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Anousheh thanks X Prize Foundation, Space Adventures, Roscosmos, Energia, GCTC in Baikonur, everyone at Star City, and all employees of Prodea Systems, especially Terri. (Posted 10.02.06) - Blog Video
Anousheh sends special thanks to all Iranians. (Posted 09.29.06) - Blog Video
On September 22, 2006, Anousheh did a Ham Radio session at George Washington University with students that was arranged and coordinated with NASA’s assistance. (Posted 09.29.06)
Anousheh’s shows her rings floating and thanks more people. (Posted 09.29.06)
Anousheh does a flip in zero gravity. (Posted 09.29.06)
Hamid jokes about Anousheh’s sleeping bag. (Posted 09.29.06)
Anousheh talks about how the stars look in space. (Posted 09.29.06)
Anousheh talks about the blog posts. (Posted 09.29.06) - Blog Video
Anousheh talks about her space journey. (Posted 09.28.06) - Blog Video
Anousheh spurs all young minds to "be the change". (Posted 09.28.06)
Anousheh encourages everybody to have big dreams. (Posted 09.28.06)
Anousheh thanks everyone for reading and posting messages on her space blog. (Posted 09.27.06) - Blog Video
Anousheh talks about dealing with weightlessness and describes the amazing views from the space station. (Posted 09.27.06)
Anousheh’s husband, Hamid, tells her about people’s reactions to her trip. Anousheh plays with an apple in zero gravity. (Posted 09.27.06)

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