email with just the word HELLO…hint hint…LOL! GO SPACE BLOG! GO! - Hipolito Bautista III - BELIZE, Central America!

    Comment by Hipolito Bautista — October 1, 2006 @ 12:16 am

  372. Wow! It’s pretty cool that you’re up there. “Amazing” is more like it. I’ve always been interested in the Space Station and all of that cool stuff, but for some reason, I’ve always been sort of scared of it too. I mean, being out there in the middle of darkness, and yet, being out there in the light. Where all things shine (like stars and planets) and where adventure grows and blossoms, like the Space Station. Now, it doesn’t sound too scary because you described it like an almond cookie. Sadly, I am allergic to nuts (like almonds), but you got to love those cookies anyways, even though you’re allergic to them! Cookies are warm and homey so, the way you described space it sounds like all the things a cookie can be. Thanks for describing that for me! It’s something cool to remember when you think about space. Good luck! And I mean it.

    Comment by Cleveland — October 1, 2006 @ 12:19 am

  373. You set an example for the entire womenkind with such an enormous courage and progressiveness. I wish your safe return and ever success in life.


    Comment by Fatema — October 1, 2006 @ 12:33 am

  374. Hello Ms. Ansari,
    I hope that your mission and trip starts more conversation and communication between countries. Your experience is universally a grand and interesting one for all to learn about.
    I was told that I look very much like you as a younger woman.
    I hope that this experience does not harm you physically. Too bad that the head and the body are not always in sinc.
    Peggy Firth, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

    Comment by Peggy Firth — October 1, 2006 @ 12:35 am

  375. Dear Anousheh,
    I want to congratulate you; what you are doing is a real example for all women….
    I am from Argentina and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Hope you are coming to LV one day to give us a conference. I would love to go & meet you.
    Would you please, let me know if you had seen any Angel or experienced any angelical presence out there?
    I am also very intrigued on what astronauts feel and see outside their spaceships (i.e. angels, unexplicable lights or rays of lights…) and what are their emotions when they see the Earth from so far away and when they see the Universe being in a little spacecraft in the middle of the stars!!!
    I study Methaphysics and the 7 Rays as the Angelic presence are a subject of study.
    Hope you the best experience ever and a safe return to Earth!!

    Comment by Hebe Mordacci — October 1, 2006 @ 12:37 am

  376. Anousheh,
    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your blogs of your space experience. They are so descriptive, they actually make me feel as though I am there by your side experiencing everything you are. Going into space was always my childhood dream, and although I may never live to experience looking out that window, viewing our beautiful planet, I am happy that you are able to share your experiences with the world. You are an inspiration to woman and young girls everywhere. You have set up markers in life that can only benefit women and men around the world. Hopefully one day, space travel will be considered the next vacation destination! Upon your return, I hope you will consider writing a book of memoirs, or publishing all of your blogs of your experiences from outer space (in every language). That would most definetly be a best seller(world wide)! I wish you much more luck in your future, and congratulations! God bless and I hope you have a safe return.
    Lisa Watts
    Pharr, Texas

    Comment by Lisa Watts — October 1, 2006 @ 12:45 am

  377. I would like to understand how Anousheh could smell the space? It is space, means emptiness; you cannot take out your nose out to smell anything, even if someone manages to remove his head cap he would die immediately because of loosing pressure. This smell must be the blend of oxygen made by NASA and which was feeding the astronauts during their trip in the space, I believe you should be able to test this smell again if you ask NASA.

    I would like to hear some comments please.

    Comment by Mohamad Nakkach — October 1, 2006 @ 12:46 am

  378. Helle Anousheh,
    Welcome to the earth.I hope you enjoyed the wonderful trip.I am happy for you.Goodluck!

    Comment by Felix Onwugbufor,London — October 1, 2006 @ 12:53 am

  379. […] Have you ever wondered what space smells like? She writes that it smells like burned almond cookie. That was an interesting piece of information. […]

    Pingback by Anousheh Ansari Blogs From Space « Kamla Bhatt — October 1, 2006 @ 1:00 am

  380. سلام انوشه به زمین خوش امدی به ایران بیا

    Comment by ادریس — October 1, 2006 @ 1:01 am

  381. سلام انوشه
    به خونه خوش اومدي.
    دوست داريم تو رو تو ايران هم ببينيم و از تجربياتت استفاده كنيم.
    به ما بگو كي مي آي ايران.

    hi anooshe
    welcome back home.
    we would love to meet you in iran too ans use from your experiences.
    tell us when will you come Iran.
    we are looking forward.

    Comment by omid — October 1, 2006 @ 1:01 am

  382. Anousheh,

    All Liberians are equally trail at your accomplishment. We congratulate you and wish you the best. May God continue to fill you with great dreams….to inspire others.

