It is finally out!   I feel like a mother after birth of a baby… Not that I really know how that feels ;-)

Yes I’m talking about my book not a baby.  It has taken more than 9 months – more like 29 months.  I never thought I would have a book published.  Me… the person who despised writing book reports for school;  the person who finds the simplest words and the shortest sentences to express anything…  A book seemed like the furthest thing I would ever do.   But here it is “My Dream of Stars”… my story.  Just like baring a child, writing this book gave me joy and gave me pain. But at the end, just like a new parent, I’m glad that it’is here and I cherish it.

It all started with my trip to space.  From the moment I found out I was going to fly, which was about 3 weeks before the launch, I felt so alive like I never felt before.  It felt like every nerve in my body was bared and exposed and I had a heightened sense in every way possible .  I was feeling everything like I never felt before.  I was living my life, like I never lived before – Physically, emotionally – to the fullest extent possible.   It was as if I was sensing things, just ordinary things,  on a new level.  Noticing things that I had never noticed before.    So when I was asked to write a blog from space, I had this rush of things I wanted to share.   It was like I just opened a fire hose and words poured out.  The most interesting thing was that it felt really good.

At the beginning I didn’t care if anyone was reading it, it was like I was talking to the little voice inside my head.  It just felt good – in the purest way possible.  When people started reading my writing and writing back to me, I was surprised.  You see, I’m not what you call a social butterfly – I like my quiet corner and solitude when it’s just me and the universe and no one else there.  So having millions of people all of sudden right there with me watching me, listening to me, analyzing and discussing every word I said, felt strange to say the least.  In a way I felt like Jim Carrey (Truman) in the movie Truman Show.    But then as I began to read the comments, I felt so close to everyone, like a sister or a daughter who was writing to them from this strange land.  I was taking them on this fantasy trip that allowed them to escape the troubles and challenges of their everyday life and to play with me in this strange and beautiful place, even if it was for a few minutes a day.  I started feeling like Sheherzad in One Thousand and One Nights, telling stories about this world beyond reach…how beautiful and mysterious it was… how different and magnificent it was… You see, for Sheherzad the story was what kept her alive so it was for me.   The story kept me focus on this extraordinary experience I was blessed to have and not thinking about what happens when it ends and I become a mere mortal again.   May be it was a good thing since, at the end, Sheherzad’s life was spared by the King.

I don’t know how my story ends yet…  I’m busy living it with its ups and downs, with its everyday challenges and with its hopes and despair -  and I’m continuing to tell my story .  One thing though has changed – well I have changed – I live life as if every day is my last day on earth, just like Sheherzad thought every night was her last night alive.

So come and read my story an go on this magic carpet ride to where there is nothing but the peace and quiet of Space and the only light you see is the twinkle of millions of stars that surround you…