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Volume 7 – March 14, 2009


JWelcome to Anousheh's Be The Change Herald! Feel free to forward to others who might want to register for the newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Space Junk!

On February 10th, a non-functional Russian Satellite collided with a commercial Communication Satellite over Siberia. Fortunately the collision didn't cause any immediate danger.  Since 1957, and the launch of Sputnik, we have launched about 6000 satellite into orbit, of which 3000 are still remaining. With the rising number of satellitles in orbit, the chance of collision increases. With each collision the amount of debris in orbit clims higher. 
According to a debris expert at Johnson Space center,  about 17000 manmade pieces of debris were in orbit around earth. At present time, the significance of the debris lies in the danger they may pose to the shuttles and the ISS.   That is the reason why the space junk is now being monitored. One such program is the European Space Agency's  "Space Situational Awareness". 
The program was launched in January to monitor space debris and set up uniform standards to prevent future collisions.  for more information  please visit: http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2009/02/17/space-junk-02.html

Educators Turned Spacewalkers

On March 15th, two educators who are now fully trained NASA astronauts will make their first journey  into orbit on space shuttle Discovery's mission to the ISS.  During the 2 week long mission, Joseph Acaba and Richard Arnold will perform many tasks including  multiple spacewalks. 

Joseph Acaba will be a mission specialist on ascent and on entry, He will work the shuttle robotic arm, and will also be part of the EVA team during his spacewalks.

Richard Arnold also will be a mission specialist, and part of the EVA team duing his spacewalks. He will be responsible for operating the docking system. Richard has also participated in the underwater experiment called NEEMO. NEEMO is a joint operation with NASA and NOAA. It's an  Extreme Environemnt Mission Objectives done in an underwater habitat off the coast of Key Largo called Aquarius.

for more information on the mission and more detailed bio and interview please visit:
Magic Carpet in ISS!

Koichi Wakata is no stranger to NASA and space shuttles. The Japanese astronaut from JAXA and veteran of two NASA space shuttle mission, is scheduled to launch to ISS in the space shuttle Columbia on March 15th.  He will reside at ISS for about 3 months.

During his residence, as expected he will help install a truss for new solar panels. He will be involved in numerous scientific experiments including one in which he will be the test subject to test a bone loss medication..

However he will also perform 16 tasks chosen from 1597 suggested by hundreds of people in Japan including riding a flying carpet in zero-gravity, as well as applying eyedrops, folding clothes and arm-wrestling another astronaut, and.... "shoot liquid out of the straw of a drink container to see what happens".
For the most recent interview with Dr. Wakata please visit: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts119/interview_wakata.html

Brighter "Celestial" Object

After Discovery finishes installing the final set of solar arrays wings to the Space Station, ISS will outshine Venus in the night sky becoming second only to the moon. 
In addition to the added brightness, the new solar array will increase the amount of electricity available for experiments by 50%, as well as the power needed for 6 astronaut crew to reside at ISS instead of the present 3.
To find out more please visit: http://www.universetoday.com/2009/03/09/iss-will-soon-be-2nd-brightest-object-in-the-night-sky/

NASA/NSS Student Design Contest

NASA Ames and the National Space Society conduct an annual contest for 6-12th graders (11-18 years old) from anywhere in the world. Entries can be from individuals or from teams ranging from two students to the whole classroom. The entries will be judged in their relevant category of age and size of their group, except for the grand prize which is chosen from all entries. To see some of the winners from previous years and to obtain more information on the rules and deadlines please visit:  http://www.nss.org/settlement/nasa/Contest/ 
What If Competition Results

After a careful review and thorough discussion we are happy to announce this year's grade winners, the grand prize winner and the honorable mentions
6th grade winner: Team Golden Writers (Jack Englehart - Tony Du) of Heritage Middle School, Westerville, OH, adult sponsor: Debbie Pellington  
7th grade winner: Team EBETH (Elizabeth Mittman) of Jordan Middle School, Palo alto, CA, adult sponsor: Susan Mittman
8th grade winner: Team Future (Chris Besser) of Fort Couch Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA, adult sponsor: Patricia Palazzolo 
Grand Prize winner: Team Future (Chris Besser) of Fort Couch Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA, adult sponsor: Patricia Palazzolo

The Honorable mentions are:

6th grade: Team Global Orbit and Lofting (Josiah Hohulin - Ryan Lastufka) homeschool, Dallas, TX, adult sponsor: Michael Lastufka.

7th grade:  Team Exploratory Engineers (James Bakerville - Alex Dolan) of Ralston Middle School, Belmont, CA, adult sponsor: Bryan Yager.

8th grade: Team Trojan Wonder (Jake Davidson) of Milken Community High School, Los Angeles, CA, adult sponsor: Roger Kassebaum.

For more information and a complete list of the registered teams please go to: www.whatifprize.org



Anousheh's Favorite Quote:

"It is difficult to say what is impossible,
for the dream of yesterday is the hope
of today, and the reality of tomorrow."

Robert H. Goddard