    Much love
    Rev. W. Pennoh Ross

    Comment by W. Pennoh Ross — October 1, 2006 @ 1:17 am

  383. Dear Anousheh,
    Your descriptions help me to feel your incredible experience in space. It took a great deal of courage and dedication to prepare for the trip. What an accomplishment! You were born in Iran, you embody the American spirit of adventure and travel, and you have made women around the world proud of you. Thank you for sharing your fantastic journey with us.
    Cynthia Gottlieb

    Comment by Cynthia Gottlieb — October 1, 2006 @ 1:24 am

  384. Bring me back something! Seriously.

    Comment by Sean — October 1, 2006 @ 1:25 am

  385. Dear Anousheh,

    I am 9 years old, I think space is very cool. I was wondering if I could have my little dog in space. It must be nice to wake up in the morning and see all the plates and stars around you. What is your view like over there?

    Thank you:
    Paola Cadena
    Miami, Florida

    Comment by Paola Cadena — October 1, 2006 @ 1:29 am

  386. You know the one thing I’ve never asked myself after years of looking into space with my three telescopes was,

    “What does Space Smell like?” I guess I never thought of using that particular sense in space…lol…

    Congrats and may God continue to bless you and your family for the work your doing for ‘all’ races in the name of Peace and humanity……YOU ROCK!…Janie

    Comment by Janie Hamke — October 1, 2006 @ 1:38 am

  387. As a minority, I am proud that you have made it so far! You’re an inspiration to many young women in the United States and abroad. Good luck to you!


    Comment by Reyna Suarez — October 1, 2006 @ 1:42 am

  388. Dear Anousheh,

    Thanks for sharing your amazing experience. It has made me feel much more closer to space than ever before. And you have given me the motivation to strive and discover my dreams.
    I’m from a tiny island in the Pacific called Samoa. And I wish someday I’ll be able to go to the space and experience it for myself.

    God bless you!
    Apia, Samoa

    Comment by Joshua — October 1, 2006 @ 2:03 am

  389. Hi Anousheh,

    Its great to read about your experience in space. I felt thrilled reading your experience , especially about the smell of the burning almond cookie. Wishing you all the best and hope you share all your love and experience when you return to home sweet home aka earth.

    Sathya , Malaysia.

    Comment by Sathya — October 1, 2006 @ 2:04 am

  390. Thank you soo much for sharing your experience with us all. You are truly and inspiration to human kind!

    Comment by Tracey Arena — October 1, 2006 @ 2:05 am

  391. […] Below, a close-up of Ansari just after landing in Kazakhstan, and a snip from one of her blog entries: […]

    Pingback by newsBreaks.net » Ansari back from space, which smells like burnt almond cookie — October 1, 2006 @ 3:17 am

  392. Hi! wow must be exciting.. to go to ISS. I am so proud of you so much.. You are the best.. terrific

    Comment by fretch-philippines — October 1, 2006 @ 4:53 am

  393. Wow, I stumbled across this web page and I am just so intrigued and impressed with your journey. What in the world made you want to go into space? I feel as though there is nothing that I can’t do. YOU are inspirational, girl. I am a 40 yr old woman who is a mom and a wife and frustrated at my lack of any other accomplishments in life, I feel very compelled to do something wild and real and fulfilling. Thank you! God /Bless you during this journey. I’m sure that you will have many more adventures in your life. I wanna be like you!

    Comment by kristin — October 1, 2006 @ 6:25 am

  394. Anousheh,

    As a fellow woman, I am proud of you for being the first female space tourist. You are a positive role model to many around the world. I enjoyed reading your blogs from space, and found it intriguing how you described the smell of space. It’s awesome how you and the crew had the opportunity to see and experience the greater universe that God created. Your honesty and sharing of your experience in space is greatly appreciated by many, especially those who are looking to be the next to go up. May God bless you much.

    California, USA

    Comment by Christy — October 1, 2006 @ 6:34 am

  395. Dear Anousheh

    I am a Sudanese (54 years old)living in Bahrain - few kilometers from your home country Iran. I am really proud of you for your space endevours. Thanks for your detailed descriptions of your journy. Wish you a nice trip.

    Comment by mansour — October 1, 2006 @ 7:03 am

  396. Dear Anousheh,I love reading you blogs.recently I’ve been depressed cuzz I’ve been working a lot reading ur blogs puts a big smile on my face.My heart swells with pride for another human being(you),seeing how much u’ve accomplished with your life and how warm ur blogs are.Anyway keep up the good work.Your biggest fan:Tony:)

    Comment by Tony — October 1, 2006 @ 9:17 am

  397. سلام انوشه جان
    به زمین خوش آمدی من از تلویزیون فرود شما رو دیدم و دیدم که باز هم لبخند به لب داشتی از سایتت هم باز دید کردم از این که اولین خانوم
    از کشور عزیز ما ایران بود کاملا خوشحال شدم و به ایرانی بودنم بالیدم

    امیدوارم در پناه خداوند متعال همیشه موفق و موید باشی
    اکرم از رشت

    Comment by اکرم نوروزی — October 1, 2006 @ 10:00 am

  398. انوشه عزيز
    سلام.سلامي از صميم قلب و وراي رويا.
    هميشه ارزويم تجربه اين سفري است كه تو در حال گذراندن ان هستي . وقتي كه خبر سفرت را شنيدم .از اين كه تو اين تجربه را بدست مي اوري چنان احساس غرور و شادماني كردم كه خودش از شيرين ترين لحظات زندگي ام بود. من بعنوان يك دختر جوان ايراني از تو خواهش ميكنم كه تجربه هايت را با من در ميان بگذار.تا به قسمتي از روياي شايد دست نيافتنيم دست پيدا كنم.
    به اميد ديدار يكي از درخشان ترين ستارگان زندگيم در ايران هستم .
    هميشه سرفراز باشي.
    الهام رضوان پناه.

    Comment by elham rezvanpanah — October 1, 2006 @ 11:20 am

  399. Thank you so much for writing to us from space. My seven year old daughter’s eyes grew wide with astonishment that you were writing “TO US?” from space. Yes, I said she’s writing to us and all the other people in the world to tell us what it’s like in space since we’re not there. And my son chimed in that maybe some day we can go into space, too! Yes, maybe we will… Thank you for making science -and hope - come alive for my children. Thank you for being honest about the hardships as well as the marvels. Thank you for taking the time to open your journey up to the rest of us. You are most generous to do so. Ignore any negative commentary and persevere! :)

    Comment by Lisa, Spencer & Morgan, Georgia, U.S. — October 1, 2006 @ 1:01 pm

  400. Dear Mrs. Ansari,
    It was wonderful to know that you are the first female space tourist!!!!…I took an astronaut training program at Kennedy Space Center…..And in Hopes to travel in space in the distant future…..Yeah I can agree with the dreadful gravitaional chair..I did not survive that and I was screaming at the top of my lungs HAHAHAHAHA…Anyway CONGRATULATIONS on you journey and I am happy that everyone is back safely on earth!!!!

    Yours Truly,

    Comment by Vanessa — October 1, 2006 @ 3:33 pm

  401. به علت رفتن انوشه به فضا و دیده شدن دو ماه در مدار زمین، ماه رمضان به مدت یک ماه تمدید شد**** خیلی دوستت داریم انوشه، خیلی خوب، با وقار و خونگرمی، خلاصه خیلی ماهی، همیشه موفق باشی

    Comment by Reza — October 1, 2006 @ 5:52 pm

  402. A burnt almond cookie? Is this related to the Mandelbrot Effect?

    Comment by Ivy — October 1, 2006 @ 6:33 pm

  403. Dear Anousheh,
    My name is Fiona and I live in CT, US. I am 12 years old. I am so happy for you! You are a brave and wonderful idol for all! I really admire you. I am glad that you reported every thing that happened. I loved your blog for many reasons:
    1. you were truthful,
    2. you were hilarious, and
    3.you seemed really nice!
    Hope you reply,
    Your friend,
    P.S. did you read any good books on the ship?
    P.P.S. did space really smell like burnt cookies?

    Comment by Fiona :) — October 1, 2006 @ 9:48 pm

  404. […] The first female space tourist, an immigrant and a millionaire, says outer space smells like burnt almond cookies. (via Boing Boing, image via NASA) […]

    Pingback by daily dos: career day on mun2 :: Let's Learn English Together — October 2, 2006 @ 4:12 am

  405. […] Below, a close-up of Ansari just after landing in Kazakhstan, and a snip from one of her blog entries: […]

    Pingback by Naik’s News » Ansari back from space, which smells like burnt almond cookie — October 2, 2006 @ 10:03 am

  406. […] From her blog: They said it is a very unique smell. As they pulled the hatch open on the Soyuz side, I smelled “SPACE.” It was strange… kind of like burned almond cookie. I said to them, “It smells like cooking” and they both looked at me like I was crazy and exclaimed: “Cooking!” […]

    Pingback by Space Smells Like “Burned Almond Cookie” : SKIRMISHER — October 2, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

  407. […] I said, “Yes… sort of like something is burning… I don’t know it is hard to explain…”’ read more […]

    Pingback by Word of Mouth blog » Blog Archive » Woman Tourist in Space — October 2, 2006 @ 5:20 pm

  408. […] Anousheh keept a blog all this time on http://spaceblog.xprize.org/2006/09/22/the-trip-up/ and there you can read her experience on space; it’s very interesting to read because the author is a normal person, so it’s written very casual and it focus on those small things we would notice if we were on her shoes during this space trip. […]

    Pingback by The Space smells like Cooking? - Clear Your Mind - Technology, Science, Gadgets, Productivity and everything a geek want to know — October 2, 2006 @ 6:06 pm

  409. hi
    what was on your ipod…what did you play in space, i really want to know…
    thanks in advance

    Comment by lukatoyboy — October 3, 2006 @ 12:29 am

  410. salam khanom e bahal, words can’t describe what u might have just seen in the space above. priceless, just priceless . i guess you were just kilometers closer to khodah than we are :) hope you enjoyed every bit of it and can u do me a favour ? can i join u next time when u go ?
    khosh begzare

    Comment by Amanpreet — October 3, 2006 @ 12:59 pm

  411. Comments on The Trip Up are closing now — please move along into the future.

    Comment by X PRIZE — October 4, 2006 @ 1:23 am


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